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Aug 28, 2012
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New Member, Female, from West Virginia

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    West Virginia
    Jack of All Trades (yeah, master of none)
    I am an avid dog-lover; have been all my life; raised & shown St. Bernards for many years. I also have a scruffy little dog named Ruthie, who is the total diva of our household. I have two kittens, Patches & newcomer Cameaux (who is still not so sure of the St. Bernard puppy that I have). I'm a big West Virginia fan and am thrilled to have moved back home to my home state after being gone 12 years. Now, my life would be complete, if I could only find the video on "I Get By With a Little Yelp From My Friends" by Moe Cocker for my funeral. I do believe in pre-planning, especially when I have to leave the mechanics of how it will go with my children, who don't understand my love of dogs. I am OBSESSED with finding this somehow! And I don't know how to download the same from YouTube!