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A Cup of Kindness

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TogetherAgain, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    I felt like writing a Christmas story this year. So I'm working on one. It will be relatively short, but... it will exist. And hopefully, it will be finished relatively quickly. Fingers crossed on that. You guys know my track record.

    Happy Holidays, folks!
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Part One

    Miss Piggy was in a fantastic mood—and how could she not be? It was the morning of Christmas Eve, and she was almost home from a whirlwind international promotional tour. The fact that she should have been exhausted hardly mattered. She had slept on the plane and had a cup of coffee since then, and besides all that, it was Christmas! All she had to do now was retrieve her luggage, and then Kermit would be meeting her at the baggage claim, and then they would go home and spend the holiday with the Muppets. What could be better?

    “Merry Christmas!” she trilled to everyone she encountered, from the man who sold her the coffee to the family whose out-of-control luggage she nearly tripped over. She laughed and hummed carols as she searched for the baggage carousel where the luggage from her flight and two other flights would be distributed. When she found it, she waved at the nice old man who had sat across the aisle from her on the flight and stationed herself near the conveyor belt.

    Not everyone at the airport was in such a chipper mood. The woman standing next to her faced the conveyor belt with an empty stare, heavy bags under her eyes, and dark red hair falling out of the loose bun she had tied it into. Her sweatshirt, decorated with penguins and a Christmas tree, was the only acknowledgement of the holiday.

    It was acknowledgement enough. “Merry Christmas!” Miss Piggy said to her cheerfully.

    The woman’s lips twitched towards a wistful smile. “Merry Christmas,” she said listlessly.

    “Where are vous coming from?” Miss Piggy asked.

    The woman sighed. “Nowhere,” she said miserably. “I was supposed to be—” And then she turned and looked at Miss Piggy, and she blinked twice. Recognition flickered in her green eyes. “You’re—I mean, aren’t you…”

    Miss Piggy laughed. “Yes. Moi am Miss Piggy,” she said.

    “Wow.” The woman stared at her, too exhausted to show her enthusiasm. “It’s such a pleasure to meet you…”

    “Oh, thank you,” Miss Piggy said sweetly. “And what’s your name?”

    “Oh—I’m Casey,” the woman said, holding out her hand to shake. “Casey Campton.”

    “Casey Campton?” Miss Piggy repeated, shaking her hand. “Vous have a name for show business, Casey Campton.”

    Casey scoffed, a weary smile on her lips. “I have a name for teaching pre-school,” she said.

    “Or for show business,” Miss Piggy insisted.

    Casey shook her head. “That would require talent.”

    “Not necessarily. Have vous seen some of the stuff Hollywood puts out these days?” Miss Piggy said, her voice a teasing growl.

    Casey chuckled. Then something in her pocket started ringing, and she quickly whipped out her smart phone. “I have to take this. Excuse me,” she said, and she touched something on the screen to begin a video chat. “Hi, Nick,” she said, and something in her face immediately seemed calmer.

    Hi. I got your text,” the man on the screen said. “I’m sorry, honey. Can you get on another flight?”

    Casey sighed and shook her head. “Everything going into New York is canceled or delayed because of this blizzard. I tried for a later flight, but they’re all booked solid. I can’t even get on standby.”

    Miss Piggy knew about that blizzard. Her own flight had narrowly missed it. New York City was definitely getting a white Christmas this year—two or three feet of it. She looked around and realized one of the flights receiving luggage here had to have been a canceled flight to New York; Casey Campton was one of quite a few people who had already checked their bags and now had to retrieve them. Whole families were standing around with disappointed faces. Parents were trying desperately to be patient and cheerful with their children.

    What about tomorrow? Is there anything?” the man on Casey’s phone was asking.

    “It’s all booked,” Casey said miserably. “And who knows if the snow will even be cleared by then.”

    The man on the screen ran his hand through his hair. “So… You might miss Christmas.”


    Under normal circumstances, Miss Piggy wouldn’t have tried to eavesdrop—or at least, wouldn’t have done so quite as blatantly. But… missing Christmas? Poor Casey!

    The conveyor belt began distributing bags, and Miss Piggy started looking for her luggage while she listened to the conversation; and since Casey’s eyes never left her phone, Miss Piggy also checked the tags for any labeled Casey Campton.

    Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?” asked the man on the screen—what had she called him? Nick? Nate? “I don’t like the idea of you sleeping in an airport alone.”

    “I won’t. I’ll find a place,” Casey promised. “There’s gotta be a motel or something around here.”

    Hopefully something cheap,” the man on the screen said with some reluctance.

