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Porcelain, Pewter and Sculpts
Muppet Collectibles

Hallmark (1981)

Hallmark released a series of Muppet pewter pieces that are very sought after. They were a Limited Edition and each piece had a maximum run of 13,500 pieces.

Some Have It Some Don't

Miss Piggy is poised in front of a mirror with her "moi" pose as she admires her beauty before an evening out with her favorite frog.

A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, and Moi

This piece features Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog in a boat in the scene from the "Never Before, Never Again" dream sequence.

Kermit is playing a banjo and Miss Piggy is dressed in a victorian outfit with a parasol.

Enesco (1983)

These are two of the most sought-after and expensive Muppet dolls. Enesco put out a limited number of these elaborately costumed porcelain Piggy dolls. At the time they were sold for $250. They are worth much more now, if you can find them at all. Each doll has a porcelain head, bust, hands and feet. The rest of body is soft cloth

Piggy as Marie Antoinette

The first issue of the "Famous Femmes du Histoire" series is Marie Antoinette. A plume of pink and purple feathers adorn a head full of blond tresses. This French maiden's dress is layered full of luxurious coordinating purple and pink fabric trimmed in lace. The bodice has a finely detailed embroidered section. Pink ribbon bows and a string of pearls finish out the accents.

Piggy as Cleopatra

The second issue of the "Famous Femmes du Histoire" series is Cleopatra. A black and gold beaded Egyptian headdress carries a small porcelain head of Kermit in the center of Piggy's head. A circular cape is draped around the shoulders of her white linen robe. The leaf detailed black sash surrounds Piggy's waist. Purple gloved hands and sleek black sandals complete the ensemble.

Kermitage Collection Porcelain Statues

Just as if they had popped off the walls of Miss Piggy's Kermitage Collection, these porcelain statues are exquisite in every detail. Each statue measures approximately 7 inches high.

Kermit stands as "Green Boy after Thomas Gainsborough". Miss Piggy stands as "The La Danseur after Edgar Degas". Their detail and scarcity (limited edition of only 5,000 of each were made) make them a highly sought after item.

Bernardaud (1996)

Bernardaud made a set of expensive Kermit Signature Collection porcelain Limoges boxes. These boxes were quite beautiful and retailed for approximately $150 each.

Dans Le Bain

Piggy relaxes in a bubble bath. Notice her gloved hand visible from within the bath. Foo-Foo peeks out over the bubbles from behind. The box is hinged; the top of the bath forms the lid. 

Lazy Afternoon

Kermit lies back in a boat enjoying the solititude while dangling a fishing pole over the edge. His pole has caught a fish on the end. There are a number of fish and a picnic basket by Kermit's feet. The boat is hinged; the top of the boat is the lid.

On Top of the World

Kermit sits cross-legged, playing his banjo, on top of a globe. He is singing with a happy expression as he strums along. The globe is hinged and splits open in the middle to keep tiny treasures.

Franklin Mint (1997)

Muppets on the Nile

In 1997 the Franklin Mint commissioned this "Muppets on the Nile" figurine featuring Kermit fanning Miss Piggy as Cleopigtra. It is hand-crafted in Tesori porcelain, covered with a sparkling dome and set on a handsomely painted cold cast base. It is a Franklin Mint Heirloom Recommendation and was issued in a edition limited to 95 casting days.

Midwest of Cannon Falls (1999)

In 1999, Midwest made two less expensive versions of the Bernardaud boxes.

Kermit Porcelain Hinged Box

Kermit sits on a log, playing the banjo. Around the base of the box is the question: "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?" A tiny porcelain rainbow fits inside the box.

This great quality item measures about 3 and inches. It comes with the rainbow trinket shown in the picture.

Miss Piggy Porcelain Hinged Box

Miss Piggy relaxes in the bathtub, admiring herself in a hand mirror. A tiny porcelain high-heeled shoe fits inside the box.

Very nicely detailed, this great quality item measures about 2 and inches tall and includes the slipper trinket shown in the picture.

Franklin Mint (1999)

Miss Piggy Porcelain Millennium Doll

This Franklin Mint porcelain doll celebrates the millennium in high style! This 14 and a half inch doll is authorized by The Jim Henson Company, and it's the first time that the Franklin Mint has ever produced a Muppet doll in its series of expensive collectible knick-knacks.

Miss Piggy is a vision of porcine perfection, dressed in a rich velvet gown, and adorned with designer jewelry and real pearls. Millennium Miss Piggy is crafted in fine porcelain, and wears a stunning tiara, vibrant purple gloves and a fluffy white boa. She holds a New Year's noisemaker.

G-Force Models (2000)

Jim Henson Commemorative Sculpture

After entertaining for generations, ten years after his passing, the first commercially available Jim Henson sculpture has been released.

Sculpted by Anthony Veilleux, this 10-inch piece features a finely detailed bust of Jim Henson surrounded at the base by a wide variety of 23 of his most famous characters.

The sculpture was originally $60 for a limited time from G-Force Models.

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