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2008 Menu Descriptions

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by frogboy4, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    This is the new requested thread marking 2008 menu descriptions. The New Years Manhattan Melodies one has passed. The description of it is here in the 2007 Christmas Menu Description Thread.

    ;) Remembering Richard Hunt :flirt:

    Richard Hunt and his beloved signature characters pop up in the traditional Muppet Central red arches while sparks briefly twinkle around them.

    From left to right: Sweetums, Wayne, Beaker, Scooter, Muppet Central Logo with Remembering Richard Hunt banner atop, Richard Hunt, Janice, Statler, Junior Gorg.

  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :excited: Fraggle Rock 25th Anniversary Menu :smirk:

    Fade in on a bluish cavern landscape with doozers in vehicles, some driving around, and standing on the towers being built. A cave in the center is filled with a Muppet Central logo in a yellow Fraggle font with a red drop shadow. Two doozers ride down on a contraption to hang a purple banner reading “25 Years of Fraggle Rock” and move back up out of frame once the job is done. Gobo and Red slide in to frame the logo as sparks twinkle around the menuscape.

    From left to right: Uncle Traveling Matt peeks through a Fraggle hole leading to Doc’s workshop in “outerspace”. Sprocket’s yellow bowl is unattended until he pops in on rollover activation. On rollover next to him, but in the Fraggle Rock domain, Cantus appears playing his flute. Sidebottom Boober, head in his hands and wearing a hat, pops up from behind a small rock next to Cantus. Gobo strums his guitar on rollover. To the right of the logo, Red shakes a single colorful maraca on rollover. A seated Wembley pops up on rollover and plays his bongo drums. Mokey pops up with a colorful pink staff that has googly eyes. On the far right side of the menu Marjorie the Trash heap can be seen through the cave opening leading to the Gorg’s garden. Philo and Gunge are very tiny resting next to her as always. Some of the Gorg’s Castle can also be seen. Upon rollover, a giant blinking Junior Gorg eye peeps through the hole.

    Happy Birthday Fraggle Rock! I really love this menu. It was originally created for Fraggle Rock’s 20th Anniversary. Master Muppeteer and Fraggle performer Karen Prell reminded me of the anniversary in 2003 and this was quickly designed and completed in a matter of hours. If not for her the 20th anniversary would have not been represented in the menu that year as it had escaped my attention. I’m glad it’s still here in this new resurgence of Fraggles in entertainment!

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Thank you Jamie. Beautiful as ever. And nice to get the FR menu today. Happy Silver Anniversary to the heart that rocks like a Fraggle and rules like a Gorg!

    *Credits Bo for that quote.
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :) Muppet Central 10th Anniversary Menu ;)

    A red curtain with the yellow and white Muppet Central logo raises to reveal several more curtains of different colors (purple, silver and blue) opening mimicking the “Another Opening for Another Show” Muppet Show segment.

    A silver backdrop of buildings as in “The Muppets Take Manhattan” and the Hollywood sign, as in “The Muppet Movie” is revealed. Two spotlights frame the composition on either side and tilt casting light beams from up to a downward resting position. There is a Sesame Street sign and lamp posts on the left (it displays the classic CTW rather than 123) and Luna, the moon from Bear in the Big Blue House is on the right hand side of the menu.

    A colorful rainbow prop is the one accent of color in the composition until the yellow and white Muppet Central logo rises underneath it. The curved white words “Celebrating 10 Years” slide in on the top arch of the rainbow. Little twinkles sparkle in the background.

    Everyone wears a tux with a black tie. Kermit and Miss Piggy frame the rainbow. Piggy’s in a little black dress, but retains her signature purple gloves. Robin pops up on Kermit’s rollover, Pepe pops up on Piggy’s rollover.

    Big Bird glides in to Kermit’s left, Bear on Piggy’s right. Elmo appears on Big Bird’s rollover, Tutter appears on Bear’s rollover. Next to each is an empty space that Earl and Baby Sinclair pop up on rollover to Big Bird’s left, a tuxedo and black-bowed Red with a doozer pop up on rollover to Bear’s right.

