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AIDS-Awareness Muppet on Today Show

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by BoomShaKaLaKa, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. BoomShaKaLaKa

    BoomShaKaLaKa New Member

    Hey, ya'll, I was catching the middle hour of NBC's Today show today (Nov. 26), and it featured a brief appearance by Kami, the new Muppet from South Africa's version of Sesame Street. The character is HIV-Positive, and has been added to the show because of the AIDS epidemic there. The CEO of Sesame Workshop appeared alongside Kami, and included the jaw-dropping statement that by 2010 (I believe that's the year he gave), it's estimated that 1 in 5 children may have been orphaned as a result of AIDS.

    It was a nice appearance ... Kami is in New York for World AIDS Day. She's a cute puppet -- orangey fur with an odd-looking red mohawk-type haircut, and what appeared to be a green vest. Nice voice, too -- but I'd be interested to know if this was her usual performer. The accent was odd ... not what I would expect from a South African performer. It almost sounded like they might have pulled in Carmen Osbahr, Rosita's performer from the American Sesame Street.
  2. murgatoad

    murgatoad New Member

    I must admit it was very educational. Thanks to Kami, I now know how prevalent AIDS really is. Why, if it can infect felt and foam rubber, none of us is safe!

    Sorry. But IMO, goofy stuff like Kami is the reason the Republicans seized power. ;)
  3. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    It was a nice little piece. Out of pure luck, I managed to record it this morning...
  4. Chad Kermit

    Chad Kermit New Member

    >>Sorry. But IMO, goofy stuff like Kami is the reason the Republicans seized power. <<

    Goofy stuff like an AIDS puppet is why the Republicans seized power? YIkes. What planet are you on. This is not an American character it's in South Africa. What does it have to do with the election or Democrats and Republicans. What a dumb thing to say. Is it Goofy if this puppet gets a message out there and saves lives. The lives of children to be more specific. And is it goofy if it helps a child with AIDS or who has lost his or her parents to AIDS deal with grief, self esteem, etc. I am glad they took the initive to tackle a tough problem that should be a part a childs education in countries where this epidemic is horific. The lesson should have long ago been learned that a problem never goes away by pretending it doesn't happen. I will be curious to see how this turns out for the CTW. You may not have meant for this to be taken this way and if you didn't, let me know. The world and every community has been touched by AIDS including performers and artists involved with the Muppets. AIDS is a sensitive issue and should not be handled lightly and "goofy" does not imply a serious or respectful tone.

  5. JoyElectric

    JoyElectric New Member

    Go Kami!

    I admit that I run a bit on the conservative side of things (certainly not Jerry Falwell, but not John McCain either). I am all for Kami, and am glad that they put the Muppet on the show in South Africa!

    I've been aware of the AIDS crisis (when word "crisis" is thrown around to include Children dying of incurable diseases to "The government/other people won't pay for my Propecia") for years now, but needed to be reminded how terrible it is in South Africa. With those conditions, I'm really interested in seeing what they do with her. Is there any chance there are any clips of her (or the SA version of Sesame Street) on the net?

    Personally, I think if they can keep her from becoming the "HIV Muppet," this will be a great experiment. By "HIV Muppet" I mean that she would be treated as a HIV carrier first (every time she arrives on the show, it's mentioned she's got HIV). It seems to be a tight-rope on TV in the US, when someone out of the ordinary shows up they must comment on the differences non-stop -- remember Cousin Geri on Facts of Life? They couldn't get beyond the fact that she had Cerebral Palsy, and so the character stalled and was forgotten. But, if they can keep her as a kid who is as rounded as Elmo and the others, but happens to have HIV that'll be cool.

    Oh, and getting off Topic, I saw that Elmo is a main character in So. Africa. Is he done by Kevin Clash via phoning in? Is it done by an actor in South Africa? I was kind of curious about this...

    Thanks for letting me ramble!

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