    “Yeah, hopefully,” Casey agreed, and she sighed. “I’m sorry, Nick. I shouldn’t have gone to this stupid conference.”

    Hey, you had fun. And it was for a good cause. Don’t feel bad about it, Casey,” Nick said. “If you can’t make it, then… We’ll just wait a day to open presents. You won’t miss anything.”

    “Oh, don’t make Tasha wait. She’s been patient enough,” Casey said, a soft chuckle in her voice. “How is Tasha? Is she there?”

    Yeah, she’s here. You wanna see her? Hey, Tasha! You wanna talk to Mommy?

    Miss Piggy pulled two of her suitcases off the conveyor belt—the third hadn’t appeared yet—and glanced at Casey’s phone as a cherubic little girl appeared on the screen. “Hi Mommy!”

    “Hi, Tasha. Merry Christmas!” Casey said. She almost looked cheerful now.

    “Merry Christmas, Mommy!”

    “Are you being a good girl for Daddy?”

    “Yup! And we dec’rated the cookies!”

    “Oh, good. Did you taste any of them?”

    “Only one,” the little girl said, holding up a single finger. “Daddy said they’re for Santa.”

    Miss Piggy smiled and went back to examining the luggage on the conveyor belt, reading every tag that passed.

    “It’s snowing here, Mommy!” little Tasha said excitedly. “It’s snowing a LOT. It’s all white outside, and the wind is blowing really loud, like—” The little girl blew air at the phone as loudly as she could.

    Casey laughed. “Well, you stay inside where it’s nice and warm for now,” she said. “Maybe when it stops snowing, you and Daddy can go outside and play in it.”

    “And you too Mommy, right? Because you’re coming home?”

    Casey sighed. “I thought so, honey, but it doesn’t look like I can today,” she said sadly.

    “But why not?” The little girl sounded heartbroken.

    “Well, because my plane can’t land in all that snow and wind, sweetie,” Casey explained.

    “But… Then… Does that mean you have to keep flying?”

    “No. It means I’m not flying at all,” Casey said. “I’m staying in L.A. until I can come home.”


    Casey tried to comfort her daughter as little Tasha slowly realized her mother wouldn’t be home for Christmas. Miss Piggy bit her lip as she listened to the conversation and kept examining luggage tags until she found one labeled Casey Campton. She pulled the battered gray suitcase off of the conveyor belt and then kept checking tags, just in case Casey had more than one bag checked.

    Her own missing suitcase appeared. With all three of her bags now, she could have walked away and started looking for Kermit. She was certainly anxious to see him again. But she continued checking luggage tags for anything else that belonged to Casey Campton.

    Casey talked to her daughter for a long while, and then briefly with her husband again before she reluctantly disconnected the call with a heavy sigh.

    “Is this your only bag?” Miss Piggy asked, gesturing to the gray suitcase she had retrieved.

    “Oh—yes. Thank you,” Casey said, her voice full of gratitude and surprise as she gripped the handle of the suitcase.

    “Moi heard your flight was canceled,” Miss Piggy said sympathetically.

    “Yeah,” Casey said, and she sighed. “You live around here, right? I don’t suppose you know any hotels…”

    Miss Piggy knew several hotels—well out of Casey’s apparent price range. She shook her head. “No, I’m afraid I—”

    Then her ear pricked on the sound of someone in the crowd whistling a line of “One More Sleep ‘til Christmas” — Tis the season to be jolly and joyous! Oh, that had to be Kermie! Where was he? She scanned the crowd for him, and then looked at Casey again.

    And something clicked.

    “Yes!” Miss Piggy said decisively. “Yes, I do know where you can stay.” She gathered her suitcases. “Come with moi, Casey Campton. I’ll take you to the best place in town.” She marched towards where Kermit was still whistling.

    “Oh! Oh, I—” Casey hurried after her. “Thank—Thank you, so much, Miss Piggy. Thank you,” she said. “But, I… I—should maybe mention that I—I can’t afford—I mean—” Her pale cheeks were bright pink now. “How expensive is it?”

    “It’s free.”

    Casey’s jaw dropped. “Free?”

    “Kermie!” Miss Piggy put a suitcase down and waved when she finally found the frog, and then she picked the suitcase up again and hurried to him.

    “Hi-ho there, Piggy! Merry Christmas!” Kermit said warmly, greeting her with a tight hug.

    She kissed his cheek. “Merry Christmas, Kermie,” she said, and she put her suitcases down to pull Casey closer. “Casey, vous know who Kermie is, don’t you?”

    Casey’s jaw was still hanging open. “I—yeah, I—”

    “Kermie, this is Casey—was it misses? This is Mrs. Casey Campton,” Miss Piggy said to Kermit. “Her flight was canceled, so she’s going to spend Christmas with us.”

