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All The Muppets Need Is Love

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetlover123, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    So this story is based on the new music video with cee lo and the muppets just got walter and Lo-co added to the group and the muppets are feeling a bit jealous.... hope it is a good story

    The day of the video shoot:

    (Kermit knocks on the door of a dressing room for a new muppet)
    Kermit: Lo-Co you ready for the shoot?
    Lo-Co: Yeah i am. Ill be there in a moment
    Kermit then goes to Cee Lo's dressing room
    Kermit: Cee Lo you ready?
    Cee Lo: Yes Kermit.
    Kermit: Oh good!

    Kermit went around and rounded up all of the muppets
    Walter: Kermit im so excited i get to be in the music video! I havnt been used much since the recent movie (sighs)
    Kermit: Sorry walter we havnt done much since
    Some minor muppets talking in the other room
    Rowlf: I want to be part of the group again i bet alot of us in this room feel left out since the 90's
    Scooter: Me too!
    Janice: Like me three for real!
    Thog: I do too
    Beaker: Mee mee
    Uncle Deadly: You guys think you have it rough i havnt been used in over 30 years!
    Rowlf: and i was one of the original muppets and i didnt even get a part in the new song (sighs)
    Scooter: Let's go get the video shoot done

    Kermit: All right guys lets get the shoot started!
    they start filming and they get towards the end

    Cee Lo: All I need is you baby
    All i
    All i need is lo-o-ove
    All i need is lo-o-ove-e
    Zoot plays the last note

    Statler: I think the muppets hit a new low
    Waldorf: and his first name is Cee
    Both laugh

    Filmer and were clear

    Kermit: Alright great job everyone great job! You know i appreciate all your hard work for working on this music video even the minor muppets that havent been featured for a while. Thank You all and have a great night!

    What you think
  2. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    also any lines ideas or characters or even stories you want me to do just let me know and i will put them in :)
  3. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    its been a while and got stumped so here it comes
    Chapter 2

    Walter: Kermit i am so honored to be in the video, but i feel like some of the minor classic original muppets should have been in there you know?
    Kermit: that would have been a great idea!
    Walter: how about we film a lifes a happy song music video but give other characters some parts!
    Kermit: We dont have time for that right now Walter sorry!

    The next day the muppets are called in to have a meeting:

    Kermit: Gather around troupe lets get the meeting started shall we.
    Lew Zealand: I hope this is about people stealing my boomerang fish!
    Pepe: Or me getting more moneys.
    Walter: GUYS! Let Kermit speak.
    Kermit: Well i've called you guys here because Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney just gave the green light to our new movie The Muppets... Again!
    Fozzie: Oh My Gosh! That is terrific news!
    Piggy: Hopefully moi gets a big part!
    Kermit Well the story defently has a lot of Me walter and piggy. And the others have a decent sized role.
    Pepe: Walter...
    Scooter: Walter.....
    Floyd: Walter......
    Uncle Deadly: Kermit may i interrupt. Me and all the other muppets feel that we should have more to do then just show up to be an extra on the set.
    Rizzo: And also we feel Walter shouldnt have that big of a role since he's new i mean a decent sized role.
    Rowlf: And some of us have been here since the beginning...

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