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After the rescue of the theater

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Muppetgirl09, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter one

    The morning sun woke the gang at seven o'clock at the boarding house.

    Kermit, who was distracted by the coffee withdrawal, knocked on one specific door. Miss Piggy.

    "Piggy?" Kermit called. "Can we talk?"

    He walked in, with permission, and sat on her couch.

    "What's up?" Piggy asked.

    "I wanted to thank you for staying," he began. "And I missed you and I... I love you. I really do."

    She turned to him. "I figured that out."

    He sighed and hung his head down. "What are you doing tonight?"
  2. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter two

    Piggy was watching the news when Kermit rubbed her shoulder. "You know," Kermit began. "I'm thinking about having the gang leave for awhile. We need some time alone... I need you to believe me when I tell you this....I'm uncontrollably in love with you. The only reason why I wanted you to stay is that I can know that you're with me. I'm miserable without you Piggy. I love you."

    Piggy was shocked. "I love you, too. I'm sorry."

    "Why are you apologizing?" The frog asked, sitting next to her.

    "I caused you to have severe depression." Piggy said.

    "I fricking hate it when you do that," he said. "I mean yeah, the whole tricking me into marriage was unnecessary, but I was the one who pushed you out of the theater....Even the country!"

    She kissed his cheek and hugged him, feeling his back tremble. "It's okay, Kermie. I'm here for you and our relationship."

    "I can't even imagine you leaving again." Kermit cried. He pulled away and dried his eyes. "I'm sorry."

    She smiled and walked up to the stairs. "How about we just order a pizza? It'll be easy."

    He smiled and nodded.
  3. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter three

    The next day at the Boarding house party...

    Kermit had already started thinking about hating himself. How he cried for years straight over his one and only..."I need you and I miss you. You don't need the whole world. Maybe you just one person." He's that one person.

    Walter patted Kermit's shoulder and laughed. "Got a good view?"

    "Ahh!" Kermit was startled. "Oh! Piggy's pretty attractive with that on..."

    The new guy turned to his leader and friend. "Is that the reason you're watching her like a wolf on his prey?"

    "One of them," the frog replied. "I'm watching John Stamos....He's trying to hit on her. Walter, I never thanked you. Without you, I would be dealing with depression. You got Piggy back with me and the gang because without her, you'll just be working for a green lump...

    Now, if you excuse me," the frog finished. "I gotta stop Uncle Jesse from taking my Rebecca."

    The kid watched the frog walk off.
    Kermit walked over to Stamps and Piggy, and grabbed her waist. "Excuse me, John." He said, dipping her down.

    The frog kissed his lady love with love and leisure. He pulled her back up and turned to John.

    "Have mercy!" John said. Kermit turned to him. "Excuse me?" The frog asked with his fists up.

    "Kermie!" Piggy exclaimed. "He didn't mean it--"

    "HA!" Kermit laughed. "I saw him hitting on you!" He turned to John. "Get out, now."

    John leaned in for a kiss, but Piggy was pulled back. He ran out.

    "We'll talk about this later," the frog said, frowning. "When you're gone and away from me and the show."

    She watched him walk away and began crying. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.
  4. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter four

    Here comes the letter. Tissues mat be needed....

    Piggy wiped tears away as she opened the letter. Nerves began to creep up to her as the letter appeared.

    She began to read:


    I know what I said hurt you deeply.
    The moment those words left my lips I knew that I couldn't act fast enough to retract them. Your reaction was justified. If someone whom I cared about had said such things to me, I would have reacted the same way. "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to be adequate. I wish I knew how to say it better. I've relived that moment over and over and wondered how I could have been so insensitive. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in myself.

    I'm nervous about asking you to forgive me. I'm sure that you've suffered a great deal because of me, and asking for forgiveness is so much to ask from you. I also know that you might find it hard to believe my promise that I will learn from my mistake and never repeat it. I truly never want to put our relationship on the line again. I hope you can believe that.

    Right now, I believe in "us" because of our past ability to work through our problems. We know how to lift each other, forgive each other, and end up stronger. That ability can only come from love. And that is what I feel for you--a love than is deeper than I have ever known; a love that can close this wound.

