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Dolls and Puppets
Muppet World Collectibles

Hasbro (1991)

Baby Sinclair Puppet

This puppet has vinyl hands and head with a cloth body. Attention to detail has been given to his eyes and mouth. Notice the wild outfit that Baby Sinclair is wearing.

Talking Baby Sinclair

This Hasbro doll is twelve inches tall. When you pull the string, Baby Sinclair says six phrases.

  1. "Not the mama!"
  2. "I'm the baby!"
  3. "Gotta love me!"
  4. "Hello, fat boy!"
  5. "I'm gonna bite you now!"
  6. "I'm hungry, feed my mouth!"

Playskool (1994)

Muppet Workshop Puppet N' Parts

Playskool produced these kids' puppet kits based on the Muppet Workshop's "Whatnot

Whatnots are blank-faced puppets that come with a variety of facial features and hair that can be mixed-and-matched to create lots of different characters. The puppets include arm rods so they could be performed like real Muppets. Three different kits were produced featuring monsters and whatnots.

Muppet Workshop Crazy Creations

This is a similar Muppet Workshop kit called Crazy Creations mixed-and-matched cloth pieces to create Muppety-looking blobs.  It includes a variety of noses, eyes, ears, and more. Decorate a face today!

Muppet Workshop Play-Doh Kooky Cutters

The third Muppet Workshop kit used Play-Doh to create mix-and-match monster faces, along with Kermit and Piggy.

Bear Fisher-Price Dolls (1998)

Bear Plush

Originally for Target stores through Christmas 1998, this first Bear plush doll is about 14 inches high, and is a very good likeness. He has nice fur, a big blue nose, and a happy smile.

Bear, Tutter, Treelo, and Ojo Bean Bags

The bean bags, although not in scale to each other, are also nice likenesses of the actual characters. They are all great, but Tutter is probably the best of the bunch, followed by Ojo, Treelo, and Bear.

Pip and Pop were excluded from the set due to the fact that they look exactly alike, and would probably have to come as some type of 2-pack, later on down the line.

Tri-Star Home Video (1998)

Exclusive Bear Mini-Plush

Promotional Bear in the Big Blue House Bean Bag Doll

This plush was a promotional doll, when you bought a Bear video or when you saw the live traveling show "On the Road with Bear in the Big Blue House".

He looks quite different compared to the one that would be eventually released through Target Stores. He is a brown color, compared to the more golden brown of the Fisher-Price likeness. It's a great collectible, if you're lucky enough to find one.

Bear Fisher-Price Dolls (1999)

Giant Bear Plush

Marketed through Mattel, this huge cuddly bear is about 24 inches tall, with lovely orange fur and a blue nose. He's adorable and a must for your "Bear in the Big Blue House" collection.

Love to Dance Bear

This semisoft Bear doll stands 14 inches tall. He's yellow gold, with a blue nose, pink tongue, and his usual goofy expression. He takes three AA batteries (included), and will do his favorite dance routine and song (rather briefly) whenever you squeeze his left paw. Watch him wave, wiggle, sing, and then finish off with his signature chuckle. Selected as a Family Fun TOY Awards 2000 finalist

Sniffin' Around Talking Bear

When you squeeze this Bear doll's stomach, his nose twitches, and he says: "Sniff sniff sniff. I smell a friend!" This Bear is loads of fun and great for laughs.

Bear and Friends Cluster Set

These are small plush versions of Bear (holding a tiny Tutter), Treelo and Ojo. They're each about four to five inches tall, and they've got Velcro pads on their hands. Ojo is holding a flower. The set of three dolls are sold as a set in a Blue House box.

Fisher-Price also produced the following character dolls, approximately 8-10 inches high.

Bear Plush
Pip and Pop
Basic Bear Plush

Applause Bear Dolls (1999)

Super Sized Bear

A giant 30-inch Bear doll, with "puppet hands" that you can put your hands into and put on your own Bear puppet show.

Medium Sized Bear

This is an 18-inch Bear doll.

Small Bear with Tutter Finger Puppet

This 12-inch Bear comes packaged with a small blue Tutter finger puppet.

Plush Treasure Keepers

Applause produced these three soft "Treasure Keepers" which offer a new way to keep coins. The Bear treasure keeper has a hook and key ring on his back, and a zippered pocket contains a soft toy "letter." Tutter's inside pocket has a piece of toy "cheese." The Big Blue House Treasure Keeper has a soft Luna inside.

Bear Beanbag Set (Mini Character Assortment)

Applause's Bear beanbag set includes a smiling 7-inch Bear, a cute 6-inch Ojo, a 5-inch Tutter (with adjustable wire in his tail), a big-eyed 6-inch Treelo with a long tail, and a triumphant 5-1/2-inch Pip and Pop (sold as a set). Most of the characters' fur is shaggily while Pip and Pop have silky fur.

Bear Bank

This isn't quite a doll, but it's more of a doll than most banks.

A plastic bank inside is covered by a fuzzy 8-inch Bear doll. Bear's arms and legs are posable in different positions. Even a Bear needs to save for a rainy day.

Soft Finger Puppets

A set of finger puppets featuring Bear, Pip and Pop, Tutter, Treelo and Ojo comes packaged in a Blue House "puppet theater."

Disney Bear Dolls (2000)

The following Bear dolls were exclusives sold only through the Disney Store for a limited time. All of the likenesses are very good.

Small Bear Plush

This exclusive Bear plush is a great big fuzzy Bear, twelve inches tall. He's got a great, welcoming expression. Notice the dark brown yarn poking out over his eyebrows, framing his eyes. This doll is exclusive to the Walt Disney Store and one of the best Bear likenesses ever produced.

Medium Bear Plush

Bear is approximately twenty-two inches tall.

Large Bear Plush

Bear is approximately three feet tall.

Here are some more Disney Bear dolls that were released. They are the best doll character likenesses to date.

Tutter with kitty and blanket

Ojo's doll Snowbear
Pip and Pop

Bear Mini Bean Bag

Add lovable Bear to your mini bean bag collection. This is a great likeness considering his small size.

Tutter and Ojo Beans Disney

Tutter and Ojo are the very best kinds of friends to have around. While Tutter is a little plump in the Disney bean, Ojo looks much better.

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Section compiled by
Cindy Chapman, Artie Esposito, and Phillip Chapman

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