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Music Boxes
Muppet Collectibles

Enesco (1983)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

The music box is in the shape of an old-fashioned white gazebo, sitting in a grassy setting on a white and pink bandstand. Kermit and Miss Piggy, dressed in turn-of-the-century courting outfits, are sitting on a porch swing. Kermit is playing his banjo for Piggy, and she is staring adoringly at her frog. A pink heart tops the gazebo, with Robin the Frog lying above the heart like an amphibious Cupid. When the music box is wound, it plays "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," and the swing goes back and forth.

Presents (1990)

Presents created three small revolving music boxes in 1990, each about four inches tall. The character revolves on a plastic base.

Piggy as a French cabaret dancer

Singing in the Rain: Kermit as Gene Kelly

Over the Rainbow: Kermit on a cload with banjo

Star Spangled Banner: Piggy as Statue of Liberty

San Francisco Music Box Company (1998)

The San Francisco Music Box Company created five Kermit and Piggy   "musical figurines" for Christmas 1998. None of the parts of these music boxes move as the music plays, but these are very nice as a lot of attention and detail has been given to the characters.

A Moonlight Serenade

Kermit takes Piggy on a romantic gondola ride. The base of the box is a swirl of blue water. Kermit, wearing a red gondolier's scarf, steers with a pole as Miss Piggy leans back in the gondola, clutching a bouquet of roses.

The box plays "Some Enchanted Evening."

All Wrapped Up

Kermit drives Piggy home from a day of serious Christmas shopping. Kermit is steering the red convertible, with Piggy in the passenger seat holding a bag with some of her many purchases. Many more boxes are piled in the back seat. The ultimate fate of those gifts is hinted at in the car's license plate: "4MOI."

The box plays "Side by Side."

Dancing Chic to Cheek

As Kermit and Miss Piggy dance, Piggy is pictured whirling Kermit off of his feet. Kermit is dressed in a formal tuxedo while Piggy is in a long golden dress. It's obvious the frog and pig were meant to be together.

The box plays "I Could've Danced All Night."

Dans Le Bain

Miss Piggy relaxes in an overflowing pink bubble bath, admiring herself in a hand mirror. Obedient Foo-Foo waits on a purple pillow as water and suds spill over the side of the tub.

This humorous box plays "Splish Splash."

Rainbow Connection

Kermit sits on a stump, playing his banjo and singing in probably the most memorable Muppet scene of all time. This box was the most popular of the five released in 1998.

The box plays "Rainbow Connection".

San Francisco Music Box Company (1999)

Kermit in Snow Globe

Kermit sits on a lillypad inside this snow glob. It plays "Rainbow Connection".

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