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Animal Photo Puppet: So which one is it?

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by CyberSteak, May 31, 2007.

  1. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

  2. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    They are the same puppet but one is an awful photo that does not do it any justice...
  3. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    which one is the one you consider awful? I'm not so sure they are the same. The one in the newsletter appears to be a more current version of the muppet (less hair).
  4. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    The one that looks odd is the picture from the website.....he just looks off. I think that the one in the news letter is a lot better but the nose looks a bit small. I think its the same with Kermit. He looked rubbish in some pictures, well all pictures MR took of him he looked bad. The best photos of Kermit are the ones the guys from the forums have posted. What do you think
  5. BigDumbWookiee

    BigDumbWookiee Well-Known Member

  6. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    Maybe they should let the fans take the pics as it seems we are a bit better! In our opinion! Im off now guys..I gotta a huge delivery to sort out. Good night or good day.
  7. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Your are right Cybersteak, they are 2 different Animal's.

    The pic in the newsletter is of Terry Angus' Animal that he sent as the master. Travis confirmed this in the other thread. On that Animal, Terry said the nose was too small, but he sent instructions for the factory to fix it in production.

    The pic they've got on the site is a factory sample (the same Animal that Travis shared pictures of here), but it doesn't look like they paid any attention to Terry's notes, as Animals' nose still looks a bit too small.

    Travis also said they're still working on a few things, hopefully his nose will be the right size by the time Animal arrives in our homes.

  8. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing that up.........sorry there Cybersteak, I was wrong.
  9. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    they both look bad to me...
  10. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling that as the head and clothes werent right, that they might of super imposed Terry's prototype Animal head onto an Animal body for the pre order photo.Could be wrong though, but they have to get a correct image somehow, and if the factory sample isnt correct, that is one way how they could get a picture, by taking the best bits of all the samples and making one.
  11. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Well-Known Member

    There is no photo trickery... the photo in the newsletter is Terry's original prototype. The one on the site is the factory's FIRST sample. Changes are still being made to this one...

    The image in the link below IS photoshopped... It's the image I sent to our PD department, where I showed them the changes that need to be made to Animal's eyes and nose... These changes have been sent on to the factory, and are being worked on.

  12. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    Cool! Thanks Travis.
  13. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    Wow......that looks so much better. We all have faith in you guys, I can say for everyone here how much we appreciate MR making these replicas.
  14. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

  15. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    To be honest....after the amazing quality of Kermit, the whole line is sold to me no matter how poor the prototypes look.
  16. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I knew something looked a little weird on him. It was his eye postioned. Thanks Travis for everything you and your company has done for us Fans even you.
  17. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    yeah same here man! ;)
  18. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

  19. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I am also so glad to hear that Animals nose grew some more! hehehe. And he had nothing to lie about like his other puppet counterpart Pinocchio.
  20. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    You know Jim Henson said he would always watch over the eyes being done on the muppets because he said that was he most important thing.
    And if you don't have the eye placement correct it's going to look odd and boy was he right! :)

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