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Alternate FR openings

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Boober_Gorg, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    It seems that Boober isn't the only one who says "Down at Fraggle Rock" at the end of the intro. So far, I have discovered two other "auditions" for that one ending shot:

    •The Terrible Tunnel: Wembley whispers it to us. I just discovered this intro thanks to DW McKim; I think it's only on the HBO airing. No one else has talked about it.
    •The Finger of Light: Gobo says it, then resumes his game of ... whatever it is he's playing. I already knew about this intro thanks to Chris Vaughn. I think the Disney version has retained it - according to getup.

    When CBC re-aired the show in 2000, they replaced these intros with the standard Boober intro. My question is: has anyone else seen (or taped) these cool alternate openings?

    Call me crazy, but I find these discoveries almost as exciting as original titles to "Blue Ribbon" Warner Bros. cartoons.
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    These are correct. I remember them from the original HBO airings in the 1980's. I am not aware of any others, but I am going from long-term memory here.

    Speaking of Fraggle rarities, one of the great things about Odyssey was that they showed the foregin Traveling Matt segments that never aired in the US during commercial breaks.
  3. KPrell

    KPrell Active Member

    If I remember correctly, the ending was originally was only Boober. Then we were all asked to have our own characters record alternate endings sometime later, even though we didn't particularly feel that was necessary. I can't even remember what I did for Red. I never realized any of them were used - we all thought Boober's ending was the best, a funny, low-key contrast to the high energy of the rest of the credits.

    - Karen

    :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited:

    Yay, I finally get to use the Red smiley!
    radio boy and Collgoff like this.
  4. electricmayhem

    electricmayhem Well-Known Member

    I only remember ever seeing the Boober version. I'd LOVE to see the alternate ones though! That would be great!! It's fun that you all got to make one though Karen, that way they're around for special extras:excited:
  5. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    I have the Gobo and Wembley openings around somewhere, From the Disney Channel in the 90's.

    I never saw the Red or Mokey tho, Id love to see them !

    Imagine how many unseen Travelling Matt segments there are, From France, England, Germany, Holland and America !

    see ya
  6. getup

    getup Well-Known Member

    after boober gorg told me i checked..i've only seen the gobo one aside from boober...i would've loved to have seen red...or wembley even since we know his was actually used. that's so weird why they would just be put on those episodes though...isn't it?
  7. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Well-Known Member

    I think they were toying with the idea of alternate versions in season 1, but dropped the idea quickly...maybe Terry knows.
  8. MJTaylor

    MJTaylor Well-Known Member

    I remember seeing the Wembley and Gobo endings to the opening theme. I saw them when I was 12. I agree with Karen that the Boober one was the best, as it contrasted with the up-beat feel of the theme.
    In my area, Fraggle Rock was shown on a station called BTV 6, which is now called WIN Television. Further to BlueFrackle's post on Traveling Matt, I remember seeing one shot here in Australia, where he saw "silly creatures" "painting their food red". In reality, they were putting tomato sauce on their pies. The segment ended with Traveling Matt getting tomato sauce stuck on his nose! Of course he didn't expect to ever get it off!
  9. Don_Music_2004

    Don_Music_2004 Well-Known Member

    I remember the Gobo one was on the Disney Channell, but I haven't seen the Wembley one since it was on HBO, and I only saw that once. Someone told me that Mokey said it once in an HBO episode.
  10. Gobo_Tron2

    Gobo_Tron2 Well-Known Member

    It's interesting what Karen said about how all the characters did a clip for the end of the theme song. I'd be interesting to see the others someday.

    I remember being so shocked when I saw Gobo instead of Boober for that one episode - but I can't remember the Wembley one at all - though I'm certain I saw the Terrible Tunnel when it first aired on HBO.

    Maybe it wasn't necessary to let the others have a turn instead of always using Boober, but I think that doing it once in a while would've been a neat touch - kinda like... surprise!

    It's a pity Red & Mokey never made it into the final cut :smirk:
  11. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

    I know that there was an HBO promo for "The Terrible Tunnel" on the Season 3 DVD that ended with Wembley saying, "Down in Fraggle Rock". Was there an HBO promo that ended with Gobo's line?
  12. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

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