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Fraggle Collectibles

Fraggle Rock Plastic Lunch Box and Flask (1983, UK)

This lunch box was produced in England by Bluebird. It is a plastic box with the Fraggle graphics silk screened to the box as opposed to using a decal. The date on the box actually says 1981 but that is mostly when the box itself was designed and that design probably sports other cartoon and children's TV series as well.

It is not certain if the flask or thermos was sold with this box or if it came with a more traditional thermos. The flask looks to be a separate item because of its handle, however, the color scheme is the same.

Fraggle Rock (1984)

Fraggle Rock Metal LunchboxThis is a metal lunchbox produced by King-Seeley Thermos. As you can see the front of the box features the main Fraggle five. The back has a picture of Gobo eating his way out of a large Doozer construction. Junior Gorg and Sprocket are on the sides, while Traveling Matt and the Trash Heap are on the top and bottom respectively.

The thermos is yellow and features a picture of a Doozer.

Fraggle Rock Plastic Dome Lunch Box (1984, Canada)

Manufacturer unknown - Fill out our help form

This is a plastic Fraggle Rock domed lunch box from Canada. It sports a photo sticker of the Fraggle gang as featured on the Milton Bradley board game. It most likely came with a thermos of some form.

Fraggle Rock Animated (1987)

Manufacturer Unknown - Fill out our help form

This plastic lunchbox was released in conjunction with the premiere of the animated Fraggle Rock series.

The thermos is yellow and features a picture of a Doozer.

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