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Muppet World Collectibles

Dinosaurs: Big Songs (1992)

Released 1992 by Walt Disney Records. Album produced by Ray Colcord. Executive Producers: Michael Jacobs and Harold J. Kleiner. CD and cassette.

Performed by Sally Struthers, Sherman Hemsley, Jessica Walter, Florence Stanley, Stuart Pankin, Jason Willinger, Sam McMurray, and Kevin Clash as Baby Sinclair.

This is a collection of songs based on the "Dinosaurs" series. Not unlike Fraggle Rock, the range of musical styles on this CD is impressive.

1. I'm A Dinosaur (I Can Do Whatever I Want) (Baby Sinclair)
2. In a Perfect World (Charlene)
3. I Wanna Be King (Robbie, Spike)
4. Grandma's Comin' (Earl)
5. Stone Age Bayou (Monica DeVertebrae)
6. I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me) (Baby)
7. Coldblooded Guy (B.P. Richfield)
8. He's a Lizard (Fran, Ethyl)
9. Poor Slobs with Terrible Jobs (Earl, Roy Hess, B.P. Richfield)
10. Eon After Eon (A Dinosaur Love Song) 
11. Be a Herbivore (Refrigerator Creatures, Earl)
12. Snoozin' Time (Fran)

Dinosaurs: Classic Tales (1993)

Released 1993 by Walt Disney Records. Produced by Ted Kryczko. Executive Producers: Michael Jacobs, Bob Young and George Morency. Written by Richard Marcus. CD and cassette.

Four dinosaur fairy tales featuring Earl, Baby, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, Roy, Ethyl and BP Richfield in various roles.

1. Goldiscales and the Three Giant Sloths
2. Cinderellasaurus
3. Hanselsaurus and Greteldactyl
4. Little Red Riding Horn

Songs from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House (1998)

Released 1998 by Walt Disney Records. Produced by Peter Lurye. Executive Album Producer: Mitchell Kriegman. Cassette.

The CD to this album was released two years later in 2000.

1. Welcome to the Blue House
2. What's That Smell?
3. The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha
4. Dear Grandma
5. Happy, Happy Birthday
6. Good Morning
7. Brush Brush Bree
8. Look at You Now
9. That's My Name
10. Everybody Say Ah
11. Great to Be at Home
12. Go to Bed, Sleepy Head
13. Take Time to Smell the Cheese
14. Clean Up the House
15. Oops! I Goofed Again
16. Quiet Time
17. Otter Love
18. Shape of a Bear
19. Baby, Baby
20. When You Make Yourself a Friend
21. Oh, Boy
22. You Go, Ojo
23. Need a Little Help Today
24. Goodbye Song

Mopatop's Shop (1999, UK)

Released 1999 by the Children's Audio Company. All songs written and produced by Ed Welch. Cassette.

Visit Mopatop and Puppyduck in the shop and sing along for more than forty minutes on this song-filled album.

    Side One:
1. Mopatop Theme
2. Grand Opening / The Hopping Song / Shaking Song
3. The Hiccups
5. The Voice Machine / Easy Peasy
6. The Scratching Song / Moon Song / The Worry Song
7. The Garden Song
8. Thingamajig / How To Fly
9. Wishes / Piggy Lament / The Canary
10. Musical Sounds / Ship Ahoy / Lullaby

        Side Two:
    1. The Thinking Song
    2. Slow / The Sniffly Whiffler
    3. Don't Judge A Book / The Flower Song / Things That Go!
    4. The Buzzing Fly
    5. Pink 'N' Green / Bossy Boots / Bright Ideas
    6. A Beach But No Sea / Send For Ed
    7. Swapsy
    8. The Laughing Song
    9. Ghosts Go Boo! / The Blues / Lickety Spit
    10. Circles / Hairy Fairy / Upside Down
    11. Mopatop Theme

More Songs from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House (2002)

Released 2002 by Walt Disney Records. Produced by Peter Lurye. Executive Album Producer: Mitchell Kriegman. Cassette and CD.

More great songs from "Bear in the Big Blue House".

    1. Welcome Song (Instrumental)
    2. What's In The Mail Today?
    3. Making Sense Of The World
    4. The Grandma Mambo
    5. Remember When
    6. The Otter Dancing School
    7. Shadow's Lullaby
    8. When I'm Older
    9. Everybody In The Tub
    10. Rhythm In The Air
    11. Why Can't The Dirt Just Leave Me Alone?
    12. Imagine That
    13. Smellorama
    14. When I Find The Great Lost Cheese
    15. Under Your Blanket
    16. Love Is Incredible
    17. Your Grandma And Grandpa
    18. What Kind Of Mouse Am I?
    19. Picture This
    20. Hello Doctor
    21. Worth The Wait
    22. Friends Forever
    23. Surprise!
    24. What's Mine Is Yours
    25. The Toileteers
    26. Next Stop Dreamland

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