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An Interesting Article

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by The Shoe Fairy, May 30, 2011.

  1. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Active Member

    Hey guys, I just stumbled across this article - http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment...of-running-liberal-agenda-20110530-1fbl6.html

    An interesting piece of "news" don't you think?

    "Much-loved children's television show Sesame Street and hit sitcoms Friends and Happy Days are being used to promote secret left wing messages, according to a new book.
    Conservative columnist and author has Ben Shapiro accused television executives and writers of pushing a liberal agenda in several high profile American television entertainment shows.

    His book Primetime Propaganda will show how the "most powerful medium of mass communication in human history became a vehicle for spreading the radical agenda of the left side of the political spectrum," according to the publishers HarperCollins. "

    Now, considering my extreme left political stance, I have no problem if any of these shows are "preaching". However, I certainly agree with one of the comments, which says

    "When did it ever become left-wing to promote peace and pacifism?"

  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I tried posting a really angry response to this, but I got MAINTENANCE'D and lost the post. Good thing, because I thought of a much better way to put my feelings on this. But it is so important you take this next bit, I'm putting it in BOLD

    Please understand what I'm about to say in this context. This is coming from the fact I've had a not so nice day, a not so good night's sleep, I'm very angry at my personal situation, I'm sick of not having any money, and above all, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Rainbow Unicorn Puppydog Party... you mess with Sesame Street, I mess with you.

    Ben Shapiro is... he's just a terrible person. A Loathsome, wretched, bile-spewing, horrible terrible person. Not for his political beliefs, mind you. But he's scum.


    Aside from the fact that he's making a fortune on hateful, borderline "Elvis is Bigfoot's biological mother" tabloid style, crackpot conspiracy theories instead of contributing anything useful to society. Oh sure, wouldn't it be great if we could all pull out our Crayola Crayons and our handy dandy E-Z spell guide to ominous sounding words and just write the stupidest crap in the world so even stupider people believe it and wear tin foil hats? The fact of the matter (again, in bold) is that he's perverting a beloved institution that has touched the hearts and souls of millions around the world for a cheap political point. Sure, he's welcome to his Night of the Living Red State "The Liberals are coming to get you Barbara!" militia approved paranoid ranting, but for the love of freaking existence, leave the amazing, lovely, wonderful work of Joan Cooney, Jim Henson, Carol Spinney, Kevin Clash and all the others the heck out of your "logic." They did nothing to you, don't make them demons. Is it because it's on PBS and your in MORTAL fear that 7 cents of the possible millions you make on this political equivalent of a mimeographed "World's going to end" pamphlet will go to them?

    Anyone, left, right, middle, or whatever who perverts a lovely kid's show with intentions of spreading love and happiness so they can sell some cheap, imbecilic agenda isn't just a bitter loser and a pathetic waste of life, but a despicable and sick individual.

    I could make all the fun little jokes about how, "Yeah... sharing teaches Communism, and learning to read promotes reading subversive literature." Ha ha ha... but this bloated sack of nasty is NO better than the backwards segregationists that decried the use of non-whites when the show first aired, the fearmongering false prophets who use Ernie and Bert as a tool to keep the parents of children inbreeding hate and intolerance so they can create an army of zombie voters, and the Palestinian and Israeli extremists who are afraid that their versions of Sesame Street will mean their kids might.. GASP! get along and not try to continue the never ending game of "you started it."

    The Ben Shapiros of the world want only chaos, hate, and control so they can keep bilking their ever reliant army of ditto heads out of their money with the "EVIL scary things are going to happen if you don't gimme your money" threat of the day.

    I hope Harper Collins goes bankrupt for letting such an EVIL piece of paranoid schizophrenic hateful conspiracy trash unleashed on the public.

    Now, before this gets out of hand, I also have no love for the humorless hippy, ultralefty snob that wrote this crappy, off model comic
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    When are there ever going to be any tell-all manifestos about evil RIGHT-wing teachings and messages? It's always the left who's accused of being evil, when they do more to promote peace, love, and happiness than the right.
  4. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Welp, America was nice while it lasted.
  5. muppetsliveon

    muppetsliveon Member

    I bet he doesn't even have the full story. He most likely selected a few parts and put them together to make the shows look bad.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    His book is probably filled with nothing but exaggerated common knowledge (Hence the M*A*S*H* reference) and carefully selected and edited pieces of television to drive his "They're coming to get you Barbara" adgenda home.

