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An ultimate Muppet database

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by beaker, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I think I used to bug phil back in 1998 a lot with a 'so whens a comprehensive muppet database gonan come online?' but four years later, i am still hoping to one day come on here and see a link to a insanely big muppet character database. imagine...
    from chicken liver to mo frackle, a list of every single muppet character...and when ya click on their name, a description, some info, and possibly a pic? oh man!
  2. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    I think this is a great idea - maybe Kermitage is planning this, with the access Michael has to the archives it might be easy. I hope it comes about somewhere someday !
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member


    This is something I've wanted to do since the site began as well. We announced that a profiles section is being worked on a few weeks ago. The character profiles will develop and roll-out in correspondence with our Muppet Show episode guides.
  4. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Well-Known Member

    Your wish will probably come true. It could take five years for a site to do this, though...these people have lives, you know. If they had no jobs and nothing to do, maybe they could...but then they couldn't afford high-speed Internet, a personal server, and a fast computer.
  5. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    yes i hope to see that in the future here!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppet Database

    Hey guys, I heard that you're trying to get an ultimate Muppet Database as part of this website. I agree that such a section would be immensely invaluable. To that end, I have the beginnings of a massive character list compiled of all the characters I remember of from my days of watching Muppet programming. Because its a total of almost 290 characters, I'm not sure if I should post it or not, and of course some names need a little bit of correction. Should I go ahead and post my character list or not? BTW: Everybody please go and check out a thread called The Count's Grand Muppet Party in the General Discussion section of the forums. I really need everybody's help and suggestions to make this thread flourish.
    Have a great summer, The Count.
  7. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member


    Click on the e-mail link below and we can correspond further. Thanks.
  8. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>This is something I've wanted to do since the site began as well. We announced that a profiles section is being worked on a few weeks ago. The character profiles will develop and roll-out in correspondence with our Muppet Show episode guides.<<<

    oh i know;) the old henson.com had an obscure one(which even said sam the eagle has kids?) my diea was that different people be assigned to different canon related lists, and then when they are done, to all be converged on some massive database. ie: some take on fr, tms of course...but also jhh, muppets tonight!, sesame street, etc.
  9. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Thats a cool idea Cory - as long as it all ended up in the same format and layout. If someone wanted to start it up it might be a good idea for a 'database' site of it's own although seems a few websites are announcing 'plans' to do this kinda thing already. I think an info resource of shows and characters (independant of any fan site) is much needed - i guess that should really be something that Henson do as part of Henson.com but seeing as they aren't ...........
  10. statnwaldorf

    statnwaldorf Member

    'so whens a comprehensive muppet database gonan come online?' but four years later, i am still hoping to one day come on here and see a link to a insanely big muppet character database.

    Are you happy now? ;) Although it's not totally complete, there is much more to come including individual bios for major characters, style sheet pictures and more!

    I think this is a great idea - maybe Kermitage is planning this, with the access Michael has to the archives it might be easy. I hope it comes about somewhere someday !

    www.kermitage.com will have similiar character and ep guides to each of the major shows and specials alongside detailed information on all aspects of the Muppets and Henson as well as, of course, the Collectibles guide.

    Because its a total of almost 290 characters, I'm not sure if I should post it or not, and of course some names need a little bit of correction

    If anyone has any corrections, additions or other information please email webmaster@kermitage.com

  11. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member

    The Count:

    Yeah, go ahead and post em! You never know how the list is going to be edited once it's out of your hands :)
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ultimate Muppet Database

