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Fraggle Collectibles

1983-1985 1986 1987-1993

Fraggle Rock Coming Attractions Trailer (1986)

Muppet Video and Thorn EMI HBO Video produced this special tape. It was sent to video stores and promoted the upcoming line of HBO Fraggle Rock videos. The series was nearing the end of it's run on HBO.

The videos were for the first volume set of VHS and Beta video cassettes. The trailer includes attractions for the first four tapes in this series: "Beginnings", "Scared Silly", "The Minstrels" and "Boober's Quiet Day". The tape was not made for individual sale.

Volume 1 - Beginnings (1986)

Explore the secret world of Fraggle Rock and meet all the colorful characters who call it home. Gobo is the leader, the explorer, an adventurer through and through. Red is an athlete and very quick, a whirligig of nonstop energy. Wembley is a good friend to everybody. But he can't make up his mind. Doozers are teeny tiny creatures who have only one thing on their mind - working. Gorg family lives in a castle tower and farms the land with radishes - the Fraggles' favorite vegetable.

videohbovol2.gif (8594 bytes)Volume 2 - Scared Silly (1986)

This is a story that's a lot more silly than scary!

Wembley Fraggle is scared when his friend Boober plays a trick on him. Wembley decides he must get even, and learns that seeking revenge is not a good idea.

videohbovol2.gif (8594 bytes)Volume 3 - The Minstrels (1986)

Red Fraggle finds herself in deep trouble. Cantus, the mysterious minstrel of the Rock, has announced the great Fraggle Medley, in which each Fraggle will sing his or her own song. Red is given the incredible honor of beginning the Medley. But she doesn't know what her song is and nobody will tell her!

videohbovol4.gif (9478 bytes)Volume 4 - Boober's Quiet Day (1986)

Boober settles down to have a nice cup of lemon-rind tea and a nap. But in his dreams he meets his goofy alter-ego, Sidebottom. Before long Boober finds himself lying to his friends, running silly errands all around the Rock, and dressing up as an old gypsy lady with a peg leg. Boober does not have a quiet day.

videohbovol5.gif (9655 bytes)Volume 5 - The Preachifacation of Convincing John (1986)

Mokey decided it is wrong for the Fraggles to eat Doozer constructions, those magical shining towers that are build by the tiny green workers who live in The Rock.

With the help of Convincing John she gets everyone to stop - and the results are disastrous.

videohbovol6.gif (8542 bytes)Volume 6 - Gobo's School for Explorers (1986)

Gobo finds an Explorer's Handbook which was written by his beloved Uncle Traveling Matt.

But when he tries to lead an expedition following his Uncle's rules, he winds up falling into "The Hole To Nowhere".

videohbovol7.gif (9240 bytes)Volume 7 - A Friend in Need (1986)

Gobo Fraggle finds that Sprocket is stuck in the Fraggle Hole outside of Doc's workshop.

Gobo's scared of Sprocket, and the dog doesn't trust Fraggles - but friendship sometimes grows in strange ways.

videohbovol8.gif (9253 bytes)Volume 8 - The Great Radish Caper (1986)

Mokey Fraggle tries to help Junior Gorg.

It's very unusual for a Fraggle to help a Gorg. But then, Junior really needs help. The poor guy is so lonely he's tried to make friends with a radish! Find out how Mokey brings everyone together.

Volume 9 - Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water (1986)

Wembley discovers a wonderful magical Whoopie Water Well and becomes a hero to everyone.

But pumping the Whoopie Water leads to some unexpected results for the Fraggles!

Volume 10 - Born to Wander (1986)

This is the tale of the young Matt Fraggle and his Uncle Gobo as told by Storyteller Fraggle.

Young Matt became the first Fraggle in history to discover the giant, hulking Gorgs.

videohbovol11.gif (8664 bytes)Volume 11 - Red's Club (1986)

Red starts a secret club to compete with the one that Gobo has organized, but only Cotterpin Doozer will join. Red learns some important lessons from her unlikely new friend.

Discover the important lessons that Red learns along the way.

videohbovol12.gif (8587 bytes)Volume 12 - All Work and All Play (1986)

Cotterpin Doozer wakes up one day and decides she does not like the industrious life of a Doozer.

She'd rather be a Fraggle. But she discovers it is not that easy to try to be something that you are not.

videohbovol13.gif (9217 bytes)Volume 13 - Marooned (1986)

Boober and Red Fraggle have never been great friends. But they learn about each other when they are trapped together in a dangerous cave-in.

"The Friendship Song" featured on this episode is one of the most popular of all-time.

Volume 14 - Wembley and the Gorgs (1986)

Wembley is captured by the Gorgs, who plan to keep him prisoner forever! He even sings for his super!

His Friends launch at rescue mission - but all does not go well as they get captured along with Wembley.

videohbovol15.gif (8803 bytes)Volume 15 - Red Handed and Invisible Thief (1986)

To Red Fraggle's surprise, someone is stealing her radish bars while she sleeps.

Red plays detective and discovers that all the clues lead to her best friend, Mokey!

Volume 16 - Wembley's Egg (1986)

Wembley is feeling miseralbe and useless, untill he finds a giant egg that had fallen out of it's nest.

Wembley sits on the egg of a long time, and suddenly he discovers that he has become a mother!

1983-1985 1986 1987-1993

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