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15 years - Where were you?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Rowbes, May 13, 2005.

  1. Rowbes

    Rowbes Well-Known Member

    Monday May 16 marks the 15th anniversary of Jim Henson's death.
    Where were you?

    "Where were you" is something that is often asked about historical events. Celebrity deaths, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc. Everyone can relate to an event with their own story of how they found out about it. The mundane events we partake of incidentally seem unimportant, but it shows the importance of historical events that we can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard of them.

    I was in fifth grade.
    I was getting ready for school that wednesday morning when my mother poked her head through my bedroom door. Apparently she had turned on the news to find that the creator of the Muppets had passed away in New York some eight odd hours earlier. "Jim Henson died," she told me, somberly. I sat there for a minute, not knowing how to react. I'm still not sure how you're supposed to feel when someone you've never met, but who has meant so much to you, dies so unexpectedly. Numbly, I went to school, and it was all anyone was talking about. "I'm going to buy 'Ninja Turtles' when it comes out on video," my friend Josh informed me, "cause it's his last work, you know?" I didn't bother disputing that, though I knew there were other projects yet to emerge.

    When a celebrity dies an untimely death, it's always sad. But Jim's death was so hard to accept because their was no cancer or plane crash to blame. It didn't seem to make sense, that he could just be wiped out by a treatable illness. I had been previously unaware that pneumonia could kill anyone.

    After school I walked home the long way, humming tunes from Labyrinth and the Muppet Movie and even the theme from the Jim Henson Hour, which had been my favorite show. Once I got home, I cried... then prayed.

    I also remember watching a tv special where the Muppets payed their respects to him. It was funny and inventive, yet tasteful and sensitive. The Muppets were trying to figure out who Jim Henson was, and Gonzo develops the theory that he was an accountant because he had signed their paychecks. At the end of the show they read letters of condolences sent in by children. It was very touching, and it gave me happiness that the Muppets had not died with him.

    On monday, I'll be wearing a black t-shirt with Kermit on it.
    Please join me in remembering an icon.
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    You see this is when I feel oh so terribly young.
    I have no recollection as to where I was at all. At the time I had no idea who Jim Henson was.

    I was only one year old.

    I feel like I'm missing something as a fan, having never had the shock of "Jim Henson died". To me... it's like he's... you know, I can't even bring myself to type it. But I've never seen the tribute the muppets did for him. For me, it's always been "Jim Henson was..." and it has never been "Jim Henson is..." and in that, I think- I know- I'm missing something. Something big is missing.

    I will join you in remembering an icon. :sympathy:
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    It was before I was even one-year-old. Yet, I wasn't told about Jim's death until after Muppet Treasure Island was released. Imagine, all these years and they kept it a secret from me.
  4. HPDJ

    HPDJ Well-Known Member

    When I was five, I saw Xmas Carol for the 1st time. It said "In loving memory of Jim Henson". I WAS FLABBERGASTED! MY CHILDHOOD HERO! It was almost as uppsetting as when I found out Roald Dahl died.

    I, like others, was not alive on the day that he died. I too feel empty when fans talk about his death, as I can not do that.

    I'm really upset at reading these stories. Long live Kermit the Frog. :sympathy:
  5. Rowbes

    Rowbes Well-Known Member

    You guys make me feel old. :sleep:

    Waldorf: "I wish I'd studied Shakespeare when I was a kid."
    Statler: "When you were a kid you could have TALKED to Shakespeare!"
  6. HPDJ

    HPDJ Well-Known Member

    Rowbes, this is a memorial service, not a wedding party! ;)
  7. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    On the other hand, Jim Henson did request that a band play "when the saints go marching in" at his funeral, and that nobody wear black...
  8. HPDJ

    HPDJ Well-Known Member

    They must have had fun...
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    ...sorta... they were still sad....
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I was not alive when Mr. Henson passed, it was 5 months and 13 days before I was born.

    I don't know when I found out Jim Henson had died, it might have been when I was watching Muppet Babies or Sesame Street. I do remember asking my mom how Ernie and Kermit could still perform without Jim. I told her I thought they took recordings of his voice and put them together to make new skits. I was young don't laugh.

    I read somewhere that Frank Oz wore red to Jim's funeral.

    And yes I will be wearing black in memory of the death of such a great man, and a hero to many.:sympathy: :D :)
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    :sleep: :p

    Had to put Waldorf and Ernie in since only three smilies are allowed in a post.
  12. Vibs

    Vibs Well-Known Member

    You know this thread also makes me feel rather young. And really newbie-ish, I just got to know the Muppets and the people behind a few months ago. Or well, I did know about the muppets but I didn't know... that much about them! And I still have much to learn. But I'm so glad that I joined this magical muppetparty!!

    Sadly it has always been "Jim Henson was..." to me too. Oh, I wish he was still with us. But in someway he is I guess, the magic he created will keep going on through the shows, the movies, the forums, the fans world wide, the music, you name it.

    I'm just so thankful that this world has had the honor of having Jim Henson with us. I can't point a finger on what it is exactly that makes the muppets so full of happiness, magic, love... But however you did it, I'd just like to say one thing:

    Thank you - so much.
  13. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat as many, I was too young to know who he was at the time. But through his work he has brought joy to so many, so although I concur with you in saying his death was tragic, as it was, I have to smile knowing that though his life was short, it was an amazing and special one. I for one will be celebrating his life and his works, and his genius.
    R.I.P. Jim Henson.

    It's kind of ironic. Right now in my art course, I am painting a ceiling tile of Jim and Kermit. It should be done by Tuesday, I don't think I'll have it quite done on Monday, the anniversary. But I had chosen to do Jim and Kermit because I love his creations, which have given me and so many others happiness for years, though some of us more years than others. It is my small tribute to him and his life, that he will be remembered as he should be (I just hope that I do Jim justice in my rendition of him).
  14. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Sure you were, theprawncracker!!! You were still alive in the womb! :)

    For myself, I was 8 years old when Jim Henson died. I think I remember hearing about it on the news, but I don't know that I fully understood who he was at that point. I definitely miss him now though. (And Mr. Rogers! :concern: :sympathy: )
  15. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, alive I was. Able to think I was not. Know about the passing of Jim Henson I did not either. And I don't think anyone in my family knew or cared either:cry:. It's true! I'm the only one in my family who likes the Muppets.:sympathy:
  16. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    I was 10 when Jim passed. On top of being upset because we lost a man so dear to me I more upset that it seemed no one was talking about it. Jim died on the same day as Sammy Davis Jr. and for some reason all I remember is people talking about that. Jim is an icon and will live on in my heat forever. I too will be wearing black come Monday. :cry:
  17. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    Sammy Davis Jr Died the same day

    opp's i was beat to the punh RIP all great entertainers

    ever rat pack memeber is dead but Jerry is still alive with black hair
  18. Pino

    Pino Well-Known Member

    15 years ago Iwas 15.. I remember getting upset, because I thought everything he ever did stopped.. no more muppets, no more sesame street.. nomore beautiful programs... Television would stop!
    Gladly there where more people working there with the same ideas, though the spirit was gone-
    I started collecting and searching the things I had (pvc´s and records) and find out I was alone... No other kids arround me knew Jim Henson and they didn´t like he muppets.
    Well After 5 years I met people with the same intrests, but even now I havent seen another collector in my neigbourhood.... These are the people...

    It was frustrated to tell people at my school what a shame it is a great man like Jim Henson died... I only heard back .... who is Jim Henson? :eek:
  19. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    they both died b4 you were conceved even
  20. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Well-Known Member

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