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9/11: From the Muppets' Point of View

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by vettech28, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. vettech28 Active Member

    I know that someone already wrote about the events of 9/11 featuring the Muppets, but here is my version of events of what happened that day all over the Muppet universe.

    Chapter 1:
    9/11: 7:00 am
    Kermit: Robin, time to wake up. You have to go to school.
    Robin: Okay, Uncle Kermit.
    (At the breakfast table):
    Robin: I can't wait to go to school today!
    Kermit: Why's that?
    Robin: Today, we're going on a nature walk on the playground to see what we can find.
    Kermit: That's great. Eat your breakfast now.
    Robin: Okay.
    Minutes later, Robin was ready to leave just in time for the bus to arrive.
    Robin: Well, gotta go. See you, Uncle Kermit.
    Kermit: Bye, Robin. Love you.
    Robin: Love you, too!
    Then Kermit gets a weird feeling that something was about to happen, something close to home for him.
    Meanwhile, in Frogtown Hollow, Emmet Otter and his friends are on their way to school and prepare themselves for music practice afterwards.
    Emmet: Nice day, isn't it? I can't wait for tonight.
    Harvey: You always get excited about our jobs each night.
    Emmet: It's the best part of the whole day.
    Just as they were walking towards the school, they saw classmates they knew and they were walking the other way, away from the school.
    Wendell: Why are those guys walking the other way?
    Charlie: I don't know.
    Emmet: Only one way to find out. Excuse me, why are you leaving the school?
    Raccoon classmate: The teachers said that all classes were cancelled.
    Emmet: Cancelled? Why?
    Mink classmate: We don't know. They said they called all our parents to let them know what was going on. All we know is something happened in New York and they're letting us leave early.
    Charlie: What could be happening in New York that could cause the school to be cancelled?
    Harvey: Beats me. Come on, let's head home.
    Emmet: It would be better to go to my house. Maybe Ma can tell us what's going on.
    At the same time in a nearby meadow, Bean Bunny's family had also got a call from the school nearby saying that classes were cancelled for the day, but Bean and his two older siblings had already left for the day.
    Mother Bunny: Dear the kids are coming back from the school. Classes are cancelled.
    Father Bunny: Why?
    Mother Bunny: I'm not sure. All they said is something happened in New York City.
    Father Bunny: I'll check the news. Maybe that will explain why.
    Just as he turned on the television, the image of the North Tower on fire after a passenger plane that was hijacked crashed into the building came on the screen.
    Father Bunny: I think I just found out why.
    Mother Bunny: What is it? (Then looks at the screen). Oh, no! What happened?
    Father Bunny: It was a hijacked airplane. It crashed into the building.
    Mother Bunny: On purpose? How will we explain this to the kids?
    At Hooper's store, the same image on the TV was seen by others.
    Maria: How can anybody do this?
    Alan: I don't know. This is going to be difficult to explain to the others.
    Gordon: I know.
    Down at Fraggle Rock, news had traveled back to the Fraggle Five that something had happened and arranged to meet at The Muppet Theater.
    Red: What's going on, Gobo?
    Gobo: I'm not sure yet, but we have to go to the theater, something happened in New York City and we have to find out what's going on.
    Little did any of them know the day would get worse and worse and it would change America forever.
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  2. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Wow that's neat!
    What happens next? What happens next?
  3. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    More! More!
  4. vettech28 Active Member

