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Fraggle Collectibles

1983-1985 1986 1987-1993

Animated Fraggle Rock Videos (1987, UK)

The often despised Fraggle Rock animated series was released onto video in the United Kingdom but not in the United States. It's not known what other countries may have had the honor of purchasing or renting these classics.

As to why a Fraggle Rock cartoon was ever made, well it was most likely riding on the success of the Muppet Babies cartoon. One can wonder what the point of watching cartoon versions of puppets was supposed to be. It sort of defeats the purpose of them being puppets at all if they're done in cartoon form. The Fraggle Rock series may not have died after 13 episodes had it been more thought out and cared after. It could have been decent but many would say it's best to be forgotten. Die hard fans may have found it a way to soften the blow of the cancellation of the HBO series.

On the tape with Red Fraggle's face, the following animated episodes were included: "Homebody Matt", "Laundry Never Lies", "Mokey's Flood Of Creativity" and "Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before".

On the tape with Mokey Fraggle's face the following animated episodes were included: "Best Of The Best", "Ambassador Gorg", "The Funniest Joke In The Universe" and "Red's Drippy Dilemma".

The cover featuring Gobo and Red included: "The Great Fraggle Freeze - Part 1", "The Great Fraggle Freeze - Part 2", "What The Doozers Did", and "Fraggle Fool's Day".

So far, it's not known if tapes featuring the other 3 main Fraggles exist. Gobo's face is patterned throughout the background of the Red Fraggle tape.

videojhv_vol1.gif (9804 bytes)Volume 1 - Meet the Fraggles (1993)

Beginnings: Explore the world of Fraggle Rock and meet all the colorful  Muppet characters who call it home!

A Friend in Need: Even though the Fraggles think Doc's dog, Sprocket, is a "monster," Gobo braves the Land of the Gorgs to help him out of a tight spot!

videojhv_vol2.gif (10037 bytes)Volume 2 - Fraggle Fun and Doozer Doings (1993)

All Work And All Play: Cotterpin Doozer is two days away from getting her helmet and becoming a full-fledged Doozer worker. Except she doesn't want to be a Doozer, she wants to be a Fraggle! Because Fraggles do all the things that Doozers don't - they play!

The Preachification of Convincing John: Even though Fraggles live on radishes, Mokey decides eating Doozer radish dust constructions hurts the Doozers' feelings. So she gets the help of Convincing John, who can
convince anyone of anything!

videojhv_vol3.gif (10060 bytes)Volume 3 - The Fraggles Search and Find (1993)

The Great Radish Famine: The world of Fraggle Rock nearly comes to an end when all the radishes suddenly disappear! The Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs, who can't seem to get along with each other, realize they need each other to  make the radishes grow again!

The Minstrels: One morning the Fraggles wake up hearing the most beautiful thing they have ever heard! It's the magical music played by a band of traveling musicians who've come to help carry out an ancient Fraggle tradition - The Medley!

videojhv_vol4.gif (9483 bytes)Volume 4 - The Haunting of Castle Gorg (1993)

Dark and Stormy Night: Gobo is desperate to explore new territory, so one evening he braves the Castle of the Gorgs - alone! But then the night turns eerie. What's that noise? If no one is supposed to be home, the castle must be haunted!

The Secret Society of Poobahs: Mokey really really really wants to be a Poobah, but it's such a mysterious club, she hasn't got a clue about how to join! Then, much to her surprise she's invited to be one and things get seriously silly!

videojhv_vol5.gif (9927 bytes)Volume 5 - A Festive Fraggle Holiday (1993)

The Bells of Fraggle Rock: All the Fraggles think the Festival of the Bells is the most wondrous of Fraggle celebrations. All except Gobo, who doesn't believe the Great Bell exists until he finds it in a most unexpected place!

The Perfect Blue Rollie: It's another perfect day in Fraggle Rock, when much to their surprise Wembley and Boober find a riverbed full of smoothies and rollies - the neatest gifts a Fraggle can give to a friend!

1983-1985 1986 1987-1993

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