    Under the Sesame Street sign to the far left of the composition are Grover, a top-hat-sporting Fozzie Bear and Rizzo the rat hang out in the background. They duck upon rollover revealing a tux Oscar in his can and a tux Little Bird standing on a mailbox while Bert & Ernie soar in on their “Follow That Bird” airplane. It has a moving propeller and bobs in place until rollout when it soars up and away.

    Under the Hollywood sign on the far right of the composition are Roosevelt Franklin, Rowlf and Gobo hanging out in the background. Upon rollover the duck revealing Animal, Janice and Floyd sitting on the “Muppet Movie” cardboard church set in the distance as a classic purple tux Gonzo glides in hanging onto a bunch of colorful balloons. (He’s the only one allowed to have a colorful tux.) Upon rollout he glides away and Rowlf and the gang pop back up.

    It was 10 years ago on January 28th, 1998 that Muppet Central started. The site inspired me to join the staff in the fall of 2002. Thank you Phillip and all of the Muppet Central staff for all you do!

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Cheers wildly. This is indeed the greatest celebrational Muppetational Centralitional menu yet! Thank you Jamie for creating these and I wish you nothing but success in the coming year.

    And happy birthday Muppet Central!
  6. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :) Valentine’s Menu :mad:

    Muppet Central’s classic red Muppet Show arches now shaped like hearts, lower on to the screen. They are adorned with pillars, gold leaf decoration and bulb lights atop the shapes. The center heart reads “Happy Valentine’s Day” in white pseudo-cursive lettering. Pepe, dressed as Cupid with white fluttering wings, ballet shoes and a sash, floats in, shoots his bow and arrow turning the greeting into a shower of hearts and flies away. This disappears and the classic yellow and white Muppet Central logo takes its place. Famous Muppet couples pop into place behind the heart arches. Each couple shares one heart while representing two separate links. From left to right: Gonzo (in purple tux) with Camilla (holding a red heart), Floyd (in a red suit and tie and green hat) with Janice (with ponytail, pink top and holding a heart), Miss Piggy (classic long hair, pink shirt and holding a heart) with Kermit, Rizzo (in red cap and red and yellow jacket) with Yolanda Rat (with blond hair, her pink and white waitress uniform and holding a heart). On each character rollover the half of the light bulbs above them illuminate, pink juicy hearts float and cascade behind them lit from behind and the Muppet turns to kiss or face his/her mate except Kermit who grimaces.

  7. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    I loved this menu, a particularly nice piece of art that one. Well done Jamie.
  8. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :) Muppet Central St. Patrick’s Day Green Swamp Menu :)

    A field of large green lily pads rest atop the swamp menuscape with a rainbow framed large four leaf clover in the center. Small green clovers gently fall from the sky like floating snowflakes. Reeds frame the menu with a frog on either side. Robin pops up to the left of the rainbow. He’s wearing a shiny green leprechaun hat with a brass buckle band around it. Kermit pops up to the right. He’s wearing a sparkly green bow tie. The Muppet Central logo fades in between them as an arch shaped “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” greeting swoops in above the logo and rests on top of the rainbow. On rollover Robin lifts up a sparkling pot of gold. On rollover Kermit strums his signature banjo.

    From the left: On News rollover a Muppet alligator rises from the swamp, on Collectibles rollover an au natural version of Bill (the frog with a tiny patch of hair from The Muppets Take Manhattan) froggily bounces up, on Articles rollover Blotch (from Kermit’s Swamp Years) bounces up and is sporting a sparkly green bow tie.

    From the right: On Radio rollover Goggles (the frog with glasses from Swamp Years) bounces up, on Cards rollover Croaker (the bluish frog from Swamp Years) bounces up and is wearing a headband with two decorative four leaf clover antenna, on Help rollover Horace D’Fly (the green fly from Swamp Years) swoops in and flutters his wings while he bobs and hovers.

    I thought of making the Leprechaun Brothers (Animal, Beaker and Swedish Chef) for this menu, but decided to go Kermit swamp green instead. It just appeared more visually festive and appropriate. Without sound and puppetry the Leprechaun Brothers gag didn’t work as well. Plus, any excuse to give Kermit a banjo (however silent) pleases me. I am the frogboy after all.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks. This thread was in need of an update. I like Robin probably the best out of all that. Was there no spot to fit in Gil and/or Jill from TMTM as well?
  10. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Naked Jill? That might be too risque for Muppet Central. He he. Actually I was going to use a generic Muppet frog, but liked Bill's look better so I used the generic frog body with Bill's head. ;)

    Easter is just around the corner and we will have the "cutest" menu of the assortment. :concern:
  11. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Jamie, thanks for the descriptions.

