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Muppet Collectibles

The Miss Piggy Calendar 1980: Pig Dreams (1980)

The Miss Piggy Calendar 1980: Pig DreamsPublished 1979 by Abrams Art Papers with the Muppet Press. Designed and directed by Michael K. Frith. Creative Consultant: Frank Oz.

This is Miss Piggy's first calendar which does not fail to set a huge precedent for all the calendars that follow. As the title implies, every month of this calendar reveals a little bit of Miss Piggy's fantasies. This is how the world would be if Miss Piggy ran it. And sometimes she thinks she does.

From an Arabian Princess to Jane of the Jungle, Miss Piggy (in her mind) has done it all. An interview also accompanies each month in which fans can read about Miss Piggy's beauty secrets, fashion tips, and her thoughts on her current success. The interview also reveals information about her relationship with Kermit and her role in "The Muppet Movie".

Going along with Miss Piggy's fantasy, particular dates are marked in which Piggy achieved certain milestones. For example, the anniversary of her first job as a glove model, or the anniversary of Miss Piggy's graduation from charm school. Another great feature that we find in this calendar and also in '81, '82, and '83 is a gorgeous centerfold. This particular Pig Dream is a sultry Miss Piggy standing on a foggy street corner under a street lamp as her Frog dressed in a trench coat mysteriously lurks in the background.

The Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar (1981)

The Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar 1981Published 1980 by Harry N. Abrams Inc. with the Muppet Press. Designed and directed by Michael K. Frith. Text by Henry Beard. Creative Consultants: Frank Oz, Christopher Cerf.

Keeping with the theme of the first calendar, Miss Piggy takes her fantasies one step further as she envisions herself on the cover of every current popular magazine. Miss Piggy is "Pig Of The Year" on the cover of Time, entertainer of the U.S.O. for Life, and ice skating champion for Sports Illustrated.

Each month gives us an excerpt from an article that would have been featured had she actually been on the cover. The centerfold of this particular calendar leaves very little to the imagination as we see Piggy in a extravagant bubble bath. Details such as the Kermit head faucet and his and hers monogrammed towels will delight any Muppet fan.

The Miss Piggy Calendar 1982: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in Great Lovers of the Silver Screen (1982)

The Miss Piggy Calendar 1982: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in Great Lovers of the Silver ScreenPublished 1981 by Muppet Press/Alfred A. Knopf. Directed by Michael K. Frith. Creative Consultant: Christopher B. Cerf.

This year, Miss Piggy's calendar takes a bit of a different approach. With more involvement from Kermit, this calendar is an early predecessor of the wildly popular parody calendars that came out in the '90's.

This is the only calendar that really doesn't look like a calendar. Each month features a parody of a famous film starring Kermit and Miss Piggy together and an image of theatre seats make up the days of the week. When hung on the wall, it appears as if you're looking down into an actual theatre. Dressed up Muppet rats are seated variously throughout the theatre seats. A truly unique design in the world of calendars. You have to see it, to truly appreciate it.

Centerfold resembles a drive in theatre complete with car with the license plate "Kissy" and a rat carrying a tray of snacks from the concession stand.

Miss Piggy's Calendar of Calendars (1983)

Miss Piggy's Calendar of Calendars 1983Published 1982 by Muppet Press/Alfred A. Knopf. Director: Michael K. Frith. Creative Producer: Calista Hendrickson.

This is quite possibly the only calendar to ever parody other calendars. A truly clever idea that just fits right in with the first 3 calendars.

Remember the cat calendar? The one with the black and white illustrated cat with the red sneakers? Well, Miss Piggy has her own version for February and it features of course Kermit with green sneakers. There are also parodies of the Audubon Society, Farmers Almanac, and Gnomes.

The centerfold is a shocking parody of the old fashioned pin-up calendars of the 1940's. Miss Piggy reveals a bit more of herself as she poses in her nightie.

Treasures from the Kermitage Collection (1984)

Published 1983 by Alfred A. Knopf. Director: Michael K. Frith.

This calendar features the widely popular pictures from the Kermitage Collection. Each picture features a Muppet in a classic famous painting. All the details of the original paintings were painstakingly reproduced to incredible accuracy to the original work. Some of the most popular are "Green Boy," "Whistler's Weirdo," "The Sleeping Zootsy," and "Pig Before a Mirror." These same pictures have also been published in the book "Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection," The Muppet Calendar CD-ROM, and various other publications.

Kermit the Frog's 1996 Advertising Parodies! (1996)

Kermit the Frog's 1996 Advertising Parodies!Published 1995 by Day Dream Publishing.

After more than a decade, Day Dream Publishing revived the Muppet calendars fueled by the success of the 1995 "Kermit Clein" series of T-shirts and posters.

The Muppets take on commercialism with the art of parody. From movies to underwear nothing is safe. Here we find Kermit as Kermit Letterfrog, Miss Piggy for Pigtoria's Secret, and Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, and Gonzo as the cast of Frogfeld. A fun, zany calendar that inspired t-shirts, keychains, and a new line of Muppet parody calendars.

