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Plaques and Tins
Muppet Collectibles

Hallmark (1978)

Hallmark released a series of large and smaller sized plaques. Several of the images were also used for other items such as posters, cards, and puzzles.

How to keep smiling

This awesome large plaque features Kermit's guide to happiness with an authentic signature and seal of approval. "Hop when you have to. Laugh when you want to. Relax when you need to. And whatever you do - stay happy!"

Hallmark (1979)

Hearts speak when words cannot

In a tender moment, Kermit and Miss Piggy share a special embrace underneath the disco ball on the dance floor. Kermit didn't know there was a cameraman around! This picture was also used on a Hallmark puzzle.

Plaque measures seven by five inches.

"Love brings out the best in moi!"

This heavy wood wall plague features a popular photo of Miss Piggy in a swing with a group of frogs cheering her on. Miss Piggy is wearing a long lacy white dress. The text reads, "Love brings out the best in moi!"

Plaque measures seven by five inches.

"Sing your own song in your own special way."

Right at home, Kermit plays his banjo in the swamp in this famous scene from "The Muppet Movie". Notice Kermit's reflection in the water.

Plaque measures seven by five inches.

Hallmark (1980)

It's hard to be humble when you're ravishing!

This small, 3 by 4 1/4 inch, plaque features the beautiful Miss Piggy in her Cosmo pose. The same image was featured in the 1980 calendar and on the Springbok puzzle.

This mini-plaque is 3 by 4 1/4 inches.

Hallmark also released a series of small round tins in 1980.

"Love Puts a Twinkle in Your Eye!"
"A Woman’s Place is in the Driver’s Seat!"
"My beauty is my curse!"
"Keep your funny side up!"

Hallmark (1981)

What's a wonderful person like me doing in a place like this?

Even though she's behind the desk, Miss Piggy isn't getting much work done.

Plaque measures seven by five inches.

The best things in life are me!

This wooden plaque with Miss Piggy in the center of a gold plated $Million$ Dollar bill. Piggy looks like a million dollars in purple sequins and tiara with the words "The Best Things In Life Are Me!"

Plaque measures seven by five inches.

The road to success is always under construction.

This small plaque featuring Kermit and Miss Piggy all ready for some construction work on the highway of life. This same picture was featured on the Hallmark keychain.

This mini-plaque measures 3 by 4 1/4 inches.

Hallmark Muppet Tins (1981)

These nice Muppet tins are four and a half inches high and three inches wide. They have a hole on top to function as a bank if you want to put money inside with a stopper on the bottom. Both the front and back are the same as pictured below.

"Think Green"
"I'm saving it all... for me!"

Enesco Heart-Shaped Tins (1984)

Enesco's line of Muppet tins reached a pinnacle in 1984 with these four heart-shaped tins. These are very sought after by collectors. Each tin includes a great photo along with a saying on the back.

"Roses are red, chocolate divine. Give me the works, if you want to be mine."
"Life is the zippity. Love is the doo-dah!"
"Life is the zippity. Love is the doo-dah!"
"Love is a weighty proposition."

Tin Box Company of America (1989)

Homecoming Queen and her Frog Prince

This tin features the Muppets in high school. Kermit and Piggy at the prom is on the top. On the sides are pictures of Kermit graduating and the Muppet gang dancing at the prom. Miss Piggy has written "Moi's Kermie. A scholar! A leader! A frog!" She also wrote, "Prom night! (sigh) Kermie and moi!"


Lid has picture of Miss Piggy as a cheerleader kneeling in front of Fozzie, Rowlf, Animal, Gonzo, and Kermit, along with some additional frog Muppets. Miss Piggy spells out “MUPPETS” along the side. This tin is blue.

Tin is 5 and 1/4 inches in diameter.

Muppet All Stars (square tin)

Photos of Kermit pitching baseball, Animal slam-dunking basketball, and Gonzo spoon-hanging. The top of the lid has a picture of Kermit with a baseball cap and the words "Muppet All Stars".

Tin Box Company of America (1989)

Rock 'N Roll (Rectangular tin)

A hot pink and green thin tin with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal on the lid dressed as rock stars. Kermit is playing a guitar, Miss Piggy holds a microphone, and Animal plays the drums of course.

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