    I'm always impressed every time I open MC on my computer!
  12. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Muppet Babies Easter Holiday Menu​

    A field of green grass, speckled with colorful flowers and scattered Easter eggs, fades into view. There are white picket fences on either side with one white fluffy Muppet sheep in each. There is a blue sky with fluffy clouds and a red barn schoolhouse. A mouse stands atop a rock on the left hand side. A rabbit lounges on his tummy on the right. A pink, purple and blue egg with a yellow “Happy Easter” greeting pops into the center of the menu. A puppet version of Baby Piggy holding an egg basket emerges on the left, Baby Kermit to the right. The egg cracks open and falls away to reveal Baby Bean Bunny inside. The Muppet Central logo appears behind him before he bounces away and randomly pops up and down and even upside down all across the menuscape.

    On Piggy rollover a Baby Rizzo appears. He wears a backwards yellow baseball cap and blue overalls with yellow buttons and an image of Swiss cheese on the front. On Kermit rollover a Baby Pepe pops up. He’s wearing a blue shirt with a pink bunny on it. One of his arms holds an egg.

    From the left side: On News rollover Baby Animal appears, on Collectibles rollover Baby Rowlf and on Articles Baby Fozzie appears. His cap’s propeller spins around.

    From the right side: On Radio rollover Baby Gonzo appears with Camilla doll, on Cards Baby Scooter appears and on Help Baby Skeeter appears in her maroon Sunday dress.

    I designed this menu to be almost disgustingly sugary sweet to see how far I could go. Even so I smile every Easter when it rolls around. I may not be the biggest Muppet Babies fan, but this is the way I’d like to see them. I also had fun creating Pepe and Rizzo as Muppet Baby puppets.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Jamie. Um, are the nine Muppet Babies featured from the show in their customary outfits? Just asking cause you said Skeeter is wearing a maroon Sunday dress. Also... Have you thought of either adding to this MB Easter menu or creating a new one with more puppet baby versions of other Muppets?
  14. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :insatiable: April Fool's Day Menu :p

    The Muppet Central menu opens up as usual (red arches adorned with light bulbs and pillars) but one thing is different. Everything is upside down!

    The bottom links and the dates are fine, but the usual yellow and white Muppet Central logo and the Muppets (who pop down into place from the top rather than the usual cascading shuffle) are upside down.

    The Muppet arrangement is the same fixed set each time it loads. The characters from left to right are: Bear (in the Big Blue House), Boppity (Blue Frackle), Gobo Fraggle, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Oscar and a Firey (Labyrinth).

    Simple but serves its purpose. ;)

    Happy April Fools!
    (now I have to go join the French foreign legion)​
  15. Mr.Penguin

    Mr.Penguin Well-Known Member

    Random suggestion; maybe for April Fool's day, when you roll over the links...each one could do something different (like fall out of his/her arch or change to a different character or colors)...Or maybe put up a different section's banner. Or maybe...."Muffin Central" :p Only a seuggestion, though. :coy:

    P.S. Great work on these banners, I love them! :)
  16. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :attitude: Puppetry Celebration Menu :scary:
    (Puppetry Day)​

    Fade in on a canyon between two earth-colored mountains with Aughra standing under the one on the right side. This is all that happens to be lit in the center of the menu. There is a white version of the Dark Crystal castle right of center. Amid a red, blue and golden dawn sky - three planets, yellow, orange and violet converge into an eclipse. The blast of light transforms into the Labyrinth owl who flies through the center of the menu and then disappears. “Celebrating Puppetry” is written in white along the landscape. It disappears as a gold Muppet Central logo appears in the Dark Crystal font. The link section beneath is trimmed with the same gold color and is adorned with the brown-colored interlocking pattern that was used to “letterbox” the credit sequence of the “Dark Crystal” when it first appeared on home video. The links are in white and the date appears in purple.