    Chapter 2:
    At the Muppet Theater:
    Kermit: Now as all of you know, something happened at the World Trade Center in New York. No one knows for sure what has happened, but all we know of is a passenger plane hit the North Tower and it was hijacked before it crashed.
    Fozzie: Hijacked? By who?
    Kermit: No one knows yet, all we can do now is pray that they all make it out of the building alive.
    Scooter: Kermit, Robin's school just called. Classes are cancelled and all the parents are coming to pick them up.
    Kermit: Oh, I have to pick Robin up. Everyone stay here and when I come back, let me know what happens.
    Scooter: I'll go with you, boss.
    Gonzo: Why would someone hijack an airplane full of people and cause it to crash?
    Miss Piggy: I don't know, but whoever they are, they're heartless human beings.
    Gobo: Hello? Anyone here?
    Fozzie: Gobo! What are you guys doing here?
    Red: We heard what happened but what's going on?
    Floyd: An airplane full of people was hijacked and then crashed into one of the buildings.
    Boober: But why?
    Dr. Teeth: We don't know, man.
    Mokey: That's awful! Why would anybody do that?
    Wembley: Those poor people.
    Gobo: Yeah. I guess a lot of people are already gone, but I hope more get out alive.
    Back at Hooper's Store:
    Big Bird: Why is that building on fire?
    Bob: Well, an airplane crashed into the building...on purpose.
    Ernie: Why would it be on purpose?
    Bert: Yeah, how could anyone do a thing like that?
    Count: Those poor people. I hope more and more people get out alive.
    Grover: Me, too.
    Meanwhile, in Frogtown Hollow, Emmet and his friends had just passed Will Possum's house where Emmet's mother was.
    Ma: Emmet, boys! Over here!
    Emmet: Ma, what's going on in New York?
    Ma: Look for yourself.
    Then the boys look on Will's TV and see the burning building.
    Wendell: What happened?
    Will: Well, a big airplane full of people was hijacked, that is another person or people that are not pilots, take over the plane and cause it to crash into things.
    Charlie: Why would anybody do that?
    Harvey: Yeah, what has anybody done to them?
    Ma: I don't know. I can't believe anyone could do this and to the country.
    Emmet: I hope those people make it.
    Ma: Me, too, Emmet.
    In the meadow, a knock came at the Bunny's door.
    Mother Bunny: The children are here. Thank goodness you're home.
    Twitch: What happened, mother?
    Mother Bunny: It's not easy to tell you this, but a plane has crashed into a building in New York...on purpose.
    Bean: On purpose?
    Father Bunny: Yes, I'm afraid so.
    Mother Bunny: And the plane was full of people and someone else took control and caused it to crash.
    Lugsy: Why would someone do that?
    Mother Bunny: We don't know. It's just heartless what these people have done.
    Lugsy: Will those people still there...die?
    Mother Bunny: I sure hope not.
    At Robin's school minutes later, Kermit and Scooter arrive to pick up Robin.
    Kermit: Oh, where's Robin? Robin!
    Scooter: There he is with Billy Bunny!
    Robin: Uncle Kermit! What's going on?
    Kermit: I'll explain on the way to the theater.
    Billy: Is everyone there okay?
    Kermit: Well, Billy, I don't think the people on the plane survived. I really hope more people make it out of the buildings alive.
    Billy: Oh, no! I can't believe this! A plane crashed into one of the buildings and they died?
    Scooter: Yes, but more people still have a chance.
    Billy's mother: Billy!
    Billy: Oh, I've gotta go. Drive safe, Kermit.
    Kermit: Okay, Billy. Take care.
    Billy: Thanks.
  5. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh, more please! I want to know what happens next.
  6. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Yeah me too me too!
  7. vettech28 Active Member

    Chapter 3:
    As Kermit, Scooter and Robin are on their way back, everyone else stays glued to the television not knowing what will happen next, they were about to find out.
    8:50 am:
    Gonzo: Isn't anybody going to do something?
    Fozzie: I'm sure the police and firefighters are doing the best they can to help.
    Rowlf: Anybody remember what happened back in 1993? The World Trade Center was attacked before!
    Janice: Yeah, but that was different.
    Floyd: That happened in the basement of another building of the World Trade Center.
    Fozzie: But this is so much worse.
    (Knocking on the door)
    Miss Piggy: It's Kermit!
    Gonzo: I'll get it!
    Kermit: Anything else happen?
    Fozzie: Nothing...yet.
    Scooter: Guys, I just had a really bad thought. You don't think this was the work of terrorists, do you?
    Miss Piggy: It can't be!
    Red: What are terrorists?
    Gonzo: I don't think you want to know, Red.
    Back at Hooper's Store:
    Grover: Where are all the firefighters?
    Gordon: I'm sure they're there, Grover.
    Susan: They're probably working on getting people out of the buildings.
    Big Bird: Do you think they'll be safe?
    Luis: I don't know, Big Bird. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
    Back at Frogtown Hollow:
    Wendell: Look at all those firefighters!
    Harvey: They have to have a lot given what's happening.
    Charlie: How are all those people going to get out of the buildings?
    Will: I'm sure they're working on that.
    Ma: Wait a minute. Now they're saying it's possible that more planes are being hijacked!
    Emmet: You mean, this could happen again?
    Ma: I sure hope not, Emmet.
    Meanwhile, in the meadow:
    Bean: Isn't anybody doing anything?
    Father Bunny: I'm sure they're working on getting people out.
    Twitch: Why are all those people running away?
    Mother Bunny: To get away from the buildings before anymore people get hurt.
    TV: Now there are reports of more planes being hijacked...
    Mother Bunny: More planes getting hijacked?
    Lugsy: Does that mean more people will die?
    Father Bunny: I really hope not.
    Bean: Why are those planes getting hijacked?
    Lugsy: Isn't there any way to stop it?
    Mother Bunny: I wish there was, Lugsy.
    Back at the Muppet Theater:
    Gonzo: It's so chaotic down there.
    Fozzie: Hold it! Is it just me or are people jumping out of the building?
    Gobo: Jumping out of the building?
    Boober: It's too high!
    Red: Why can't they wait for help?
    Rowlf: I guess they're doing that out of desparation.
    Scooter: I hope those firefighters can get to them on time.
    Then within a split second, another plane comes flying in seemingly in slow motion, everyone everywhere had a sense of dread and felt their hearts beat faster and faster until...they all saw the second plane crash into the South Tower in a ball of flames. Most screamed, others gasped and some fainted in a state of shock. There would be more to come afterwards.
  8. Collgoff Well-Known Member

