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Amigurami Crochet Sesame Street Muppets

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by cpodobed, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. cpodobed

    cpodobed New Member

    I have Amigurami Sesame Street Crochet Patterns for sale on etsy.com I made these for my little girl and she is thrilled with them. I want to share them with other Mommy's. I have:(:p:insatiable: Kermit, Oscar and Big Bird. Check them out at etsy.com my ID is knockedmysockoff Happy Crocheting
  2. shimauta

    shimauta Member

    Interesting, my wife really enjoys making amigurumi. I will see if she is interested.
  3. shimauta

    shimauta Member

    Do you have a Kermit amigurumi? I dont see one on that site.
  4. shimauta

    shimauta Member

    If anyone else is interested in crocheting amigurumi, I just picked up these Sesame Street patterns and they look quite good and the seller was very excellent. Once I have the opportunity to make some of them I will post the pictures up.
  5. janet60

    janet60 New Member

    I would love to know about the crochet patterns that you found several years ago. Can you send me the link for the Muppet Amigurumi patterns?
  6. shimauta

    shimauta Member

    This is the seller's store where I purchased them:
    But it appears that she may not be selling them anymore. I would recommend trying to contact her from that page or possibly sending her a PM from Muppet Central to see if she responds. I've got the patterns somewhere, but it may take me awhile to locate them.

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