    I already sent my list to Mr. Chapman, so if he objects to this posting, he can always refer to the copy he has. Since scarecroe suggested I post the list, I'll do so here and now:
    1 Alice (SS)
    2 Miss A.M. Goat (SS)
    3 Andy Pig (TMS)
    4 Angela (SS, )
    5 Angus McGargle (TMS)
    6 Animal (TMS)
    7 Annie Sue (TMS)
    8 Architect Doozer (FR)
    9 Aristotle (SS)
    10 Athena (SS)
    11 Baby Bear (SS)
    12 Barkley (SS)
    13 Batty Bat (SS)
    14 Beaker (TMS)
    15 Bean Bunny (TMS)
    16 Benny Bunny (SS)
    17 Beauregard (TMS)
    18 The Beetles (SS)
    19 Bernice the Pigeon (SS)
    20 Bert (SS)
    21 Betty Lou (SS)
    22 Biff (SS)
    23 Big Bird (SS)
    24 Bill the Bubblehead (TMS)
    25 Black Bart (SS)
    26 Blindcher (TMS Movie)
    27 Bob (SS, )
    28 Bobo the Bear Guard (TMS)
    29 Boober Fraggle (FR)
    30 Brad (SS)
    31 Bruce Stringbean (SS)
    32 Bruno (SS)
    33 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (TMS)
    34 The Busby Twins (SS)
    35 Buster the Horse (SS)
    36 Camilla (TMS)
    37 Cantus the Minstrel (FR)
    38 Cecille (SS)
    39 Mr. Chatterly (SS)
    40 Chicago the Lion (SS)
    41 Chip Cat (SS)
    42 Chris & The Alphabeats (SS)
    43 Clarence (SS)
    44 Clementine (SS)
    45 Clifford (TMS)
    46 Clueless Morgan (TMS Movie)
    47 Colambo (SS)
    48 Composta Heap (TMS)
    49 Convincing John (FR)
    50 Cookie Monster (SS)
    51 Cookie Monster's Grandmother (SS)
    52 The Count von Count (SS)
    53 Countess von Backwards (SS)
    54 Countess Dahling von Dahling (SS)
    55 Cousin Monster (SS)
    56 Crazy Harry (TMS)
    57 Cutterpin Doozer (FR)
    58 Cybottom Fraggle (FR)
    59 Cyrranose De Bergerac (SS)
    60 Daddy Dodo (SS Movie)
    61 David (SS, )
    62 David's Grandmother (SS, )
    63 Davy Monkey (SS)
    64 Deena (SS)
    65 Digit (TMS)
    66 The Dinger (SS)
    67 Dip Cat (SS)
    68 Doc (FR, )
    69 Don Music (SS)
    70 Donnie Dodo (SS Movie)
    71 Donnizetti Ferlenghetti (SS)
    72 Droop (TMS)
    73 Eartha Worm, Slimey's Mom (SS)
    74 Elmo (SS)
    75 Ernestine (SS)
    76 Ernie (SS)
    77 Ethel Mermaid (SS)
    78 Farley (SS)
    79 Farley's Mom (SS)
    80 Fatatatita, the Count's cat (SS)
    81 Featherstone (TMS Movie)
    82 Filo (FR)
    83 Miss Finch (SS Movie)
    84 Flo Bear (SS)
    85 Floyd (TMS)
    86 Fluffy the Elephant (SS)
    87 Foo-Foo, Miss Piggy's poodle (TMS)
    88 Forgetful Jones (SS)
    89 Fozzie Bear (TMS)
    90 Fozzie's Mother (TMS)
    91 Frazzle Monster (SS)
    92 Fred the Horse (SS)
    93 Gabriela (SS, )
    94 Gaffer the Cat (TMS)
    95 George the Janitor (TMS)
    96 Gina (SS, )
    97 Gladys the Cow (SS)
    98 Gloria Esterworn (SS)
    99 Gobo Fraggle (FR)
    100 Goldilocks (SS)
    101 Gonzo The Great (TMS)
    102 Gordon (SS, )
    103 Granny Bird (SS)
    104 Granny Fanny Nesselrode (SS)
    105 Grover (SS)
    106 Grover's Mommy (SS)
    107 Grundgetta (SS)
    108 Guy Smiley (SS)
    109 H. Ross Parrot (SS)
    110 Mr. Hanford (SS, )
    111 Harvey Kneeslapper (SS)
    112 Herbert Birdsfoot (SS)
    113 Herry Monster (SS)
    114 Hilda (TMS)
    115 Hiroshi (SS, )
    116Baby Honker (SS)
    117 The Honkers (SS)
    118 Mr. Hooper (SS, )
    119 Hoots the Owl (SS)
    120 Humphrey (SS)
    121 Iago the Donkey (SS)
    122 Ingrid (SS)
    123 Irvine (SS)
    124 Jamal (SS, )
    125 Janice (TMS)
    126 Jerry & The Monotones (SS)
    127 Jo-Jo (TMS)
    128 Joey Monkey (SS)
    129 Sir John Feelgood (SS)
    130 John-John (SS, )
    131 Johnny Fiama (TMS)
    132 Johnny Fiama's Mamma (TMS)
    133 J.P. Grosse (TMS)
    134 Juliette (SS)
    135 Dr. Julius Strangepork (TMS)
    136 Junior Gorg (FR)
    137 Kaylub (SS, )
    138 Kermit The Frog (SS, TMS)
    139 Kingston Livingston III (SS)
    140 Large Marvin (FR)
    141 Leon (TMS)
    142 Lew Zealand (TMS)
    143 Lilian (SS, )
    144 Linda (SS, )
    145 Link Hogthrob (TMS)
    146 Little Bird (SS)
    147 Little Richie (SS)
    148 Louis Kazagger (TMS)
    149 Luis (SS, )
    150 Luis's Uncle (SS, )