    I love you--please believe me. I know it may be difficult to believe right now, but I really do love you and have honestly never loved anyone else. In the past year, we've become so much a part of each other's lives that I really can't imagine my life without you anymore. I don't think it would benefit either one of us to give up on this relationship yet because we've both invested so much of ourselves into it already and our good times have far outnumbered the bad. What few problems we've had in the past have been minor and we've been able to work through them?

    I saw the pain in your eyes... I'm sorry. Guilt is upon me. You're my whole world. If I have to lose you again, I am willing to track you down-heck, I'll even go back to Paris. My love for you is stronger than my skinny arms.

    I hope you don't leave me again... I need you to stay.

    I love you with all my heart.



    She threw the letter out the window and began packing her bags.
  5. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Is she going back to Paris? If so, will Kermit get her back? Will Kermit fall down again? Find out soon.
  6. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member


    Two days later...

    "Piggy, I never meant to hurt you," Kermit said. "I got jealous and I can't even think about losing you again. The sooner you get how much I love you, the sooner you understand."

    Piggy stared at him. "I love you, too. John's my friend."

    "I know, but I got insecure." Kermit said.

    "I'm not leaving." Piggy told him.

    He placed a kiss upon her head.

    "Amanda put you up to this, didn't she?" She asked.

    He nodded and took her hands. "No, but I have booked us a night at the cabin."

    She leaned her head on Kermit's chest. "You're really trying to protect moi."

    "Of course," he said. "Always am. I love you, baby girl."

    "I love you, too, Kermie." She muffled into his chest.

    "Jazzy and Leah did." The frog said.

    "Figures." Piggy said.
  7. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter six

    Amanda had just finished talking to Scooter about her job, and she became so excited.

    "Ami, how are you and Beaker doing?" She asked. "Good." Ami replied.

    "What about Janice, girl?" Flyod asked.

    "Boy, I love that woman!" Amanda exclaimed.
    "Listen to me, Kermit," Rizzo said. "I know about you and Piggy."

    "Piggy's my life." The frog said.

    "I hate the way you always blame yourself." The rat said.

    "I can't help it." Kermit said.

    "I know. I just don't want you to go off and kill yourself." Rizzo told him.

    "I know I scared you and I am so sorry." The frog said.

    Kermit walked away and went up to his room.
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  8. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter seven

    Kermit walked into his office and found Walter on the couch. "Walter, is everything okay?" Kermit asked. "Can you tell me why you was in here for months?" Walter asked. "I'm still worried."

    "Uh, sure." Kermit said and sat down to his chair.


    Kermit sat in his office as he continued to frown at himself. Anger was building up inside him. His tears turning into loud cries as he began to throw everything around. Glass was everywhere and paperwork was all over the room.

    "Why?" he asked. "Why am I such an idiot?!" He threw his computer across the room, hitting the wall as it shatters into tiny pieces. "Why am I here?" His chair was thrown by himself as he fell against the wall and leaned on it, crying loudly as many thoughts was surfing through his mind.

    He turned to see a bottle of some sort. He took it and put not one, but five of blue pill look-a-likes into it. His hands were shaking he picked up the bottle.

    After a few minutes, he opened the bottle and drunk the whole thing. "I can't do this. I'm sorry." He lied on the floor and fell asleep.

    "KERMIT!" A voice echoed in the frog's ear.

    "I'm sorry, Piggy."

    End of flashback:

    "Why didn't you talk to someone?" Walter asked. "I thought that I wasn't needed anymore," Kermit said. "I wanted to go. I wondered in the hospital everyday 'Why did they save me?' But they did."

    "For Piggy? Robin?" The kid asked.

    "Yea." Kermit said.

    "Are you okay?" Walter asked.

    "Yes." Kermit replied with a smile.

    They shared a long, friendly hug.
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  9. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter eight

    "Welcome back and help us welcome Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, and their beatiful and inspring daughter, Amanda!" Lila greeted. "How are you guys doing?"

    "Good." The three said.

    "Kermit, what has been going on?" Hilda asked.

    Kermit sighed and grabbed Piggy's hand. "I've been really depressed."

