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3 new puppets

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by punkNpuppets, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

  2. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    no replies? ok.
  3. Adam822

    Adam822 New Member

    I think they look great! So much better than I could ever do! I was impressed with the donkey... it looks very cool!



    I tried to e-mail you through the thing on your profile, but it bounced back... Do you have AIM or anything? I always like talking to new people about this sort of stuff.
  4. zoetrope

    zoetrope Well-Known Member

    The puppets look good but your pictures are a little out of focus. I'd shoot better pics.
  5. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    yeah my AIM sn's are OiPunxGlory77 and DickyDocDog. IM me sometime
  6. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    ....this threads goin down the drain

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