    Once the owl flies away the spotlight broadens and the rest of the landscape is visible. From left to right on the left side of the menu – There is tree framing the left side where Labyrinth’s Ludo steps out from behind upon rollover of the News section. There is a “nebri” creature, a flowing waterfall and a stream where Jen plays his flute upon the grassy shore. To the right of him is a white landstrider. Upon rollover of the Collectibles section Kira and a barking Fizgig appear. Upon rollover of the Articles section (where Jen sits) Kimba the white lion from the Henson Hour rises from the grass. Upon rollover of the Forum section (where the landstrider stands) a shaking African mask puppet from the Harry Bellefonte Muppet Show pops up. :)

    From left to right on the right side of the menu – Augrha stands to the right of the Muppet Central logo. Behind her is a canyon that has one of the faces from the rock formations in Labyrinth. Mystics appear to be climbing the canyon and landscape heading toward the logo and away from the Labyrinth that is in the foreground. A fluttering winged fairy floats to the right of the canyon face. To her right a goblin with a spiky helmet peeks up into frame only visible from the nose-up. To his right there is a floating glass orb, a gnarled tree and framing the menu to the right is the Labyrinth worm in all his blue-feathered, red-scarf wearing splendor. He rests beneath the tree and ever so slightly blinks. Upon rollover of the Guides section another African mask puppet (a female looking one) pops up and shakes around. Upon rollover of the Radio section Hoggle pops up with a peach in his hand. A bubble floats out of it as his expression changes and he winces. Upon the Cards section rollover a firey from Labyrinth pops up and juggles his head from side to side. Upon rollover of the Help section a skeksis emerges from behind the gnarled tree branches and grasps the sparkling glass orb.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Jamie... Another excellent entry. JHH, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth all duely represented in such a grand form in this stunning menu. One thing though... It seems that the White Lion from JHH was mistakenly confused for Kimba from his own popular Japanese anime series. Not sure if you caught that little blip. Then again, maybe that was intentional as it made me go and research the character just to make sure. At any rate, thanks for another great menu and I look forward to the next one.
  18. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    You are right. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/The_Thought_Lion Apparenlty he's called the Thought Lion. I guess I always called him Kimba for obvious reasons when it wasn't so. Feel free to edit that little portion of my post if you'd like. ;)
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks... Will leave it as is, these posts following it explain the Oops! *Stock footage of wrecker ball demolishing a condemned building. (Square 1 TV reference). :scary: :batty: :shifty:
  20. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :insatiable: Muppet Central Mother's Day Menu! :super:

    Fade In: on a kitchen with pink checkerboard tiles, pink drapes, heart patterned trim and a pale green countertop. There’s an oval picture frame with “Happy Mother’s Day” pink animated stitching that is soon to be replaced with the Muppet Central logo. On the countertop there are used mixing bowls, a Cookie Monster cookie jar and Tutter Mouse. Fozzie’s Ma in a black hat and dress with white polka-dots and Ma Fiama with a pot of sauce pop up to frame the center logo. Pale green doors frame the composition on either end. Cookie Monster’s mom is on the left in a yellow Sunday dress; Grover’s mom is on the far right in a green dress, red glasses and a mop of brown hair atop her blue furry head.

    From left to right:
    On Cookie Monster’s Mom’s rollover her hand lifts a cookie, her mouth opens and her eyes google around. Next to her there is a refrigerator that upon rollover Cookie Monster pops out with mouth open and googly animated eyes. On next rollover Fozzie pops up next to his Ma and wiggles his ears. On Ma Bear’s rollover she sticks a banana in her hear. On Johnny’s Ma’s rollover Sal the monkey pops out of the saucepan next to her and she beats him with a wooden spoon (lovingly, I suppose). Next to her on rollover, Johnny pops up with a red checkerboard napkin bib and fork in hand. Next to him on rollover Grover pops through the open window from outside and waves at his mom. On Grover’s Mom’s rollover she lifts up a heart decorated Mother’s Day card and reads it.

    This is a fun menu that really seems like a Muppet set environment rather than a patchwork of imagery. I imagine the Muppeteers below performing these mother and son counterparts…and Sal. Poor Sal. :o

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