    151 Ma Gorg (FR)
    152 Madam Bookkeeper (FR)
    153 Madam Margerie Trash Heap (FR)
    154 Mahna Mahna (TMS)
    155 Mama Bear (SS)
    156 Maria (SS, )
    157 Maria's Mamá (ss, )
    158 Marie Dodo (SS Movie)
    159 The Martians (SS)
    160 Marvin Suggs & The Muppophones (TMS)
    161 Mary Scot & her Little Lamb (SS)
    162 Maureen the Mink (TMS)
    163 Maurice (SS)
    164 Mr. McIntosh (SS, )
    165 Merry Monster (SS)
    166 Merryl Sheep (SS)
    167 Mike (SS, )
    168 Mildred (TMS)
    169 Miles (SS, )
    170 Mokey Fraggle (FR)
    171 Mommy Dodo (SS Movie)
    172 Mona (SS)
    173 Monty Python (SS)
    174 Miss Moussy (TMS)
    175 The Mudman (SS)
    176 Mudwell the Mud Bunny (FR)
    177 Mulch (TMS)
    178 The Amazing Mumford (SS)
    179 The Muppet Newscaster (TMS)
    180 Baby Natasha (SS)
    181 Nick & Nora Chicken (SS, )
    182 Nick Jagger (SS)
    183 Nicky (TMS)
    184 Noah Cowherd (SS)
    185 Dr. Nobel Price (SS)
    186 Numberella (SS)
    187 The Numbers Painter (SS, )
    188 Nygil (TMS)
    189 Nygil's Mom (TMS)
    190 The Oinker Sisters (SS)
    191 Old McDonald (SS)
    192 Olivia (SS, )
    193 Oscar The Grouch (SS)
    194 Oscar's Mother (SS)
    195 Pa Gorg (FR)
    196 Papa Bear (SS)
    197 Pepé (TMS)
    198 Phil Harmonic (SS)
    199 Dr. Phil van Neuter (TMS)
    200 Miss Piggy (TMS)
    201 Placido Flamingo (SS)
    202 Polly Darton (SS)
    203 Polly the Lobster (TMS Movie)
    204 Pops (TMS)
    205 Prairie Dawn (SS)
    206 Preposterous Puppy (SS)
    207 Prince Charming (SS)
    208 Quacker the Duck (SS)
    209 Radar the Teddy Bear (SS)
    210 Randy Pig (TMS)
    211 Red Fraggle (FR)
    212 The Rhymies (SS)
    213 Rizzo The Rat (TMS)
    214 Robin (TMS)
    215 Rock Hockey Hannah (FR)
    216 Rodeo Rosie (SS)
    217 Roosevelt Franklin (SS)
    218 Roosevelt Franklin's Mom (SS)
    219 Rosita (SS)
    220 Rowlf The Dog (TMS)
    221 Roxeanne (SS)
    222 Roxy Marie (SS)
    223 Rubber Duckie (SS)
    224 Ruby (SS)
    225 Rufus (TMS)
    226 King Rupert I (TMS Movie)
    227 King Rupert II (TMS Movie)
    228 Rusty (SS)
    229 Ruthy (SS, )
    230 Sal Manila (TMS)
    231 The Salesman (SS)
    232 Sally Messy Yuckaelle (SS)
    233 Sam & Sid Sleaze Bros. (SS Movie, )
    234 Sam the Eagle (TMS)
    235 Sam the Robot (SS)
    236 Sam the Sounds Man (SS)
    237 Sammy the Snake I (SS)
    238 Sammy the Snake II (SS)
    239 Sammy the Snake III (SS)
    240 Mr. Schneeze (SS)
    241 Mr. Schnook (SS)
    242 Scooter (TMS)
    243 Scuzie (FR)
    244 Selena (SS, )
    245 Seymour (TMS)
    246 Shelley the Turtle (SS)
    247 Sherlock Hemlock (SS)
    248 Slimey The Worm (SS)
    249 The Snowths (TMS)
    250 Mrs. Snuffleupagus (SS)
    251 Snuffy(SS)
    252 Snuffy's Grandmother (SS)
    253 Spot the Pig (SS)
    254 Sprocket (FR)
    255 The Squirrelles (SS)
    256 Statler (TMS)
    257 Sully (SS)
    258 Sunny Friendly (SS)
    259 Super Grover (SS)
    260 Susan (SS, )
    261 The Swedish Chef (TMS)
    262 Sweetums (TMS)
    263 Aunt Taminella the Witch (TMS Movie)
    264 Tammy Swinnette (SS)
    265 Tascha Fraggle (FR)
    266 Dr. Teeth (TMS)
    267 Telly Monster (SS)
    268 Thog (TMS)
    269 The Twiddlebugs (SS)
    270 The Two-Headed Monster (SS)
    271 Uncle Deadly (TMS)
    272 Uncle Matt Fraggle (FR)
    273 Uncle Wally (SS, )
    274 Vincent Twice (SS)
    275 Virginia Wolf (SS)
    276 Waldo (TMS)
    277 Waldorf (TMS)
    278 Wanda Cousteau (SS)
    279 Wanda the Word Fairy (SS, )
    280 Dr. Watson (SS)
    281 Wayne and Wanda (TMS)
    282 Wembley Fraggle (FR)
    283 The Big Bad Wolf (SS)
    284 Wolfgang Seal (SS)
    285 World's Oldest Fraggle (FR)
    286 Xavian (SS, )
    287 Yvette Rat (TMS)
    288 Zelda Rose (TMS)
    289 El Zero (ss, )
    290 Zippity (TMS)
    291 Zippity's Mama (TMS)
    292 Zoe (SS)
    293 Zoot (TMS)
    If anyone feels that ther are any main characters I've forgotten, please feel free to go ahead and add them. BTW: scarecroe: Is your member name supposed to be based on the Scarecrow?

