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T'was the First Annual MuppetFest

By Annika Abel

T'was the first annual MuppetFest
and all through LA,
Muppet fans were gathering
for two incredible days.

Kermits were everywhere
on bags and on clothes,
the fans couldn't wait
to meet their idols.

Jerry Nelson mentioned Muppet Central
right on the stage,
the Muppets ad-libbed
and hilarium waged.

The fans, we turned giddy
as Pepe stole the show,
throw in Rowlf, Bill Barretta,
and to the top of the A list you go.

Poor Gonzo was quizzed
about Camilla his gal,
give the guy a break
he's got a rat for a pal.

Sal couldn't get
that strange man from under Johnny,
and many a comment flew
right by Elmo and Bean Bunny.

Floyd is still cool
though he says Janice ain't so tight,
Jane Henson was wonderful
as is only right.

Karen Prell's enthusiasm
spread to everyone near,
she stood for all Fraggles
and brought us all cheer.

Steve's throat may have hurt
but you'd never have known,
despite umpteen panels
he never would moan.

Dave Goelz and Brian Henson,
Kevin Clash too,
made sure the weekend was spectacular
for each one of you.

So much more to say
about each MuppetFest day,
we could continue like this
until next year is under way.

As the Gala drew to a close
everyone got more than their share,
Who needs Santa
when Kermit is there!

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