    “Oh, great!” Kermit said cheerfully. “Nice to meet you, Casey.”

    If it was at all possible, Casey’s jaw dropped even lower. “I—what?”

    “You’re spending Christmas with us,” Miss Piggy told her firmly.

    Casey looked back and forth between them. “I—I can’t—I mean—Thank you so much, but I mean—I couldn’t—I couldn’t intrude on your—”

    “Oh, you wouldn’t be intruding at all! Everyone’s welcome,” Kermit assured her.

    “But, I…”

    “Look. Listen, Casey. It’s Christmas,” Miss Piggy said firmly. “You can’t get back to your family tonight or tomorrow. Do you want to spend Christmas alone in some cheap motel room? Moi will deny ever having said this, but the Muppets are the best place vous could possibly spend Christmas—aside from your own home. It’s warm and cheerful and homey, and it’s free, and it’s crazy enough that you can’t possibly feel miserable. Now, are you coming or not?”
  3. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh! Its Christmas! There is Miss Piggy! She's been promoting (the new movie?)! She's looking for Kermit! And she finds, instead, something truely heartwarming I have no doubt!

    It already reminds of the way that Gonzo spent his Christmas helping out his neighbor's daughter in LTS. Christmas is a time for helping others then, as a Muppet tradition, one assumes!
  4. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Great story! you are so good at showing the good side of Miss Piggy, an aspect of her personality too often ignored.
  5. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    OOOooohhh....you meant that Christmas story you had started. I was thinking of 'Christmas Cheer' which of course, was finished. I loooove this! As usual! Gorgeous stuff, what else can I say?! As if you didn't know....you have a great way of writing the dialogue so that you can just hear the Muppet's voices. Love, love, love Miss Piggy! Your fan is impressed yet again!
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mwaha! A Toga original fanfic? For Christmas? Yay!

    And you make Piggy be the star of the show, and yet you also have her show her good side in offering/making Casey stay with the Muppets for the holiday.
    I heartily endorse this and sincerely hope more gets posted promptly.
    Now go post more! Please?
    *Leaves more hot chocolate.
    We Got Us likes this.
  7. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it's going to be a crazy christmas for Casey with the Muppets, but a memorable one as well. Can't wait to read more!
  8. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    ooh new story from TogetherAgain!!! Very cute so far...glad to see someone writing about the kinder side of Piggy...poor Casey!

    Great job so far; excited to read what's next!

    but really? Kermit only gave her a hug?!, lol...just kidding! I'm sure there will be some well-used miseltoe later in the story ;)
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Mistletoe? You don't need mistletoe when you're green! ...Yeah, we'll see.
    Muppetfan44 likes this.
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    I love this fic, Lisa! Can't wait to see more of it!!!
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yay! A Lisa Christmas story!!! I adore that Miss Piggy is being so wonderfully generous! And I love that Kermit didn't even ask questions, just said "Oh great!" when she said that Casey would be spending Christmas with them. Wonderful. Must read more!
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I love Lisa... I love Christmas... so I obviously love this story. Piggy is so fantastic here. Magnificently done. And Kermit's response to, "This total stranger is spending Christmas with us!" was "Oh, great!" You, madame, are spectacular. Get your tinsel tushy writing more!
    We Got Us likes this.
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <LAUGHS!> Tinsel tushie? And just how exactly do you know my tushie is tinsel, my dear other half? <Laughs!> And I AM writing, believe it or not. While listening to my favorite Christmas CD and admiring the tree and muffining in another thread and chatting with you and Beau... I am also writing.

    And my tinsel tushie has nothing to do with it. <Giggles>
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Agreed! Get your baubled behind into writing mode and post!

    EDIT: Ziffled twice in one night! I didn't even know that was possible. Oh my...
    theprawncracker likes this.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Anything is possible Bo. :jim:

    Come Toga... Post and know us better!
    I'd say you're a little absent-minded writer, but then you'd rebutt with the fact that no—you're a large absent-minded writer.
    So come, post and know us better. Wait, did I already say that? Oh well, let us read more story please.
  16. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Ed, did you just call me large? I'm not sure that's a compliment... :p
  17. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    In a way it is, considering what else he could have said...
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Why, are you taking it as anything else than a complimentary Muppet quote?
    That's the measure of a man you know... How many Muppet quotes one can quip about between friends.
    With a glass raised of course.
    To toast your health.
    And a promise to share the wealth of fanfic.
    :electric: Stop him! He's on a continuous MCC diatripe!
    Shush your mouth. Diet nothing. Do you know what diet really is?
    It's "die" with a "t"!