    Have a great summer, the Count.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Originally posted by "statnwaldorf": If anyone has any corrections, additions or other information please email
    webmaster@kermitage.com. The main reason I'm not going to forward you my list is because I don't think it's relevant. I recently visited your site, www.kermitage.com, and saw the individual character listings devoted almost exclusively to the Muppet Show itself. The reason I don't think I'll send you my list via E-mail is because not only does it contain Muppet Show characters, but those from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock as well. If you think of expanding your website's listings to include these other main branches of the Muppet family, then drop me a line to contribute my additions. In the mean time, have a great summer. The Count.
  14. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Well, to be honest...if youre gonna make an ultimate list, youre forgetting a lot of characters...I would say there is well over 1000+ muppet characters. From 1955 to 2002, I would include EVERYTHING except for creature shop and wubbulous world.

    Missing would be Splurge, Lefty, inidividual names for groups(ie: pink martian, blue martian...or male koozebane, female koozebane) and my...the BIG ONE...the third biggest Muppet franchise going...Bear in the Big Blue House!
    Bear, Tutter, Ojo, Treelo, Pip, Pop, Luna, Grandma Flutter,
    Jack the Dog, Ray, Doc Hogg, etc. Also missing are the frackles(boppity, gloat, mo, etc) But its a good start!
  15. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    The list that has debuted on Kermitage is as a compliment to the Episode Guide to the Muppet Show. Therefore it only contains Muppet Show characters. There will however be similar guides to the majority of Henson shows and specials and there will be similar Character Guides to accompany each of those also.

    The list of all "Muppet" Characters is vast, and as we want the site to be as comprehensive as possible we intend to create separate lists for each of the shows. The Muppet Show character Guide for instance has in total many more characters than are on your list which is for all characters, not taking anything away from it as it is fantastic, but in order to include the vast majority of individual puppets we feel it is inevitable to split these up in some form and that, to us, is the most sensible way possible.

    We have had a tremendous response to the character guide, it never ceases to amaze me. A few additions also which will be added and the obvious corrections of things that have managed to slip through the net. We welcome this as it only makes the guide better.

