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30 NIB Palisades Muppets Figures, Playsets, Exclusives for Sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by whojedi, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

    Hi, I wanted to post this here in case anyone would be interested. I have to clear out some room in my collection and therefore my boxed Muppet stuff has to go.

    I currently only have four items up on eBay, the three Lips variants and the Jim Henson figure, but more will be put on in the upcoming weeks.

    Here are my current auctions:


    The figures that will be put on in the future are all new in their original packaging and include Ghost of Sam Arrow, Tuxedo Gonzo & Bernice, Vaudeville Statler & Waldorf, Adventure Kermit, Steppin' Out Bunsen & Beaker, Mega Muppet Camilla, Culinary Catastrophe Swedish Chef & Lobster Banditos, Cabin Boy Gonzo & Rizzo, Super Beaker, Invisible Spray Fozzie, Palisades Concert Shirt Animal, Jim Henson Special Edition Figure, Steppin' Out Fozzie, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Link Hogthrob, both variants of Vacation Pepe, Glow in the Dark Koozebane Kermit, Regular Koozebane Kermit, Pops, Classic Swedish Chef, Sweetums, Pigs in Space Playset and Backstage at the Muppet Show Playset.

    I am also considering getting rid of my loose collection, which includes alot of those listed above plus many more. I have pictures of my loose collection plus some carded items not listed. Just click on the links below to see them all.




    Thanks all and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

    I forgot to mention, if somebody from Muppet Central wins an auction or just buys one of my figures, shoot me an email and I will ship it for free as long as you are in the U.S..

    If you are outside the U.S., let me know and I will deduct the price of shipping in the U.S. from your international shipping rate.
  3. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

    I just found my 2002 Invisible Beaker Exclusive and my 2002 Holiday Kermit Exclusive, both still in the original packaging. They were being sneaky and hiding behind my loose figures.

    I might be putting those up for sale as well.
  4. justairbagit

    justairbagit New Member

    Ill be watching the jim henson figure, been looking for one
  5. TheRick1041

    TheRick1041 New Member

    I'm interested in these...loose...if you have them...shoot me an email with their prices...delivered to 70737...
  6. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

    I just found 5 more new in box figures that will be going up soon. They are the rainbow shirt Marvin Suggs, the silver shirt Marvin Suggs, Sam the Eagle (normal eye version), Dr. Phil Van Neuter and Movie Usher Scooter.

    In addition, I also have all of those same figures loose as well as a loose Sam the Eagle with the shifty eyes. All my loose figures in the photos above are in great condition with all the original accessories.

    I am still trying to decide on whether or not I am going to part with my loose ones. I don't want to, but I might have to...
  7. TheRick1041

    TheRick1041 New Member

    ok...how much for the boxed versions of those?
  8. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

  9. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    Cool Classic Swedish chef.
  10. whojedi

    whojedi New Member

  11. Ernie&Bert

    Ernie&Bert New Member

    :fanatic: I wish I had those :)

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