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Coloring and Activity Books
Fantasty World Collectibles

Labyrinth Family Activity Book (1986)

A high quality 48 page book with 16 pages of color photos. Each page contains a puzzle or something to do before you progress to the next page.

You are actually forced to jump around in the book as you slowly progress through the movie story line, kind of like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" except there's only one right way to go.

Labyrinth Coloring Books

Marvel Books published three coloring books and another activity and coloring book:

  1. "Across the Labyrinth", a coloring book that briefly follows the story line.
  2. "In the Goblin City", a coloring book focusing on the story line of the second half of the movie.
  3. "The World of Labyrinth", a coloring book that focuses on individual characters and events.
  4. "Labyrinth Activity and Coloring Book", with various simple puzzles.

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