  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    This message's for www.kermitage.com

    In case you didin't get my E-mail, I'm posting my comments here for all to see. Greetings, it is I, the Count.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the support for the list I posted a while back. If the mentioning of some characters has been omitted, it's probably because
    I don't know who those characters are. For example: The Frackles, but this is being slowly corrected with the addition of other characters. There's one
    contribution I can make to your site though. I thought of three TMS characters you're missing, all from the Jonathan Winters episode.
    First, there's the two white Conehead-like aliens that come into Winters' dressing room. I remember one of them saying "My name is Jonathan Winters" right
    in the man's face. The actor just responded "Oh, Steve Martin, you wild and crazy guy." or something along those lines. I now know that said alien was
    voiced by Frank Oz after watching a Gorp segment on SNL, being broadcasted on E! Entertainment TV.
    Second, there's the gypsy muppet paid off by Winters himself to curse the rest of the Muppet cast. The most notable symptom of her curse was when every
    Muppet started speaking mock-Swedish at the end of the episode. I hope this helps to make your site better and greater. Have a good day.
  17. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member

    Hey there Mr. Count!

    Thanks for the additions - we've been working on those characters as a matter of fact. I sent M&M some video material of these and other characters so that they can be added soon enough!
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppet Listing 2.0

    Here's my new and revised Muppet master listing. It includes members from the three main franchises: Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and The Muppet Show with additions from Muppets Tonight as a sub-branch. Bear in the Big Blue House isn't included because even this website placed it in the "Other Henson Productions" or "Muppet Worlds" section. This is only part 1.

    1 Alan (SS, Alan Muraoka)
    2 Alice Snuffleupagus (SS)
    3 Aloysius "Snuffy" Snuffleupagus (SS)
    4 Miss A.M. Goat (SS)
    5 The Amazing Mumford (SS)
    6 Andy Pig (MT)
    7 Angela (SS, Angel Jemmott)
    8 Angus McGonnicle (TMS)
    9 Animal (TMS)
    10 Annie Sue (TMS)
    11 Architect Doozer (FR)
    12 Aristotle (SS)
    13 Astoria (TMS)
    14 Athena (SS)

    15 Baby Bear (SS)
    16 Barkley (SS)
    17 Bart, Bert's Brother (SS)
    18 Batty Bat (SS)
    19 Beaker (TMS)
    20 Bean Bunny (TMS)
    21 The Beast (FR)
    22 Begoony (FR)
    23 Benny Bunny (SS)
    24 Beauregard (TMS)
    25 The Beetles (SS)
    26 Bernice the Pigeon (SS)
    27 Bert (SS)
    28 Beth Bear (TMS Movie)
    29 Betty Lou (SS)
    30 Mr. Between (SS)
    31 Biff (SS)
    32 Big Bird (SS)
    33 Bill the Bubble Guy (MT)
    34 Black Bart (SS)
    35 Blind Pew (TMS Movie)
    36 Blue Bird (SS)
    37 Bob (SS, Bob McGrath)
    38 Bobby Benson (TMS)
    39 Bobo the Bear Guard (MT)
    40 Boober Fraggle (FR)
    41 Brad (SS)
    42 Brio the Minstrel (FR)
    43 Brool the Minstrel (FR)
    44 Bruce Stringbean (SS)
    45 Bruno (SS)
    46 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (TMS)
    47 The Busby Twins (SS)
    48 Buster the Horse (SS)

    49 Camilla (TMS)
    50 Cantus the Minstrel (FR)
    51 Captain Vegetable (SS)
    52 Carlo (SS, Carlo Alban)
    53 Cecille (SS)
    54 Celina (SS, Annette Calud)
    55 Mr. Chatterly (SS)
    56 Chester Rat (TMS Movie)
    57 Chicago the Lion (SS)
    58 Chip Cat (SS)
    59 Chris & The Alphabeats (SS)
    60 Clarence (SS)
    61 Clementine (SS)
    62 Clifford (TMS)
    63 Clueless Morgan (TMS Movie)
    64 Colambo (SS)
    65 Composta Heap (MT)
    66 Convincing John (FR)
    67 Cookie Monster (SS)
    68 Cookie Monster's Grandmother (SS)
    69 Cotterpin Doozer (FR)
    70 The Count von Count (SS)
    71 Countess von Backwards (SS)
    72 Countess Dahling von Dahling (SS)
    73 Cousin Monster (SS)
    74 Crazy Harry (TMS)
    75 Cyrranose De Bergerac (SS)

    76 Daddy Dodo (SS Movie)
    77 Darlene (SS)
    78 David (SS, Northern Calloway)
    79 David's Grandmother (SS, Clarice Taylor)
    80 David Hogselhoff (MT)
    81 Davey Monkey (SS)
    82 Deena (SS)
    83 Detective Dave (SS)
    84 Digit (TMS)
    85 The Dinger (SS)
    86 Dip Cat (SS)
    87 Doc (FR, Gerry Parkes)
    88 Doctor Livingstone (SS)
    89 Don Dula (SS)
    90 Don Music (SS)
    91 Donnie Dodo (SS Movie)
    92 Donnizetti Ferlenghetti (SS)
    93 Droop (TMS)
    94 Dusty, Slimey's Dad (SS)

