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After MMW ended.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Muppetgirl09, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Here' s a distractor for you...PG-13 FOR LANGUAGE AND POSSIBLE USHY-GUSH!

    Their train had began to roll away as the journey to home began. Kermit the frog was nearly stuck in Russia forever and his leading lady was nearly married...and killed.

    "Boss?" Scooter asked. "Are you alright? You're acting rather strange."

    Kermit stared blankly into the gofer's eyes. "It depends on her."


    "Who else?"

    Kermit rubbed his right hand. "Look, I'm just trying to cope about everything." He turned over to Piggy, who was sitting alone in his office. "I'm gonna go talk to Piggy."

    Piggy sat in his rolling chair as she heard the door shut. "Hey." She greeted. "Hey," Kermit locked the door. "You're okay."

    She nodded but he knew the truth.

    "I'm just--Piggy, I'm sorry," he began. "I was too busy worrying about the tour and-"

    "Why did you save me, frog?" She interupted.

    "Because I..."

    "Spit it out!"


    He ran to her and kissed her the wall. "Kermie, what are you-" "Shh," he stopped her and began to kiss her neck.

    "We shouldn't be doing this." Piggy said. She felt his lips go even lower down her neck.

    "Uhh, um, Mr. Kermit, sir?" Bunsen knocked on the office window. "Nevermind."

    "Please, don't." Piggy pushed him away. Kermit took a deep breath and held her hands.

    "I'm sorry," Kermit slightly cried. "Oh boy."

    He unlocked the door and stood in the walkway. "I guess you did it with Constantine."

    "No, Kermie..." she called. It was too late. "Oh no."
    Kermit pulled Walter by his hair and pulled him into the private room. "HAIR, HAIR, HAIR!"
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  2. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Walter sat down as Kermit sat across the room. "What happened between Piggy and that toad?" Kermit asked as he was losing foucus.

    "Nothing," Walter said. "Not a single thing." He sighed. "You're not gonna kill me, aren't you?"

    Kermit could think a thousand--No! A million reasons to kill one particular so-called Muppet and his name's Constantine.

    Yes! The one who tried to take away the love of his life away, but let's be honest....He had never confessed anything to the Swine 'til they nearly lost their theatre to Tex Richman. Thank you, Gonzo!

    Of course, her tempermental ways has lead him to 'Do things to hurt her'. He missed her alot in that mansion and in the Gulag. To him, that Piggy poster was there for him.

    "Piggy and I have been together ever since we reconciled our issues," the frog began with truth. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I care about her."


    The night fell as they rode on the train. Everyone fell asleep on the seats, but Kermit had "asked" Piggy to sleep in his office with him.

    "Piggy?" Kermit asked, shaking her gently. Piggy turned to him and smiled.

    "Yes, Kermie?" She asked, not liking his tone.

    "Do you know how much fear you had caused me?" He asked and rubbed the top of her snout. "A h--l of alot, but it's not your fault. It's mine."

    She lifted his left hand and stared it down. "What would you do if I was gone for good?"

    "Don't ask me that!" He retorted in fustration. "Don't remind me of all the pain and suffering I've gone through to save you! I don't know!

    "Piggy..." he continued. "I lost you twice and it's not even December. I refuse."

    He pulled her closer and began kissing her passionately. He began to get on atop of her and began squeezing her arms. His hand traveled to her stubby hand as she began to kiss back.

    She began to feel wet kisses from her neck. "Kermie."

    "Mmm," he said, not really paying any attention. "My woman..." He kissed her lips once more. Oh boy! He's doing the french bit again!

    Piggy had agreed with his idea and began the same thing.

    "I love You," he panted and pressed himself against her. "Get some sleep." He got on his side as she lied her head on his chest..."I'll be right here."

    "I love you, too, frog." Piggy said and drifted off to sleep.


    The Friday morning came as they arrived home. Piggy ran into The Frog's manison as nausea took over.

    While Piggy claimed that she was fine, she was gagging into the toilet and Kermit couldn't help but to rub her back.

    "Morning sickness, cravings for peanut butter (which I'm allergic to), and focus issues?" Kermit asked. "How long has this been going on?"