    Now post more story... Please?
    *Offers Robin appearance on Jimmy Fallon this Friday.
  19. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Part Two

    Miss Piggy and Casey both needed to use a restroom before leaving the airport, but Miss Piggy let Casey go ahead so she could have a moment alone with Kermit, who had the all-important task of guarding their suitcases.

    “Kermie?” Miss Piggy said sweetly, slipping her fingers under his chin to force him to look at her—which he was already doing quite willingly. “If vous tell anyone that inviting Casey to join us for Christmas was my idea, moi will have your head.”

    Kermit grinned mischievously as he slid his arms around her waist. “Gee, that’s a real shame, Piggy. ‘Cause I’m planning on telling any Muppet I can get to listen to me,” he said cheerfully. “Quietly, I guess. I mean, I won’t make a big announcement out of it or anything, but I’m definitely telling all the guys.”

    She groaned and dropped her head on his shoulder. “Kermit, you will ruin my reputation.”

    “Uh-huh. Sure.” He nuzzled against her and kissed her cheek. “That’s okay with you, right? You don’t mind…”

    “I’m not supposed to be nice, Kermit!” she growled. “That’s your job.”

    He laughed and nudged her towards the bathrooms. “Merry Christmas, Ms. Scrooge,” he teased her. “Go hurry up so we can go home.”

    “Oh, bah, humbug!” she muttered at him as she marched off, but she looked back at him over her shoulder with sparkling eyes.

    Yes, it was going to be a very merry Christmas, indeed.


    On the cab ride back to the Muppet Boarding House, Kermit and Miss Piggy both peppered Casey with questions. Upon hearing that Casey taught pre-school, Kermit immediately found all sorts of things to talk to her about. In fact, the two of them got along so well that Miss Piggy could have gotten jealous… except that Kermit spent the entire cab ride holding her gloved hand and sitting right next to her, all of his own free will. And Casey was married—very happily married, based on how fondly she spoke about her dear Nick. And besides all of that, it was Christmas.

    “We should probably warn you that our house is pretty crazy,” Kermit said amiably. “But don’t worry too much about it. It’s not as dangerous as it looks.”

    “It’s really just a matter of knowing when to jump, and when to duck,” Miss Piggy advised.

    Casey rubbed her arm as she considered this. “So… It’s like playing jump-rope?”

    “And dodge ball,” Miss Piggy said. “At the same time. It’s easier than it sounds.”

    Casey didn’t look convinced.

    “And by the way, Casey, vous are not to tell anyone whose idea it was for you to stay with us. It would ruin my rep.”

    Kermit gave their guest a smug grin. “I’m telling.”

    “No, you’re not, Frog!” Miss Piggy insisted.

    “Oh, yes I am.”

    Casey laughed. “I really—I can’t thank you enough for this, though. Thank you so much,” she said. “I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you—”

    “Oh, nonsense, Casey. It’s Christmas,” Miss Piggy said firmly. “You don’t have to repay anything.”

    “And you probably shouldn’t thank us until you’ve been in the house a while,” Kermit said. “You might not want to.”

    That was when the taxi stopped in front of the Muppet Boarding House. Miss Piggy groaned. “Again?”

    “What?” Kermit glanced out the window. “Oh, the fake snow? Yeah. Again. But it doesn’t seem to be toxic or anything…”

    As they got out of the cab, Casey stared in wonder at the house where she would apparently be spending the holiday. Here they were, in the middle of Los Angeles, and every house on the street had a nice green lawn… except for this one, where everything was covered in piles of fake snow, complete with a family of snowmen, two snow forts, and an all-out snowball fight in full progress.

    “Hi-ho, everyone!” Kermit called out as he and Miss Piggy pulled the suitcases out of the trunk.

    “Hi, Kermit!”

    “Welcome home, Piggy!”

    “Merry Christmas!”

    “Merry Christmas!” Miss Piggy trilled. She turned to pull the last suitcase out of the trunk and felt the distinctive smack of a snowball hitting the back of her shoulder. She immediately slammed the suitcase down on the sidewalk and spun on her heel to face the Muppets. “Alright, who threw that?” she demanded, and she started packing a snowball of her own.

    Fingers pointed, and snowballs flew.

    “Uh-oh,” Kermit said, laughing and hastily hopping to the driver’s window. “Better get out of here,” he said as he paid the cab driver and gave a generous tip. “Merry Christmas!”

    Miss Piggy was already wading through the snow, suitcases forgotten on the sidewalk as she hurled snowballs at everyone on the opposite side of the lawn. Kermit found a snowball splattered on his chest and immediately joined in, too, laughing as he darted to join his friends behind the safety of the closer snow fort. “Casey, come on!” he called out.