    95 Eartha, Slimey's Mom (SS)
    96 Elizabeth (SS)
    97 Elmo (SS)
    98 Mrs. Emily Bear, Fozzie's Mom (TMS
    99 Ernestine (SS)
    100 Ernie (SS)
    101 Ethel Mermaid (SS)

    102 Farley (SS)
    103 Farley's Mom (SS)
    104 Fatatatita, the Count's cat (SS)
    105 Featherstone (TMS Movie)
    106 Miss Finch (SS Movie)
    107 Firefighter Jackson (SS)
    108 Flo Bear (SS)
    109 Floyd Pepper (TMS)
    110 Fluffy the Elephant (SS)
    111 Foo-Foo, Miss Piggy's poodle (TMS)
    112 Forgetful Jones (SS)
    113 Fozzie Bear (TMS)
    114 Frazzle Monster (SS)
    115 Fred the Horse (SS)

    116 Gabriella (SS, Desiree Casado)
    117 Gaffer the Cat (TMS)
    118 George the Janitor (TMS)
    119 Gina (SS, Alison Bartlett O'Reilly)
    120 Gladys the Cafeteria Lady (TMS)
    121 Gladys the Cow (SS)
    122 Gloria Esterworn (SS)
    123 Gobo Fraggle (FR)
    124 Goldilocks (SS)
    125 Gonzo The Great (TMS)
    126 Google (SS)
    127 Gordon (SS, Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, Roscoe Orman)
    128 Granny Bird (SS)
    129 Granny Fanny Nesselrode (SS)
    130 Grover (SS)
    131 Grover's Mommy (SS)
    132 Grungetta (SS)
    133 Gunge (FR)
    134 Gus (SS)
    135 Guy Smiley (SS)

    136 H. Ross Parrot (SS)
    137 Mr. Handford (SS, Leonard Jackson, David Langston Smyrl)
    138 Harvey Kneeslapper (SS)
    139 Henchy Fraggle (FR)
    140 Herbert Birdsfoot (SS)
    141 Hercules, Herry's doll (SS)
    142 Hero Guy (SS)
    143 Herry Monster (SS)
    144 Hilda (TMS)
    145 Hiroshi (SS, Gedde Watanabe)
    146Baby Honker (SS)
    147 The Honkers (SS)
    148 Mr. Hooper (SS, Will Lee)
    149 Hoots the Owl (SS)
    150 How Now Brown Cow and the Moo Wave (SS)
    151 Humphrey, Baby Natasha's Daddy (SS)

    152 Iago the Donkey (SS)
    153 Ingrid, Baby Natasha's Mommy (SS)
    154 Irvine (SS)

    156 Jamal (SS, Jou Jou Papallier)
    157 Janice (TMS)
    158 Jojo (TMS)
    159 Joey Monkey (SS)
    160 Sir John Feelgood (SS)
    161 John-John (SS, )
    162 Johnny Fiama (MT)
    163 Mr. Johnson (SS)
    164 J.P. Grosse (TMS)
    165 Juliette (SS)
    166 Dr. Julius Strangepork (TMS)
    167 Junior Gorg (FR)

    168 Kayla (SS, Rachael or Syvae McDaniel)
    169 Kermit The Frog (SS, TMS)
    170 Kingston Livingston III (SS)

    171 Lanford, Mokey's pet plant (FR)
    172 Large Marvin Fraggle (FR)
    173 Lefty the Salesman (SS)
    174 Leon (TMS)
    175 Lew Zealand (TMS)
    176 Lilian (SS, Lillias White)
    177 Linda (SS, Linda Bove)
    178 Link Hogthrob (TMS)
    179 Little Bird (SS)
    180 Little Green Riding Hood (SS)
    181 Little Jerry & The Monotones: Big Jeffy (SS)
    182 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Chrissy (SS)
    183 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Little Jerry (SS)
    184 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Rockin' Richard (SS)
    185 Little Murray Sparkles, Elizabeth's cat (SS)
    186 Little Richie (SS)
    187 Louis Kazagger (TMS)
    188 Luis (SS, Emilio Delgado)
    189 Luis's Uncle (SS, )
    190 Lulu (SS)

    Check out this listing's continuation in part 2!
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppet Listing 2.0 Pt. 2

    Well, here's the rest of my Muppet master listing.