    "All at different rates, honey," Piggy replied. "The nausea was every morning, I started the rest of it yesterday."

    She looked down at her stomach and smiled, but in fear.

    "Piggy..." he said faintly.

    Don't be afraid to comment.
  3. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    "Woah!" Scooter exclaimed, breaking into Kermit's personal laptop. "He has everything on Piggy. Her medical records, school pictures, and everything.

    Gonzo hovered over him and stared into the screen. "I didn't know that she's allergic to turkey feathers..." he pointed to the red icon. "He has her under a protective alert. It says 'Nearly killed by a Kermit look-a-like.'"

    Scooter turned it off and walked away.



    If you're not pregant, then-S--t!" Kermit said. "I gotta go to back to Russia. You stay her-"

    "No!" Piggy exclaimed. "I'm going with you."

    He sat her down and activated the lock. "Fine. However, there's something that you need to do: Don't leave my side."

    Kermit wasn't always like that. He used to be someone who wouldn't consider murdering anyone. Pain changed him. "We leave tomorrow morning."

    "Kermie, stop worrying about moi," Piggy began. "Moi is strong and-"

    "Most likely to get picked up from the streets," the frog interupted with a protective voice. "Look, I want you to be safe. You are too beautiful for this. And I love you."

    "And I, my hero, love you too," Piggy said. "Now, moi isn't weak. Moi is totaly prepared for anything."

    "Oh," he said, getting closer to her. "How about this?"

    He pushed her onto the couch and kissed her softly.

    "No," the swine surrendered. "Not at all, frog."

    He laughed and kissed her once more. "Get some sleep, my tocino. I have to get my laptop and talk to Scooter."

    She drifted to sleep soundly.
  4. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Don't be afraid to hop on anything. Get it? Frogs hop on things...nevermind.
  5. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Follow me on twitter@mupgirl9

    "Boss, I found Piggy's iphone and some guy keeps on-"

    Piggy's phone started to ring and Kermit answered it.

    "Hi-ho!" Kermit answered. "This is her boyfriend and..." he began to frown. "LOOK MAN, SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND AND HER REAR IS MINE!"

    He hung up and put her phone in his pocket. "Piggy and I are going to Russia for a buisness trip..." he picked up his laptop. "Tell the others that we're gone, will ya?"

    Scooter nodded.


    Two days later, Kermit and Piggy arrived in Russia. Piggy wrapped her hand around his arm and scooted closer to him. "The Gulag is a scary place," Kermit said. "But, it'll be okay." He kissed her forehead and began to walk towards their car.
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  6. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Kermit and Piggy walked into the intergation room, and Constantine sat down across from them.

    "Ahh, I see you have your pig with you," Constantine said. "She's still alive." "We're not here to make peace," Kermit began. "What did you do to Piggy?"

    Constantine laughed. "I can't believe that she didn't see that lead in there."
    "What?" Piggy asked.

    Kermit walked closer to him and...POW! "Ouch!" The other frog exclaimed and rubbed his face. "What was that for? Oh, I know..." he got up and walked to Piggy. "This little piggy is going to die because I put led in her coffee. Poisoned her. It's a shame that she didn't notice it..."

    "Look, how can she live and have it-"

    "Taken out?" Constantine intruded. "Kyrmit, she's gonna die either way. I've done my job, frog. Now, it's your turn. And I'm getting frightened by you and your love..." he grabbed Piggy's arm tightly. "For this pig. Now, you can leave on your own, or I can through you out and keep this pig for breakfast."

    "Go on ahead and touch her," Kermit retorted, balling his fist up. "I will knock your rear out. You are so lucky that I didn't lose all of my cool on you because if I did, you wouldn't be alive."

    Kermit grabbed Piggy's hand and they walked away.

    "Bye pig." Constantine said, giggling.
    "Bunsen," Scooter said. "The boss said to get the hospital bed ready." "Right on it," Bunsen said. "Come on, Beakie."

    "Meep mo." Beaker followed him.
    "Don't worry," Kermit said. "We're gonna get it out."

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