    Casey was still standing on the sidewalk with her jaw hanging so low it was practically on her chest, staring at the scene in front of her.

    “Casey, go on! I’ll cover ya!” Miss Piggy shouted, jerking her head towards the snow fort, and she shot another snowball across the yard. “TAKE THAT, YA BLUE-NOZED LOONEY!”

    It took Casey another minute, but she managed to get over her shock enough to run for the snow fort.

    Kermit laughed as she tumbled into the snow next to him. “So, welcome to the Muppet Boarding House,” he said cheerfully, and he threw a snowball into the yard, not caring at all that it missed its target.

    Casey shook her head and examined the snow. It seemed almost exactly like real snow, except that it wasn’t cold. How on earth did that work? Regardless, it certainly packed like real snow—good, real packing snow—and in seconds, she had a snowball in her hands. Amused and surprised, she found herself laughing as she threw the snowball and watched it hit the other fort. “I’ve never been in a snowball fight without being cold,” she said.

    “Don’t worry. You still get hot chocolate when it’s over,” Fozzie said. “I’m Fozzie, by the way.”

    “Hi, I—I’m Casey.” She was going to have to stop getting star-struck every time she met a Muppet.

    “Merry Christmas, Casey,” Fozzie said cheerfully. He peered up over the snow fort and immediately got his hat knocked off by a snowball. “Ah!”

    Casey giggled nervously and started scooping up another snowball, noticing another strange thing about this fake snow: it wasn’t wet at all. If she had been in real snow, it would have soaked through her tennis shoes by now, but she was still perfectly dry. Kermit had said this snow wasn’t toxic, hadn’t he? And if no one ever got cold, how would the snowball fight ever end? It certainly wouldn’t be for a lack of snow…

    “CHARGE!” Someone shouted on the other side of the yard.

    Miss Piggy scrambled back behind the fort. “Get ready!” she said, hastily packing a snowball. “FIRE!” And she threw her snowball.

    When Casey peered over the fort—well, she immediately wished she hadn’t, but she threw a snowball at the mass of Muppets that Gonzo was leading in a charge straight at the wall she was ducking behind.

    “Get back! Everyone, get back!” Kermit grabbed Fozzie by the arm and hauled the bear away from the wall just as the opposing Muppets crashed through it, but that wasn’t enough to spare them from being tangled in the resulting pile of Muppets.

    “Get off of me!” Miss Piggy growled.

    “Sorry, Piggy!” Sweetums said as he got up. “I wasn’t aiming for you.”

    “I was!” Robin said with perhaps more bravery than he realized. “Hi, Miss Piggy! Merry Christmas!”

    She laughed and hugged him. “Merry Christmas, Robin.”

    Kermit laughed as they untangled themselves. “C’mon, guys. Let’s go inside and get some hot chocolate!”

    “Oh! I have to get my luggage,” Miss Piggy said, putting Robin down.

    “Oh, right! Sweetums, could you help with these bags?” Kermit asked.

    “Oh, sure!”

    “By the way, everyone! EVERYONE!” Miss Piggy shouted, quickly getting all of the Muppets’ attention, and she pulled Casey forward. “This is Casey Campton, everyone! Her flight was canceled, so—” She cleared her throat. “Kermie invited her to spend Christmas with us.”

    For reasons most of them couldn’t begin to understand, Kermit laughed so hard that he fell down in the snow while the Muppets welcomed Casey and hurried inside for hot chocolate.

    Miss Piggy tapped her foot at Kermit, who was still laughing in the snow, and she hauled him to his flippers. “Knock it off, Frog,” she muttered.

    He chuckled and brushed himself off. “You even looked upset about, ah—me inviting Casey,” he said, and he laughed again and slid his arm around her waist. “C’mon, Piggy. It’s time for hot chocolate.” And so they followed the other Muppets inside, pausing only to make use of the mistletoe over the porch steps.
  20. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    Oooohh....Casey is gonna have to stop being star-struck every-time she meets a Muppet...and I'm gonna have to stop filling up pages of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' every-time Miss Toga posts more on a story I love!! Because I love this! Snowball fight was gorgeous, Kermit was maybe even more gorgeous...I love him cracking up at Piggy, and I love the detail about his arm around her waist...Oh, there's too much love to write here.....I can just picture everything....it's great, great, GREAT stuff!! Can't wait for more!! >is thoroughly reminded that although she may be 'Toga junior', she still has a long way to go and a lot to learn< ;) Looking forward to it!

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