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(Alt.) TMS outline #2

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppet maniac, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member


    THAMES logo

    *Two farmers(Jim and Richard) are behind a fence...watching sheep doing things.


    (the "crazy" opener)
    V.O: Germites and Lizzards, it's The Muppet Show! Starring...Jim Jembson's Shnuppets!

    *Musical number w/ Kermit, Country Trio and three female whatnots(one of them is the stepsister from "Hey Cinderella", and another one looks a bit like Zelda Rose). Kermit welcomes us to the show once again.

    *"Fast-talking" game show where host(played by Jim-he talks really, really fast that you can't understand what he's saying or what the rules are) shows us some weird footage in this order(numbers and other words flashing on screen too quick)

    1)Germs dancing around a pair of teeth
    2)Old guy sitting on a bench with a "balloon"-face, with hilarious results

    and(end of segment)

    Girl going to bed...when all of a sudden, a giant, monster-size penguin pops out of nowhere yelling "BOO BOO! BOO BOO!", scaring the girl like heck.


    *Musical number by a group from Spain(forgot their names-they were on Benny Hill once) In this scene, they are all "Muppetfied"

    *Mystery sketch-presented by an Ernie Kovacs-type Muppet(Jerry)(this is shot on MM film). Kermit, Droop, BD Monster, Rowlf, Jim Henson Muppet and Featherstone are in this sketch.

    *Dance number by full-body Whatnot Russian dancers, who can't seem to coordinate well. Lots of kicking "in the can"

    *Host from the game show seen earlier comes back to annoy us some more with other amusing stuff: stock footage of girls dancing

    ...and when that's over, just before he can say anything, he gets hauled away by a parole officer. Leo comes out and stamps the screen, saying "ANYWAY..."

    *"Dance Room" skit-similar to the "At the Dance" sketches, only this one takes place in a disco. Characters in this are Zelda, Frank Oz Muppet, Stepsister, Rufus the Dog, Baskerville, Frackle, Splurge look-alike, Mary Louise, some more anoymous female whatnots and Kermit.

    *"Scanimate"(like the Limbo character) sketch of a soldier looking at a fly buzzing around his face...until his pants fall down

    *Beautiful Day Monster is in a park with a girl, who he tries to seek approval from. Of course this doesn't work.

    *Hugga-Wugga/Scrap Flyap. Pretty much still the same

    *Kermit, Rowlf, Gonzo, Grump, Snerf, Big V, Scoop, female whatnots sing a German beer song, while wearing the traditional outfits. This fails when one of them accidentally pours some on another's head. Lots of "naughtiness" going on as well.

    Closing/ Muppets say goodbye. Trumpet band performs "In a Little Spanish Town" while credits roll.

    Host comes back to annoy us again but luckily, someone drops a safe on him that reads "Tee-Hee"

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