    191 Ma Gorg (FR)
    192 Mad Monty (TMS Movie)
    193 Madam Marjorie Trash Heap (FR)
    194 Mahna Mahna (TMS)
    195 Mama Bear (SS)
    196 Mama Fiama (MT)
    197 María (SS, Sonia Manzano)
    198 María's Mamá (ss, )
    199 Marie Dodo (SS Movie)
    200 Marketing Office Frogs: Bill (TMS Movie)
    201 Marketing Office Frogs: Gill (TMS Movie)
    202 Marketing Office Frogs: Jill (TMS Movie)
    203 The Martians (SS)
    204 Marvin Suggs & The Muppaphones (TMS)
    205 Mary Monster (SS)
    206 Mary Scot & her Little Lamb (SS)
    207Mastersine Rat (TMS Movie)
    208 Maureen the Mink (TMS Movie)
    209 Maurice (SS)
    210 Mr. McIntosh (SS, Chet O'Brien)
    211 Mel (SS)
    212 Merboo Merggle (FR)
    213 Merkey Merggle (FR)
    214 Mermer Merggle (FR)
    215 Merple Merggle (FR)
    216 Merryl Sheep (SS)
    217 Mervin Merggle (FR)
    218 Mike (SS, Wally Saxton)
    219 Mildred Huxtetter (TMS)
    220 Miles (SS, Miles Orman, Imani Patterson)
    221 Mokey Fraggle (FR)
    222 Molly the Mail Lady (SS, Charlotte Rae)
    223 Mommy Dodo (SS Movie)
    224 Mona (SS)
    225 Monty Python (SS)
    226 Miss Moussy (TMS)
    227 The Mudman (SS)
    228 Mudwell the Mudbunny (FR)
    229 Mulch (TMS, MT)
    230 Muppy (TMS)
    231 Murray the Minstrel (FR)
    232 The Mutation (TMS)

    233 Narf (SS)
    234 Baby Natasha (SS)
    235 The Newsman (TMS)
    236 Nick & Nora Chicken (SS, )
    237 Nick Jagger (SS)
    238 Nigel, the Control Room Director (MT)
    239 Nigel, the Control Room Director's Mom (MT)
    240 Nigel, the Orchestra Conductor (TMS)
    241 Noel Cowherd (SS)
    242 Dr. Nobel Price (SS)
    243 Numberella (SS)
    244 The Number Painter (SS, Paul Benedict)

    245 The Oinker Sisters (SS)
    246 Old McDonald (SS)
    247 Olivia (SS, Alaina Reed Hall)
    248 Oscar The Grouch (SS)
    249 Oscar's Mother (SS)
    250 Over the Top (SS)

    251 Pa Gorg (FR)
    252 Papa Bear (SS)
    253 Pepé (MT)
    254 Phil Harmonic (SS)
    255 Dr. Phil van Neuter (MT)
    256 Philo (FR)
    257 Phoebe (SS)
    258 Miss Piggy (TMS)
    259 Placido Flamingo (SS)
    260 Polly Darton (SS)
    261 Polly the Lobster (TMS Movie)
    262 Pops (TMS)
    263 Prairie Dawn (SS)
    264 Preposterous Puppy (SS)
    265 Prince Charming (SS)

    266 Quacker the Duck (SS)

    267 Radar the Teddy Bear (SS)
    268 Randy Pig (MT)
    269 Red Fraggle (FR)
    270 The Rhymies: Barry (SS)
    271 The Rhymies: Larry (SS)
    272 The Rhymies: Mary (SS)
    273 Rizzo The Rat (TMS)
    274 Robin (TMS)
    275 Rock Hockey Hannah (FR)
    276 Rodeo Rosie (SS)
    277 Roosevelt Franklin (SS)
    278 Roosevelt Franklin's Mom (SS)
    279 Rosita (SS)
    280 Rowlf The Dog (TMS)
    281 Roxanne (SS)
    282 Roxie Marie (SS)
    283 Rubber Duckie (SS)
    284 Ruby (SS)
    285 Rufus the Dwarf (TMS)
    286 Rufus the Poodle, from Hey Cinderella (TMS Movie)
    287 King Rupert, from Hey Cinderella (TMS Movie)
    288 King Rupert, from The Frog Prince (TMS Movie)
    289 Rusty (SS)
    290 Ruthie (SS, Ruth Buzzi)