  9. jgidley Active Member

    More, please!
  10. miss kermie Well-Known Member


    More please!
  11. vettech28 Active Member

    Chapter 4:
    No one could believe what they had just witnessed. There would be more to come before anyone can overcome the shock of watching another plane crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
    At The Muppet Theater:
    Scooter: Did anybody see that?
    Gonzo: I saw it all right!
    Robin: Why are all these planes crashing for no reason?
    Red: This is awful!
    Gobo: I'll say. Why weren't they stopped?
    Rowlf: Got me. They may be pretty crafty people to carry this out.
    Scooter: Well, there's no doubt about it. Terrorists are behind this.
    Kermit: I'm afraid you're right, Scooter.
    Mokey: Who are these people anyway?
    Scooter: Well, there's no easy way to explain this, but terrorists are people that go and harm a lot of people on purpose and they do that in a lot of awful ways, like this.
    Wembley: What do we do now?
    Miss Piggy: What can we do?
    Kermit: All we can do is hope that people can get out of this alive.
    At Hooper's Store:
    Bert: Where did that other plane come from?
    Ernie: And why did it crash into the other building?
    Maria: We don't know.
    Bob: I really think these people are doing this on purpose.
    Alan: I think so, too.
    Then Biff along with Sully, his niece, Roxie Marie and her two friends from school Kingston Livingston III and Elizabeth arrived in a hurry.
    Biff: Hey, did anybody see what just happened at the World Trade Center?
    Gordon: Yeah, we saw it, Biff.
    Biff: Those good-for-nothin' terrorists! They should be ripped apart limb from limb!
    Grover: Exactly what are terrorists?
    Biff: They're bad people, trust me.
    Roxie Marie: He's right. They're folks that harm people on purpose...like this.
    Kingston: Yeah, but why do they do this? Is it out of hatred or something we did to them?
    Susan: I guess we'll never know, Kingston.
    Count: Do you think anybody will get out of this alive?
    Kingston: I hope so.
    Elizabeth: Nobody deserves this, nobody!
    Luis: I know. But all we can do is hope for the best.
    At Frogtown Hollow:
    Wendell: I can't believe it!
    Charlie: Yeah, another plane crashed into the other building!
    Harvey: Why is this happening? This could've been stopped!
    Will: I really wish I knew exactly why, but these are really bad people.
    Behind the boys, Ma Otter begins crying and asking herself, "Why? Why is this happening?" Emmet hated seeing his mother this upset and starts crying himself, his friends try to comfort him and his mother.
    Wendell: Are you okay, Emmet?
    Emmet: I don't know. For one thing, I don't know why this is happening and I really hate seeing my ma upset.
    Harvey: Yeah. What are we going to do?
    Charlie: Who are these people?
    Will: Well, boys. The people that may be behind this are known as terrorists. They're people that go and do really bad things to a lot of innocent people like this.
    Ma: But why couldn't they be stopped?
    Will: I don't know, but those people sure are crafty.
    Emmet: Do you think those other planes that got hijacked will end up like this?
    Will: I really hope not.
    At the meadow:
    Bean: Another plane hit the building!
    Twitch: Where did it come from?
    Father Bunny: I don't know. These are really bad people.
    Then their mother begins crying and saying to herself, "Why is this happening to us?"
    Lugsy: Who are these people anyway? And why are they doing this?
    Father Bunny: Well, these people are called terrorists and they harm a large amount of people...on purpose.
    Twitch: But why do they do that?
    Father Bunny: I wish I knew.
    Lugsy: Wasn't there away to stop them?
    Father Bunny: I'm not sure. I wish there was though.
    Bean: Will more people get hurt this way?
    Mother Bunny: I really hope not.
    Then a knock came at the door. Bean, Twitch and Lugsy's friends, Be-bop, Babble and Snort come in.
    Be-bop: Hey, did you guys see what happened?
    Lugsy: We sure did.
    Snort: Why are they doing this anyway?
    Bean: No one knows, Snort.
    Babble: What about the other planes? What will happen to them?
    Twitch: I think we'll have to wait and see what happens.
    As the day continued, things would get worse from here as they would soon find out.
  12. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh please more! I want to know what happens next. This fanfic keeps puts me to the edge of my seat.
  13. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Yeah I want to know how it ends!
  14. jgidley Active Member