    Seriously? Whining about how M*A*S*H* was commentary on a pointless, botched war that nobody really wanted that just was a waste of human lives and tax payer money? The only people that really liked the war were old fat Archie Bunker Types that were too young to fight in WW 2 and too out of shape to fight in Korea! The fact that the writer of this book is pretty much defending the war outright at this point in time by that comment alone means he's got several screws loose. I swear, if this guy is under 60 years old, he's full of crap... even if he lived during that period, I bet his parents safely kept him out of it.

    His Sesame Street rant is disturbing to say the least. He really takes issue with Episode 3981. We know the point of that episode was basically to tell kids things were okay, and there were always people looking out for us and saving us from disaster, regardless of the situation. There was a fire at Hooper's, and the fire fighters came to comfort Elmo, who saw a horrifying scene.

    The logic of Shapiro is that Hooper's store should have been attacked by "Muslins," and Elmo should have built an internment camp for everyone in the race because they're all bad. :rolleyes:

    Yeah.. the schmuck that wrote this is a warmongering fruitcake. A Far far far far far FAR FAR FAR farfarfarfarfarfar right nut, further right than the farthest right I've ever seen. I'm shocked that none of our Conservative Muppet fans are speaking up saying "This guy doesn't speak for us." He clearly doesn't, and he's clearly a dangerous individual that thinks all problems can be solved by killing everyone. As long as he's at a distance, watching it on his presumably large butt, and making a fortune off of war machine stocks.
  7. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Active Member

    I think it is/was incredibly unfair for anyone to try and attack episode 3981, being of an important issue at the time. I'm also suprised he hasn't tried to take aim at any other TV aimed at children on the same basis written post 9/11 with the same intent, eg. S7 Ep 10 of Arthur, "April 9th".
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Aw, he probably has some other pottymouthed, biased, and just plain STOOOPT things to say about the show. All part of the same "drag someone to heck down with you to make your buddies look good" logic Ben Shapiro and all the other overpaid Neo-Cons that make a living scaring gullible people.
  9. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Um...this guy just figured out that Sesame Street is left leaning?...Where has he been? Lol

    Well, I have to somewhat disagree; I think both the right and the left create a great deal of evil together, just by insisting on taking sides like that, heh.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Are we talking about politicians or the voters. I can't bring myself to hate at voters of any side, as they're both manipulated by their parties and the values they claim.

    Again I must say, yeah.. there ARE the occasional claims by the left that the right uses fictitious media to brainwash people. Difference is, they're usually underground on cheaply printed news papers and college radio stations and other media that no one reads or gives a crap about. No one cares what a lefty says because A) it's impossible to take seriously and B) it's not marketable. The only time they care is when someone says something incredibly nasty and stupid (something the far right always points out when they do the same)... like when Sandra wazzerface had 2 seconds of a "comedy" routine about Palin sound bite'd.

    Really... I tried listening to Air America in 2004 and it sounded like the fat girls table at a high school, passive aggressively talking smack about the popular girls behind their back and spreading rumors that never leave the table about how many partners the popular girls have been with. :rolleyes:

    Now, if there was a far left book about how evil Kid's television is, I bet that Responsibility Free Parenthood Commercial Free Childhood wrote it. Apparently, people who take candy away from little kids because of media sensationalism about obesity are the ONLY people on the left with sway.
  11. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well you're right about the manipulation; but how many more elections do we need to have before we realize the two party system is broken? At some point we need to take responsibility for our own country.

    Have to disagree there, in lieu of the major news stations that often talk about conservative biases in the news. It's not all underground by a long shot. ;)

    It's quite amusing actually to watch both the right and the left accuse each of being bias. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" indeed! :insatiable:

    The left needs to start analyzing WHY the right does so much better than them on the radio. It's not a question of ideologies, but of form. The right has a sense of humor about itself, whereas the left comes across like snotty elites. Nobody likes that, lol.
  12. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    No... it's all about marketability. Would you rather someone be brutally honest with you, or would you want someone to assure you and go along with your delusion?

    The left's motive is "Everyone is wrong! Even us! We're all wrong and everything sucks because of everyone!"

    The right's "Everyone but us is stupid and everything is everyone ELSE'S fault!"

    What would you rather read?

    I've heard Neo-Cons that are infinitely more elitist than the left thinks they are. It's not that. Maybe it's because all the left wing commentators are old comedians from the 80's and early 90's or something? Or that no one takes them seriously and feels they're stupid little kids. I dunno. The only "sense of humor" the right has for itself is mockishly adopting the fact that the left thinks their evil. And that's not so much a sense of humor about themselves as basically saying "Oh! The people who we don't agree with and therefore are stupid think we're evil. They're stupid! Let's call ourselves evil to show how stupid they sound." That's not a sense of humor. That's a passive aggressive double backhand.

