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2009 The Muppets Cat

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Gonzo's cat is a daring cat. :concern:
  2. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Snuffy's cat is an enormous cat.
  3. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Cookie Monster's cat is a fast-eating cat.
  4. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Samson's cat is a German cat.
  5. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Gobo Fraggle's cat is a hat-wearing cat.
  6. TSSD Active Member

    Snuffy's cat was an imaginary cat
  7. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    The Invisible Man's cat is an invisible cat.

    (Kermit once interviewed him and his family in a Sesame Street Newsflash sketch.):)
  8. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Ernie's cat is a jolly cat.
  9. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Miss Piggy's cat is a karate kat.:mad:
  10. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Big Bird's cat is a large cat.
  11. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Link Hogthrob's cat is probably a misogynistic cat.
    (*:mad:What? HI-YA!)
  12. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Bjarne Betjent's cat is a Nordic cat.

    (P.S., I hope international characters are allowed)
  13. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Brewster's cat is an old cat.

    (International characters are cool with me- I already used Samson from Sesamestrasse earlier in the thread.;))
  14. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Boober Fraggle's cat is a paranoid cat
  15. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Wow- this thread's been lingering for a while...

    Um, let's see-
    Shakey Sanchez's cat is a quivering cat.
  16. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Dr. Teeth's cat is a rockin' cat!
  17. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    J.P. Grosse's cat is a smoking cat.
    ("ugh- nasty habit." to quote MacGyver in the "Pilot" episode)
  18. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    Elmo's cat is a ticklish cat.
  19. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Bert's cat is a unibrow-sporting cat.:(
  20. beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    The Count's cat is a violet-colored cat.

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