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A Note from Farscape Puppeteer Mat McCoy

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by matleo, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. matleo

    matleo Well-Known Member

    Just got this form Mat McCoy (one of the Puppeteers over at Farscape). This looks promising. Let's hope. Keep writing those letters and making those calls. People are listening.

    Dear Scapers all,

    Firstly let me say that the international reaction to farscapes untimely
    demise rocks. I love sci-fi and I love the show and there's nothing
    worse than an epic and unique tale being short circuited before it's

    In yesterdays Sydney Confidential section of the daily telegraph (Sept
    14) I read that :

    'As Confidential reported on Monday, filming ceased on Tuesday and the next day the elaborate sets in the Homebush Bay site were either to be destroyed or tagged for return to the U.S

    But at 9.30 am on wednesday, the set builders were told to stop work immediately. It appeared FARSCAPE had been given a new lease on life as Sci-Fi re-entered negotiations to keep the drama alive , this time in the form of a mini-series.'

    I hope it turns out the way we all want with Farscape going on to
    bigger and better things. On behalf of Fiona, Tim, Mario, B.J, Russle, Peter, Sean and the rest of the Farscape cast and crew I want to thank you for your passion for the show for mobilising the formidable Farscape Army so quickly.

    Rock and Roll!!"

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