    291 Sal Manila (TMS)
    292 Sally Messy Yuckaelle (SS)
    293 Sam the Eagle (TMS)
    294 Sam the Robot (SS)
    295 Sam the Sounds Man (SS)
    296 Sammy the Snake, the striped snake (SS)
    297 Sammy the Snake, the diamondback (SS)
    298 Sammy the Snake, the rattlesnake (SS)
    299 Savion (SS, Savion Glover)
    300 Mr. Schneeze (SS)
    301 Mr. Schnook (SS)
    302 Scooter (TMS)
    303 Seymour (MT)
    304 Sheldon the Turtle (SS)
    305 Sherlock Hemlock (SS)
    306 Sherry Netherland (SS)
    307 Sidebottom Fraggle (FR)
    308 Sinister Sam (SS)
    309 The Sleaze Bros.: Sam Sleaze (SS Movie, Dave Thomas)
    310 The Sleaze Bros.: Sid Sleaze (SS Movie, Joe Flaherty)
    311 Slimey The Worm (SS)
    312 Sloppy, Slimey's Baby Sister (SS)
    313 The Snowman (TMS Movie)
    314 The Snowths (TMS)
    315 Mrs. Snuffleupagus (SS)
    316 Snuffy's Grandmother (SS)
    317 Spa'Am (TMS Movie)
    318 Spamela Hamderson (MT)
    319 Splurge (TMS Movie)
    320 Spot the Pig (SS)
    321 Sprocket (FR)
    322 The Squirrelles (SS)
    323 Statler (TMS)
    324 Stella (SS)
    325 Storyteller Fraggle (FR)
    326 Sully (SS)
    327 Sunny Friendly (SS)
    328 Super Baby (SS)
    329 Super Grover (SS)
    330 Susan (SS, )Loretta Long
    331 The Swedish Chef (TMS)
    332 Sweetums (TMS)

    333 Tamanilla Grinderfall (TMS Movie)
    334 Tammy Swinnette (SS)
    335 Tattooey Rat (TMS Movie)
    336 Taxi Driver MacGillicuddy (SS)
    337 Dr. Teeth (TMS)
    338 Telly Monster (SS)
    339 Dr. Thad and the Medications (SS)
    340 Thog (TMS)
    341 Tosh Fraggle (FR)
    342 The Trumpet Lady (TMS)
    343 The Twiddlebugs: Teddy, the son (SS)
    344 The Twiddlebugs: Tessie, the mother (SS)
    345 The Twiddlebugs: Thomas, the father (SS)
    346 The Twiddlebugs: Tina, the daughter (SS)
    347 The Two-Headed Monster (SS)

    348 The Ultragorgon (TMS Movie)
    349 Uncle Deadly (TMS)
    350 Uncle Gobo, Gobo's Granduncle (FR)
    351 Uncle "Traveling" Matt Fraggle (FR)
    352 Uncle Wally (SS, Bill McCutcheon)

    353 Vincent Twice (SS)
    354 Virginia Wolf (SS)

    355 Waldo (TMS)
    356 Waldorf (TMS)
    357 Wanda Cousteau (SS)
    358 Wanda the Word Fairy (SS, Pam Arciero, Andrea Martin)
    359 Wander McMooch (FR)
    360 Warren Wolf (SS)
    361 Dr. Watson (SS)
    362 Wayne and Wanda (TMS)
    363 Wembley Fraggle (FR)
    364 Willy the Hot Dog Man (SS, Kermit Love)
    365 Wolfgang Seal (SS)
    366 The World's Oldest Fraggle (FR)

    367 Xavier (SS)
    368 Cowboy X (SS)

    369 Yelba (SS, )
    370 Yolanda Rat (TMS Movie)

    371 Zelda Rose (TMS)
    372 Señor Zero (ss, Emilio Delgado)
    373 Zippity-Zap (MT)
    374 Zippity-Zap's Mama (MT)
    375 Zoe (SS)
    376 Zoot (TMS)

    True enough, this listing still isn't complete and that's why I'd appreciate all the help you guys can contribute to this worthy cause. If you know of a specific character I left out, please send me a message via E-mail with "Muppet Listing" as the subject with its name, full description, or a picture of the character; or post it here if you feel more comfortable that way. Thanks in advance for all your added help.

    Sincerely, the Count.

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