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A Muppet Christmas

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TheMuppetFan, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. TheMuppetFan

    TheMuppetFan Active Member

    So, me and a few other members on this board (MuppetLuver2000, kathy26, Dominicboo1, Dwayne1115) and we all worked together on a cool Christmas role-play. I hope that you guys enjoy it!

    Kermit: Alright. Everybody ready for our Christmas show tonight?
    Lani: Almost!
    Steven: We're ready Kermit!
    Lani: I'm not! My costume's missing!
    Kermit: Alright! We've got to do something about that! Scooter?
    Scooter: Yes, boss?
    Kermit: We need you to get Lani's costume. Stat!
    Steven: Don't worry, Kermit! I got Lani's costume right here!
    Kermit: Ok. Thank goodness! Now, we go on the air in 7 minutes. I'm kind of worried.
    Steven: Why are you so worried, Kermit?
    Kermit: Because this is the first Christmas show where Miss Piggy and I aren't dating. And, it's just stressing me out. I like Denise and all, but she's just not the same as Miss Piggy.
    Steven: It's ok, Chief. Maybe after the show we can all go out for a drink at Rowlf's Tavern.
    Kermit: Great idea, Steven! Hey, wait a second... Aren't you too young for drinking?
    Steven: No. I'm in my 20's now.
    Dwayne: I'm going to start hanging Christmas lights outside.
    Patrick goes outside.
    Patrick: Kermit's being a little harsh this year's Christmas special. Huh?
    Lani: No kidding.
    Kermit comes outside.
    Kermit: I overheard your conversation. I know that I may be sounding harsh, but it's just hard. Me and Miss Piggy were dating for forever. And now that me and her have gone our separate ways, it just doesn't seem right. And if I ask out Miss Piggy, I'll upset pretty much every man celebrity in the world because they've been seen with Miss Piggy at some time or other after our break-up. Wow. I just said a lot.
    Steven: Uh, boss. We have a situation. Gonzo's using his cannon again.
    Dwayne sets the ladder against the house.
    Dwayne: Time to start decorating this place!
    Gonzo: (off-screen) Yippee! (shoots out of a cannon, which breaks through the wall that Dwayne was planning on decorating)
    Steven: Sweetums, get the net and help me rescue Gonzo from the tree.
    Sweetums: Why, okay, boss.
    Patrick: Kermit is your boss, not Steven.
    Sweetums: Well, then, who's this guy?
    Patrick: (face-palm)
    Dwayne: Stay right there, Gonzo! (puts an elf hat and ears on Gonzo)
    Steven: Ha ha! Nice one, Dwayne!
    Patrick: You couldn't have fixed his gigantic nose, Dwayne?
    Dwayne: Hey, I'm good, but not even God himself could fix that nose.
    Dominic: Besides, Gonzo's nose is what makes him unique.
    Patrick: Hey, I'm going to have to agree with you on that one. Maybe, one of the Muppet creators could've fixed that in the Gonzo building process.
    Gonzo: What are you talking about with all of this nonsense about creators? (looks under him) Oh, now I see what you guys are talking about. The guy under me is creepy.

    (We fade and go to a scene in the girls' dressing room where Mandy and Clara are helping Lani into her costume)
    Lani: (putting on jazz shoes)
    Mandy: But, you're not doing any dancing in the musical numbers.
    Clara: Yeah. Why'd you put on jazz shoes?
    Lani: I asked Kermit if he could replace Dominic and mine's Christmas scene with a dancing number.
    Mandy: Alright.

    Join me tomorrow when the Muppets' Christmas show starts!
    MUPPETFAN1976 likes this.
  2. MUPPETFAN1976

    MUPPETFAN1976 Well-Known Member

    2 words: They're back!!
    Liking this already!
  3. TheMuppetFan

    TheMuppetFan Active Member

    Thanks for liking! I'm glad you liked the role-play, yeah, and I guess you could say... we're back. (In case you didn't know, I was fozzieisfunny on Muppet Central last year, and recently registered a new account. Then, I met my old friends again and then we started doing role-plays.)
  4. MUPPETFAN1976

    MUPPETFAN1976 Well-Known Member

    (Yep. I remember us doing that All-Star Fanfic that we did last summer. That was a lot of fun!)
  5. TheMuppetFan

    TheMuppetFan Active Member

    (By the way, did Dominic ever end up posting all of that All-Star fanfic? I know that he posted a little bit while I was on the site...)
  6. MUPPETFAN1976

    MUPPETFAN1976 Well-Known Member

    (I don't think he posted all of it)

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