    "Oh, we're sorry to hear that," George said. "Please, tell us more."

    "Piggy and I broke up and that caused me to get deeper into it. I had done somethings to myself. I tried to..." he covered his mouth as his lower lip trembled. "I tried to kill myself by something that I don't remember, and that caused Piggy to get so scared and so is Amanda. She doesn't know what has happened--Well, now she knows. I cried for Piggy so much that I couldn't get out of bed. I was crying non-stop..." he paused as his emotions took over him. "I couldn't stop it!"

    Piggy rubbed his back. "He was in bad shape. I had Amanda stay home from school during that time."

    "How did she cope with her dad being so upset?" Gill asked.

    "Terrible," Amanda said. "I hated it."

    "I'm better now!" Kermit said.

    "That's good! Give them around of appulase. We'll see you next time!"

    The audience went on home. Well, all but one.

    "I'm sorry, who are you?" Piggy asked, pulling Amanda behind her.
  10. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter nine

    Two weeks later...

    Kermit was dailing Amanda's number when he looked at T.V.. "No, no! RIZZO, FOZZIE!"
    Amanda woke up with a black eye as she looked at the mirror. "Well, well, well," Constantine said. "I got Kyrmit's daughter..." POW! "You're very strong."

    "Look at you," Amanda said. "You have no idea what's gonna happen." She kicked his face.

    "Ouch!" Constantine exclaimed. "Okay, I'll let you go."
    Domonic had Piggy tied up against the wall.

    "You're too weak, pig." He said as he sliced her head.

    "He won't...let you get away...with this," Piggy said. "I know it."

    "Your daughter has escaped." He said.

    "Good." The pig said.
    "Kermit, the police said that won't be able to find them," Rizzo said. "I'm sorry."

    Kermit's faced turned pale. "I'm gonna go..." he held on to his chair to keep himself from falling. "Find her and my wife!"

    He walked out.

    "Call his doctor," Rizzo told Scooter. "He might have to be on the watch again..."
  11. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter ten

    Amanda was walking on the sidewalk when she saw a truck light beaming at her. "AMANDA!" Kermit called.

    "DADDY!" she called as she ran to him. "I couldn't find Mom."

    Kermit saw the wounds on her face. "You're going to the Emergency Room."

    "I'm fine." She said.

    "No." The frog said.

    "HEY, DID YOU FIND-OH SWEET MOMMA!" Fozzie called and ran to her. He hugged her.

    "Uncle Fozzie, I can't breathe." She said.

    "Sorry." The bear said.

    Kermit got them all in the truck and drove off.
    "He found Amanda, but no signs of Piggy." Rizzo said. "Oh boy," Scooter said. "Love depression."

    "Fozzie is getting like Kermit." Walter said.
    "Okay, what seems to be the problem?" The doctor asked.

    "What does it look like to you?" Kermit asked, furiously. "MY DAUGHTER WAS BEATEN BY A TOAD!"

    "And where is your wife?" The doctor asked.


    Fozzie wiped his eyes to wipe his tears away. "I gotta call Gonzo about this." He walked off.

    "I gonna sitch you up and you can go on home." The doctor said.

    "Daddy, don't you dare leave me." Amanda said, scared.

    "I won't," Kermit said. "I'm gonna get a nurse to do this. I don't trust that doctor touching your face."
    "Yea, Amanda's getting fixed up...Okay...Scooter...Okay, bye!" Fozzie said and hung up. Gonzo, he thought.
    "It's over, you can go home." The nurse said.

    ~Three hours later~

    Kermit lied on Amanda's bed as he rubbed her head.

    "I miss mom," she said. "I can't close my eyes without seeing that frog's face."

    Kermit sheded a few tears. "I do, too. Your mom is the love of my life.
    You two are everything to me."

    "Don't cry," she said. "They'll find her."

    "You don't understand," the frog said. "I lost her twice and I can't do that again."

    He kissed her forehead and wiped her eyes. "How about we just watch a movie and get some popcorn and drinks?"

    She nodded. "Carry me."

    He lifted her up and walked down stairs to the living room. "Fozzie, come with us."

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