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A Muppet Puppet Builder's Portfolio

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Buck-Beaver, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    mostly i worked on the background guys, did some work on a the buffed up beaker in that christms thing on NBC(uncredited which really bugged me since it was the last thing i worked on the only thing to really be seen and enjoyed by people that i hada part in), lots of frackle refurb, and other backgorubd guys for mopa tops shop, rebuilt camilla and several chickens,rebuilt pops,, anddid a new body for lips, thats about all i can think of at the moment, had my hand in a little bit of evrthing, lots of times it was just a body or a hand that needed fixing

    BUCK-BEAVER , has a great website, and he has a tutorial on pupet building up

  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wow! Hey, nice to meet you.

    When did you add a body to Lips? Cause I was under the impression we hadn't seen him since Muppet Caper?

    Also, hey, cool to know you managed to get together with a slick chick, cool gal like Camilla! (Hope Gonzo didn't catch you revamping her)

    It's a shame you didn't get credited, that would make me annoyed, because it's the credits that show what you've worked on.
  3. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    he was used in muppet fest or something, maybe the christmas special on NBC, i really dont recall,
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    He wasn't at Muppetfest (unless he was in the Live Muppet Show)

    I don't remember him in VMC either. Maybe he was.
  5. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    well just because we fix them doesnt mean they will get used out thier, it all depends on what happens on set, once they left the shop we dint really have any thing to do with them
  6. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 Well-Known Member

    I have a very serious question for you

    I am a puppeteer and builder my main question is the eyes how do you make blinking eyes for puppets. I had always had that trouble with that. Can you help me on that?
  7. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    If you search through the puppetry forum, there is already a topic on this with a link to a diagram to make it work. Otherwise, e-mail me at Fozziemup@aol.com and I will send you a copy of the diagram I have that someone made and sent to me. Be sure to list in the subject line what you're writing about, though. "No Subject" in the subject line gets deleted.
  8. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    I suggest you take fozzies advice, i dont build eye blinks, at the muppet shop, we had people who specialized in creating all the mechanical effects for our puppets , from eye blinks to radio controls, sorry i cant be more help than that
  9. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 Well-Known Member

  10. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    no problem
  11. mikebackstage

    mikebackstage Member

    Sorry this is kind of random but, there's been one thing that i could never figure out...and that is how do the lips on sertin muppet/puppet characters work? Like in the storyteller episode of "death and the soldier", the devils lips moved like crazy! and I've always been fond of the movment and was wondering how it worked. the lip movements are completely seperate from the mouth movment and it's awesome! add's so much expression!!!
  12. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    I think it would either be computer for that...or they sped up the film like they did in little shop of horrors...
  13. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    its a wire rig inside the lip, those puppets were for the most part hand puppets with elaborate cable controls(some were alos radio controlled)
    but basicly by pulling and pushing diferent cables from outside the puppet they were able to make the lip area move around,

    again this is not my area of expertise but that is pretty much how it was done in the late Eighties(no CG back then), and it was pretty much done in realtime with actors and puppets in the same shots.
  14. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    Added some recent work photos again, seems like they changed some things at MSN, they used to have small display boxes for different photo albums, now u have to click the arrow on top of the picture window to get a drop down box,

    just a few new characters from the last few months from different clients, not some of my favorite puppets , but sometimes you are only as good as your source materials, and one of them will be going through a major overhall in the near future.
  15. PatrickPuppet

    PatrickPuppet Member


    I just checked out your online portfolio, excellent work. I especially like the green Frackle, I've had the opportunity to perform him and he works great. I noticed you built some of the puppets for Mopatops Shop and other shows designed by Ed Eyth. I recently conducted an interview with Ed for my Puppet Design blog. If your interested you can check it out, you might find his thoughts on character design interesting.


    Keep up the good work.

  16. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    thanks Patrick, ive been checking your site out quite abit , actually been sending people thier when they ask me design questions , its a great learning tool for the beginners out thier,

    glad you like the Frackle i built ,also good to know he's getting used and not just sitting in a storgae box , he was one of many puppets i built to keep my creativity flowing since building numerous Bear heads for the parks and live shows could get very tedious,

    keep up the good work yourself, have been enjoying the different posts and interviews you have been putting up thier , as well as your design work for the different swazzle shows.
  17. RoloCorgi

    RoloCorgi New Member

    Ravagefrackle, you may be the only person on earth who can answer a burning question I've had for years: why was there the change in Bear's eyebrow/eyelid flaps in the later seasons? They were fluffy in the beginning, but not later, so that the two flaps looked more distinct. I always missed the way they looked originally, because since they serve as both eyelids and eyebrows, the fluff helped them look like both at the same time. Was that a purposeful change?

    I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to ask that! :excited:
  18. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    well nothing was changed on him on purpose, i didnt work on TV bear until the last 2 seasons, i imagine it had morfe do do with wear and tear , when i built the new Bear head for the last two seasons of the show, we were trying to match the esablished bear which had seen quite abit of use, since the new bear we were duilding was going to be used as a back up, since one was older, we had to distress the new head to look older so they matched up, so if one had less fluffy brows they both would have head them,
    keep in mind thier is lots of things that affect the look of a puppet afetr years of use, performers and wranglers hands touching , thge sweat from the pupeteers hand, and just the dust and dirt from being in a stuff studio.
    hope that answers your question
  19. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    wow what a awful lot of Typos in that one, i must have been drunk or somthing
  20. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Or, if you're like me and always in a hurry, you may have just typed and didn't think about the typos. Or is it "typoes." I never got that one straight! :crazy:

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