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Ahem, here are my Fragglets...

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Effralyo, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Vibs New Member


    Can I ask you something? Which materials do you use? Water color? Or some special pencils-ish things? I've said it before but I'll say it again:

  2. Effralyo Active Member

    Dewla- watercolors, Cantus - lead pencil, Glamarteo - colored pencils. Actually I adord to mix them all!:)
  3. Vic Romano Active Member

    Your art always relaxes me... so colorful and peaceful... aahhhh.
  4. Effralyo Active Member

  5. Beauregard Well-Known Member


    That Beau pic...and the Clifford, and, Robin, and popcorn, and Beau's awesome t-shirt,and fluffy fets, and....the sofa, and thee...and..and then...and the...and...wow...*colapses from the wowness*
  6. Vibs New Member

    WAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! They are soo... I love your drawings and you know that!! :):):) <<--- Triple Kermit. Tehe!
  7. Effralyo Active Member

    Haha, our Beau works like a police siren, but it sounds "Weew, weew, weew, weew," and he does "Wow, wow, wow, wow"... :)
  8. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Look out Policeman Beau coming through! Wowowowowowowow....er....never mind..*tehe*
  9. Effralyo Active Member

    Just to warn, here`s a list of my fan muppets that were posted and coming soon - to avoid of mistaking them for "official" ones in the future.
    Were posted:
    The Shadies (as a part of background for Zeliboba pic)
    Ernesto Wellainever
    Glamarteo Fraggle
    Jingly Thousandbells Fraggle
    Yolaby-Olaby Fraggle
    Indigo Fraggle
    Coming soon:
    Enriko Lagyodna
    Fenro and Stanro
    Tanderlick the Dratcher
    Koydaktis the Dratcher
    Whatze Heck
    Brenda Random
    The Disco Druid
    The Minstrel Muses (Canteline, Breeya, Broolinde, Muriel, Balsemme)
    Fredrikson the Dratcher
    Frankotti the Dratcher (Zeliboba`s twin)
    (More adding soon)
  10. Effralyo Active Member

  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my go...sh...oh my gosh! Oh my GOSH!!!! That is so....I....*stands, mouth open a half inch, staring at the screen...* My Gardylardy!!!

    And the rainbow!!! And he...he's just so...it's wonderfull! And the U is an image like I use the penguin in my sig...and....*sniff* It's so lovely..*wipes eyes* I love it soooo much!
  12. Effralyo Active Member

    OK, wait for more tomorrow. I decided not to post in SUUUUCH bunches. Afraid of another collapse. ;)
  13. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I feel a major coapse comign on as it is! That gardy! It's soo-oo-o-o-o-just sooooooo!!!! Wonderfull!!!!
  14. Effralyo Active Member

    Yes, as for "U", I especially decided to copy your style and show it in the name. ;) The footprint suits perfectly! Isn`t it? ;)
  15. Vic Romano Active Member

    You friggin' rock so d*** hard, Eff; seriously, this is my ab fab favorite so far... just abso-friggin'-lutely beautiful. AND you crank these masterpieces out so fast! So because Beau can't, I will!

  16. Effralyo Active Member

    Heh, you didn`t see my TMS story yet, Vic! ;) Does this Gard suit to it?
  17. Effralyo Active Member

  18. Effralyo Active Member

    (AH!!! AAAHHH!!!! I mistook "Smart dreads" for "Short"!!!!!!!! :cry: Sorry!!!!!! If I`d have more time to look!.. :BANG! on the head: :cry:
  19. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my holy penguin and cow chickens!!! that is the most and best....Oh my gosh!!! I've never seen such....and it's sooo...It's Perfect. Truelly. Unchalleneged artwork! It's amazing and spectacular, and...Woozerly!!!

    The frame of flowers, amazing! Such color and so antique yet beautifull! The rainbow colores!!!

    Beauhoth is perfect! His clothes are so...and his fluffy chest!!

    And the Mother is so amazingly beautifull! Her face is so nice, and loveing and...Whoowow!

    Beau's Father Mr regard is so old and so wise!!! His beard is huggable!

    And Gardylard himself....need I say more? He is Glarkingly gardyflied!!!!!! The line at teh mbottom which we cannot quite see, says that, "We Live To Raenbu?"

    This looks so much like something that we would see in a history book, or discover on a parchment in a cave of rainbows! So authentic, and amazing!!!
  20. Effralyo Active Member

    Rite, "We Live IN Raenbu!" Did you see what an extra detail did he get? I doubt about the gold gouache being noticable, but anyway?..
    Ndah, I decided to make Nancy the most beautiful of all the clumsworths - since there is only 4 of them :).So, instead of her usual cantankerous self, she looks here as a smiley and loving lady.
    And, since you said that Beaunoth is "like a king", I made to him a "crownie" of hair tufts above his ears.
    And, frankly speaking, I adore kingsize beards. That`s why Beautingleroth (how do you spell it???:confused: ) has such a huge one!
    -Happy F-
    P.S. Gosh, you wrote my "thanx" translate??????:excited: :hug:

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