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1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by SSLFan, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer: Some of you may have no idea what I am talking about, but I just had to express my opinion! Lol please feel free to comment anyway.

    Last night, Sesame Street Live introduced it's "latest, newest edition" to it's 2009-10 touring season, 1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends. Don't be fooled, this show has toured many other times before; begining in 1996 and a revived version in 2002. This was also the VERY FIRST Sesame Street show I saw when I was a child, so ultimately it has a special place in my heart. This is also the A-list show to the 30th anniversary tour.

    I really want to see the show (it will come this way in around 2 years:p) because I would like to see what modifications they made to it. Like, I've noticed they have added Abby Cadabby (obviously), but I'm curious to see whether they:
    dropped Barkley
    dropped Prairie Dawn
    gave Roxy Marie a non-speaking understudy role/or kept her speaking
    gave Grover a speaking role or if he remained an understudy
    added Telly, who wasn't in the original tours
    dropped the EW segment they added in the 02' shows

    Yeah, this tour would be a prime example of how much SS has changed over these last years.:D After all, you can't expect these kiddies to actually know who Roxy Marie is. However, I would be sad if they did drop Barkley & Prairie, even though Prairie had no lines! On the contrary, I'd love it if the gave Grover a speaking part and added Telly into the show (having no Telly really seemed strange since he plays a big part in the storylines).

    Pic #1
    Pic #2

    I'm rather unimpressed with the set, since VEE Corporation has done A LOT better with set designs in the past. This looks like a combination of the Elmo Makes Music set & the 2002 1-2-3 Imagine stage. The 1996 one was pure gold(not literally). I was hoping they would have went for that one, since it would have been a throwback to the past.

    It's exciting to see where this show goes, and I'll be on the lookout for more details.
  2. StarrFilter Member

    Prairie and Barkley have indeed been dropped... Very sad, I know. Roxy still has all her lines. Abby has most of Zoe's lines and Zoe, surprisingly, is SMALL UNDERSTUDY! Telly's not in the show. Grover's in it but has no lines. Grover's performer also plays Abuela and Uncle Grizzly I think. Very wierd cast for this show, huh? :p
  3. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Lol yes indeed! Mostly on Zoe's part. Though I love the Roxy Marie character, she could have been dropped, & made Grover take her lines (I kind of see him in the 'Camp Wanna Go Home' thing); if they dropped EW, they could have made room for an Abby scene(Elmo would still have the Africa scene), and still had Zoe sing "I Don't Want to Live On the Moon" in the end(and possibly made Prairie the small understudy, and somehow found a way to keep Barkley; like giving him & Baby Bear the same performer.). Really, if Roxy still keeps her lines for this, then she should have kept them in WEGU. Anyways, Telly COULD have been a tall understudy, and had a Honker(*cough* blue) just in the show but playing other minor characters throughout/or vice-versa. As far as the stage, they really should have done the stage of Let's Be Friends(the curtain is the bomb, lol), and kept the original scenery of the original 1-2-3. They REALLY messed up on that part, and considering it's the 30th anniversary...wow, it's like a slap in the face.
  4. StarrFilter Member

    Technically they're not doing the whole 30th anniversary celebration until next year with their new show, which makes sense, since SSL premiered in Fall 1980. I guess they're waiting till Fall 2010... exactly 30 years.
  5. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yeah that makes sense. I was thinking of the past shows they had done, which premired one season prior to when the actual anniversary date ( BBSDCO...99' instead of 00', ECB...04' instead of 05'), yet they were still being billed as the big " " anniversary shows.:insatiable:
  6. StarrFilter Member

    you're right. that IS how it's been done in the past...
  7. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Frankly, I'm surprised they left Roxie Marie in. She is a pretty obscure holdover from the 90's. I'm just shocked Grover doesn't have any lines.
  8. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yeah but honestly, if this happened like say 5 years ago, I wouldn't have been surprised. Now seeing that Grover has actually been playing a prominent role on SS again, now I'm quite surprised. Keep in mind this is a recyled 90's show (a time when SS itself was changing all around) , and around this time Grover was not given huge parts in some shows ( he did not speak in 2 shows, did not appear in 1). So it kind of makes some sense.

    Funny, I always imagine Frank Oz in the recording studio around that time being P.O-ed because Grover does not have any speaking parts.
  9. StarrFilter Member

    Grover and Cookie were hard on his voice so I'm sure he didn't mind having a break :insatiable: I think the last show he voiced Grover and Cookie in was Sunny Day Camp Out. After that Eric Jacobson took over for Grover and David Rudman took over for Cookie
  10. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I think the thing I'll miss the most though out of his characters is Frank's Bert voice. Though Eric has been doing a good job, you can't compete with Frank's. The recent voices of :super: & :insatiable: have been fantastic though.
  11. StarrFilter Member

    Enjoy! =)

  12. SSLFan Well-Known Member


    And the 1-2-3...Imagine! theme song has to be the best theme song of any show, that & LBF & WIGU. Who did their songs back then? Lol they did a good job.
  13. StarrFilter Member

    I agree! Don Harper did the music for LBF, WIGU and SB (Sleeping Birdie). Jon Baker did 123 and EVERY other show you've seen :) Except for BBSDCO. That music was done by some lame company called Audio By The Bay... big mistake. I really love all of Jon's music though. Don made good theme songs for sure, but Jon Baker is great at choosing and writing great songs that are fun, upbeat and keep you interested throughout. ECB and EMM are great examples of this.
  14. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, I agree 100%.

    Btw, that explains a lot why BBSDCO sounds so...different from other shows. I kinda see why it wasn't a very favorable show behind the scenes(though I liked 'Telephone Talk' & 'Loud and Soft', haha)

    One of the FEW shows that has Snuffy in it...and no chance of repeating!:p
  15. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I had no idea someone posted these!


    These brought back some memories even though I saw this in 04'! I remember the hula part though in 98' when I saw it I'm pretty sure they had a random dad up there...whatever happened to that? Lol.

    And Starrfilter, if you're reading this, I have to ask, is your friend still on tour has BB in any of the shows? He's a really good BB, he has that "swag" to it...Lol. Has he ever been to Detroit during SSL? I wanna say I at least saw him perform in RFA...('07)
  16. StarrFilter Member

    Yeah, he's on the East Coast tour of Elmo's Green Thumb. They'll be in Detroit in February.
  17. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Cool. I can't wait to see it lol.

  18. CountFan1998 Active Member

    Hi, again SSLFan! I remember seeing the show in '02 and my favorite parts was the curtain 'illusion' that transfers scenes and the octopus that Bert shakes hands with. I remember most of it, but the parade scene at the end I forgot. BTW, does anyone know about Oscar's 'Club Mud' scene. (I know, not you SSLFan). One more thing, don't you hate it when they 'remake' shows (with Abby Cadabby)? I don't really hate Abby...
  19. CountFan1998 Active Member

    StarrFilter: Do you know anything about Club Mud? I recived a message from SSLFan to ask you.

    '1-2-3 AH-AH-AH! (Thunder and Lightning)' -- Count Von Count
  20. StarrFilter Member

    the club mud scene was just a short transition scene in front of the curtain between the underwater number, and beach scene. it featured oscar and grundgetta only imagining they were vacationing at club mud (a spoof on beach resort club med) they sang a short song about club mud to the tune of "codfish ball" the scene was shorter than 2 minutes. it was only featured in the original run of this show back in 96. this scene was cut for the 02 remount and wasn't put in the current version either, as Grundgetta has no lines in the newer versions. i hope this answers your questions:wisdom:

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