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Byn Always
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Apr 7, 2012
Mar 6, 2012
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Byn Always

New Member, Female, 43, from Oklahoma

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Apr 7, 2012
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    Jul 23, 1971 (Age: 43)
    Home page:
    Oh my word, where do I start? We are a crazy creative family who just simply can't fit in the box. We're passionate about the arts and inspired daily by just living our lives! We've worked in theater for years and had experience in every imaginable way... and we've enjoyed it immensely and learned a LOT to prepare us for this new journey!
    I guess I'll just give you the basics of the "Mom and Dad" of the operation, and if you want more details, click on the links below!
    Byn & Patrick (aka Mom & Dad)- With over 15 years of experience as homeschooling parents of five, as well as seven years of experience working in community theater both on stage and behind the scenes as a writer, director, sound & lighting tech and producer of youth productions, Byn & Patrick bring their love of children and drama together to bring life and character to “Bean the Monkey“.