    Still, the left basically gets an "Oh yeah? Well... YO MAMA!" from me. And their snotty little books always go into the humor section when the right's bile filled rant tomes get on the current events tables.

    I guess the companies only like people who are in favor of their big fat tax cuts.
  13. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm concerned, delusion is rampant in both the right and the left. ;)

    But back to the Sesame Street article, I really don't understand why this is supposed to be some big shocker. From the very beginning Sesame Street promoted diversity and the working class and had their Muppets dress up like hippies (all of which I fully support btw, hehe)...and it's only NOW that it's being accused of leftist tendencies?? Perhaps this is a symptom of the times when people are even more polarized on issues than before.

    Then again, maybe Sesame Street was criticized for this years ago too; I'd have to do more research. That would be an interesting essay topic!
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    SS WAS criticized for being diverse by wack job segregationists. Nuff said. I don't know about the hippie stuff, but that was a fashion at the time, and Jim WAS an artistic person... and artistic people always get lumped into hippyism for some reason... actually... yeah... Hippies RIPPED OFF artistic bohemian style.

    The only people who seem to be annoyed by the show's original inner city are today's parents living in good neighborhoods. Remember that story about how they were upset with a segment of kids playing in a junkyard that didn't really exist?

    That's why I'm convinced Barney is a conservative show. Think about it. The diversity is FAKE, and the kids all act WASPish... it takes place in a VERY suburban little red school house, possibly private. And of course, the kids worship a big fat cartoonish character who keeps giving them the same old song and dance.
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Oh you're right! Seriously, this would make an interesting thesis topic, too bad I'm done with school, hehe.

    Yeah that attitude really annoyed me. Regardless of whether there was an actual junkyard or not. Not every child is fortunate enough to have a nice publically funded, cutesy playground. To hide these realities from view would be a crime.

    Oh Barney was a Stepford show everyway you look at it, lol.

    I think we all know what's going on here. This is just another attempt to defund PBS by saying it's "brainwashing" the children with liberal ideas. It's pretty sad. But on the other hand, whenever political types starts whineing about a TV show, not too many people take them seriously. I mean Dan Quayle made a fool of himself complaining about Murphy Brown, remember that?

    There might be one or two parents who take that kind of seriously. But the overwhelming majority of parents say, "It's just a TV show, get a life!" ;)
  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Seriously... I think they got SS confused with Fat Albert. I do not remember the junkyard at all. you can tell things have changed because they have yoga on the show and white people making sushi (They eat freaking other things in Japan, you know! Off the top of my head, Takoyaki, Gyudon, Dorayaki, rice with boiled down fish paste on it... all stuff I got from watching anime and old TV commercials. Don't pretend that they were being diverse there). I dunno.. gentrification annoys me. It rides in on a cloud of fake diversity and turns everything into an upscale chain store and prices everyone out of the neighborhood.

    Come on. Like a couple hundred thou to PBS vs. undeserved millions to the oil industry that loves us so much, they willed gas prices to 4 bucks a gallon with fairy tales and exaggerations so them and their stock holders can get short term gains before they kill the economy again? yeah. I'm no that side. At least giving money to PBS gives us Sesame Street and maybe a good Britcom for a change (I hope).

    The writer's a text book Neo-Con. Using fear to scare people into making sure we have people that keep the stocks that they own up. :sympathy:
  17. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I think what you're describing there is known as "liberal chic."

    Even Democratic Underground.com complains about that, hehe. ;)
  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    How come no one ever whines about how the message of the tedious musical Annie is extremely conservative (like the comics were) in so much the fact the message is the big rich people will always save you, so let them do whatever they want?
  19. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Lol, interesting point. That's a case of most people just accepting something as harmless and cute, without questioning any controversial undertones. Plus optimism was big during the latter part of the Great Depression.
  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Difference with the musical... at least the Disney version... FDR was a good guy at the end. I'm not going into that mess.

    Personally I hate BOTH the comics and the musical (more so the latter). I don't really mind how righty some of these old comics were. I LOVE my Dick Tracy, even though it had the "Let's beat up on Hippies because not liking a war means you're sympathetic to the enemy, even though the enemy is exactly as warlike and war mongering as us" storylines. I actually kinda find those campy and hilarious now, since, as I said earlier, NO ONE really liked the war. They just like the idea of winning. But Annie as a comic and a musical suck, and not for political reasons... they just... they're horrible. Now, the 2 Charlie Brown musicals. Those are just beautiful.

    Everything has messages. It's just a matter of saying I agree or I disagree or I can agree to an extent/ agree for different reasons. Only someone with too much time on their hands would bother talking about it to a negative "Brainwash" extent... someone who's a total ratfink would write a book about it.

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