    More! More!
  15. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    YeAh more!
  16. vettech28 Active Member

    Chapter 5:
    9:30 am:
    Minutes after the second crash, everyone kept their eyes on their TVs wondering what would happen next.
    At the Muppet Theater:
    Robin: This is terrible! How are these people going to survive?
    Scooter: I think they're all evacuating out of all the buildings.
    Gonzo: Any idea what happened to the other hijacked planes?
    Gobo: No news yet.
    Miss Piggy: I don't think I want to know what'll happen next.
    Boober: Me either.
    Kermit: I'm not that optimistic either. But we have to think about all the firefighters and police officers getting everyone out.
    At Hooper's Store:
    Big Bird: Where are all the firefighters?
    Susan: I'm sure they're working on getting everyone out of all those buildings.
    Grover: What happened to the other planes?
    Bob: I have no idea.
    Bert: Do you think any of them will end up crashing?
    Biff: With the way things are going, that's very likely, but I certainly hope not.
    At Frogtown Hollow:
    Charlie: Where are the other planes?
    Will: There's no news on them yet.
    Emmet: There's no news on any of them crashing, so there's some hope.
    Harvey: Are people still getting out of those buildings?
    Ma: Looks like it. They're getting out of there before anyone else gets hurt.
    Wendell: I really hope those other planes don't crash into anything else.
    Emmet: Me, too, Wendell.
    At the meadow:
    Bean: Look at all those people!
    Be-bop: Yeah. Any idea where the other planes are?
    Mother Bunny: No idea.
    Babble: Do you think they'll crash like the first two planes?
    Snort: I hope not.
    Lugsy: I don't get it. Why did those people crash those planes into the buildings in the first place?
    Father Bunny: I don't know. I guess we'll never know.
    Twitch: I feel so bad for the people in the towers.
    Lugsy: Me, too.
    Bean: Me, three.
    Mother Bunny: We all do. I just hope that more people don't get hurt.
    Back at the Muppet Theater:
    Fozzie: Somehow, I feel the firefighters are taking forever to reach the people in the buildings.
    Red: I guess they're having a lot of trouble reaching them near where the planes crashed.
    Wembley: I don't blame them. It must be very, very hot in those places.
    Floyd: They'll get badly burned if they try to reach the people that are trapped.
    Mokey: They'll try to anyway, it is their job after all.
    Rowlf: That's true.
    Then a loud knocking came at the backstage door.
    Kermit: Who could that be?
    As Kermit opens the door, Kermit's old friends, Vicki, Leon, Digit and Clifford race inside.
    Vicki: Kermit, we were wondering if you and your friends were doing okay in here!
    Kermit: We're fine, Vicki.
    Leon: Things aren't looking good.
    Gonzo: You can say that again.
    Clifford: Well, things just got worse. We just heard another plane crashed!
    Gobo: What? Where?
    Scooter: Did it happen in New York?
    Digit: Not in New York, but in Washington D.C.
    Miss Piggy: Oh, no!
    Robin: It didn't strike the White House, did it?
    Leon: Not the White House, the Pentagon.
    Boober: That's awful!
    Janice: Are you sure?
    Vicki: We're not real sure yet, but all we heard was an explosion happened there. But odds are it's one of the other hijacked planes.
    Scooter: I almost hate to say this, but I don't know how things can get worse from here.
    As news of the crash at the Pentagon got around, the day would reach its terrifying climax later on, but they all wondered what else could go wrong.
  17. Collgoff Well-Known Member

  18. jgidley Active Member

    This is great! I can't wait until the next part!
  19. MollyArriba Member

    The Sesame Street characters are breaking my heart, especially Big Bird.
  20. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Gosh, that's sounds awful. I have a feeling something worse is going to happen. So, uh, what hapens next?

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