Muppet Parody Calendar: The Sequel (1997)

Muppet Parody Calendar: The Sequel (1997)Published 1996 by Day Dream Publishing. Creative Director: Michael K. Frith.

Like the previous year, the Muppets use 12 more months to delight fans. With "Frogfeld" as the only repeat, there are still 12 new parodies. Here we have Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Animal as the "Mupples" (a wildly popular parody of the Beatles). We also find a rare appearance from Janice with Miss Piggy in "Tres Fabuleux". Miss Piggy as Martha Stewart and Kermit as Frogman are also featured. Fans also get an actual advertisement for Kermit's Amphibia for the month of August.

Muppet Treasure Island (1997)

Published 1996 by Day Dream Publishing.

The first Muppet movie calendar, and the first year that two Muppet calendars are published.

This calendar features nice stills from Treasure Island, including Benjamina Gunn romancing Captain Smollett, Gonzo preparing to hurl his Ninja throwing starfish, and Clueless Morgan talking with Polly Lobster.

Muppet Movie Parodies: Plump Fiction (1998)

Muppet Movie Parodies: Plump Fiction (1998)Published 1997 by Day Dream Publishing. Art Director: Lauren Attinello.

This time the Muppets use only famous movies as their platform. Rizzo makes an appearance as "James Jeans, Rodent Without A Cause". Statler and Waldorf also show up as "Frumpy Old Men". "The Sow of Music", "Jurasick Pork", "Plump Fiction", and "The Kerminator" are just a few of the clever movie title rewrites.

Muppet Movie Parodies: Our Wedding or Your Funeral (1999)

Muppet Movie Parodies: Our Wedding or Your Funeral (1999)Published 1998 by Day Dream Publishing.

Like the previous year, the Muppets only parody movies. This year we get the famous parody of "The Godfather", with Rowlf as "The Dogfather". Kermit as "The Greenish Patient", Rizzo as "Ratton", and Kermit as "Frog Ventoori" are featured. "Star Warts" an old parody from the Muppet Magazine days finishes out the year.

Read more about this item in our reviews section.

Muppet Art (1999, UK)

Published 1998 by Cartel International Ltd. 

This is a calendar produced in the UK inspired by the Kermitage Collection photos, but the artwork is actually painted in the style of the artists parodied (who are credited with Muppetized names). A few are direct copies of Kermitage pieces: "Mona Piggy," "Whistler's Gonzo" and "Miss Piggy: Muppet de Paris" all have obvious precedents.

Some of the original works include, Pierre Fozzie Renoir's "Kermit and Miss Piggy's Dance at Bargival" which is Piggy dancing in a white gown with Kermit in a black coat and straw hat. Muppetangelo's "The Creation of Kermit" shows Statler and Waldorf giving life to Kermit in a parody of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Frog Monet's "Kermit at Giverny" includes Kermit among the water lilies. Fozzie Degas' "The Star" pictures Piggy as a ballerina, and Raffaello's "Grumpy Angels" stars Statler and Waldorf as angels.

Jim Henson's Muppet Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection (2000)

Published 1999 by Graphique de France.

This calendar is a classy reprint of the 1984 Kermitage calendar, presented as an art calendar. It includes all the familiar Kermitage photos, including "Mona Moi," "Green Boy," and "The Birth of You Know Who". The calendar's cover pictures Kermit and Piggy in "American Gothique".

This calendar was also released in a smaller desk version measuring seven inches by seven inches. This is the first time that a smaller version of the larger calendar has been released in the United States. The photos and information is the same as the larger version of this calendar.

Read more about this item in our reviews section.

Kermit the Frog Calendars (2001, Japan)

Published 2000 by Sony Creative Products.

These two wonderful wall and desk calendars were released in Japan through Sony Creative Products.

The wall calendar features Kermit throughout the year with all new photos. For example, Kermit at the beach, on his bike, acting spooky at Halloween, and holding presents at Christmas. Another month features the many faces of Kermit. The desk calendar featured to the left, also includes different photos of Kermit for each month.

The Muppet Show Parodies (2002)

Published by Slow Dazzle Worldwide, 2001.

This nice calendar featured a new parody, "The Swine who Snagged Me" along with many of the most popular parodies from previous calendars like "Star Warts", "The Dogfather", and "Piggy Woman".

What makes this calendar special is it's extra large size. It's a poster parody calendar with each month a full 17 by 12 inches.

2002 Muppets Calendar (2002)

Published by Giftco Inc., 2001.

A nice calendar produced by Giftco and sold through fund-raising programs throughout the US.

When opened, the calendar measures 22 inches by 16 inches and features photos of Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal and Statler and Waldorf throughout. Each day includes room to make important notes. While there is nothing revolutionary here, photo-wise there are a few gems and many of the best of the newer character photos are featured here.

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Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman

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Merlijn Bouman (Muppet Art Calendar)

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