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31 Muppets in Search of a Plot!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Philo and Gunge, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Coming soon to a computer near you: 31 Muppets In Search Of A Plot!

    Kermit the Frog
    Cookie Monster
    Big Bird
    Those Dogs From SS
    Baby Natasha
    And a cast of thousands (give or take)!

    Coming soon (in fact, tommorow).
  2. Here's our cast:
    1. Kermit The Frog
    2. Cookie Monster
    3. Big Bird
    4. Dogs [SS]
    5. Baby Natasha
    6. Sam The Eagle
    7. Philo
    8. Gunge
    9. Marjorie the Trash Heap
    10. Ambrosius
    11. Sir Didymus
    12. Gonzo the Great
    13. Fozzie Bear
    14. Rowlf the Dog
    15. Ferlenghetti Donnizetti
    16. Milton the Golden Toad
    17. Wilf the Howler Monkey
    18. Wild Impresario
    19. H. Ross Parrot
    20. Zeke
    21. Digit
    22. Leon
    23. Clifford
    24. Jim Henson Muppet
    25. Frank Oz Muppet
    26. Jerry Nelson Muppet
    27. Tutter
    28. Grover
    29. Slimey
    30. Animal
    31. Lips

    With special guest apperences by:
    Micheal Eisner (okay, he ain't that special)
    Nathan Lane
    Robby the Robot
    Steve Martin
    Frank Gorswin
    Rich Little
    Micheal Jordan
    and Tim Allen

    Coming in 1 hour.
  3. Kye

    Kye Well-Known Member

    Thank you for confusing me? Granted it is an easy thing to do, but I have no clue what your talking about? Are you writing a story? The suspence is incredible. I hope it lasts :crazy:
  4. Hereeeee, weeeee, goooooo!


    We open up on the Walt Disney Studios, Kermit is walking into a meeting with Eisner. He opens the door and we see Eisner talking to his slaves: Jitters and Citters.

    Kermit: You wanted to see me?
    Eisner: Ah, your here. Listen frog, I need to talk to you. (just then, Pepe and Johnny Fiama & Sal walk in and go into his bathroom holding a board game box) Listen, I'm gonna send you and your friends to Las Vegas. Your going to go meet a guy named Leroy and give him this. (hands Kermit $200) Just get you and your friends with you and leave.
    Kermit: (nervous) O....... kay. (walks out of room, cut to Pepe and the other 2 playing Yatzee)
    Pepe: Common, sixes! (rolling dice, all dice land on 8) ****.
    Johnny Fiama: And you say this is your lucky winning place. Common, Sal. (tries to open door but it is locked and couldn't open it no matter what he did) Sal?
    Sal: Yeah, Johnny?
    Johnny Fiama: We're locked in. We can't get out. We have no food, no TV, no money and most importantly... NO CANNOLIS!
    Pepe: Hey, but now we can listen in on Eisner's meetings. Okay?

  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

  6. Part 2: The Muppets Go To Vegas!

    (SCENE: Airplane, all the Classic and BITBBH Muppets except those 3 are on the plane)
    Pilot: Hello there! Fellow passengers, today are in flight movie is a double feature. "Lilo & Stich - The Series: The Movie" and "Tom & Huck".

    Everybody on plane: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kermit: It's not that bad.
    Tutter: Kermit! 2 movies for 1 bad plane ride! I can't ride planes! I'm afraid of heights! I get sick! I can't use electronics! I can't...
    Kermit: It's not that bad!
    Pilot: Now landing in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Fozzie: That was quick! NES-QUICK! Wocka! Wocka!

    Meanwhile at Micheal Eisner's office...

    Eisner: Are quest to destory the Muppets is almost complete. Now I have to send my two agents.
    Jitters: What about us?
    Citters: Yeah, we blast tunnels like it's 1969.
    Eisner: I perfer to have true Muppet exterminators. CRYPTS! RYE! Can you come in here? (MuppetCrypts and MuppetsInTheRye walk into Eisner's office in black suits) I'm glad you here! Go to Las Vegas and get rid of those crazy Muffets! (They walk out, in the bathroom)

    Pepe: OH NO! We have to go save them. (Pepe tries to get out with no luck)
    Johnny: We're locked out, remember?


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