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2 Letters from The Jim Henson Company

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by BoyRaisin2, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    These are responses to a letter I wrote to Henson's NY office in early April (though I didn't send it 'til late May) and a letter I wrote to Brian Henson (though he didn't directly respond) on May 26. I asked in the two letters various questions concerning the family, What's going on with Farscape, Is Bear indeed cancelled, Disney, etc., etc. Anyway, here they are:

    Dear Kenny,
    On behalf of Brian Henson and all of us at the Jim Henson Company, thanks for your good wishes.
    Over the years our company's team of performers, producers, writers, and artists has created productions and products that have made a difference in people's lives.
    We also thank you for your continued interest in Farscape. There are currently no plans for a Fifth Season to be produced, however, the "To Be Continued" ending in the final episodes signifies The Jim Henson Company's belief in Farscape and that there are other opportunities for it to grow.
    Any further decisions and information will be posted on www.henson.com and www.farscape.com, so check in there from time to time.
    We thank you once again for your continued support; we truly appreciate your commitment to our Company.

    The Jim Henson Company

    Dear Kenny,

    Thanks for your letter. We receive so many good and interesting questions such as yours, that if we were to answer each one individually, we'd have no time to bring you all the projects that we're working on.
    We do not answer questions concerning the future plans of the company or others that may be of corporate confidential matters. However, many of your questions are answered on our web site www.henson.com and the sites listed below. These are just a sampling of the many, many web sites available to the Muppet researcher. You'll have a lot more fun finding the answers - plus lots of additional information - on these and other sites.

    The Jim Henson Company

    Nice letters (they have the Kermit head/JH signature logo on top which I love), though I was sorta disappointed that I didn't get a bunch of stuff from Henson like I did when I mailed them in 1999. And I found it interesting that on the left-hand side of both letters, they still call themselves Jim Henson Productions, Inc. But hey, it's cool and I'll probably keep the envelopes as well. Laterz!

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