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animatronics / matte paintings / over-long pre-production at Disney

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Starchamberfall, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Starchamberfall

    Starchamberfall Well-Known Member

    Recently managed to see Island at the Top of the World for the first time.
    They spent a bundle, worked for years, hired Maurice Jarre to compose the soundtrack but the film didn't find its niche.


    According to this formidable matte painting blog,


    the film's animatronic killer whales trump Jaws' animated shark. I readily agree, but not everyone is that impressed, I've learned:

    Then I realised, "Well, it's the overall film-making that stands, even if the effects are less cool" as is the case for Jaws vs. this, earlier film. Disney spliced in stock footage (or maybe special footage of their own) of the real animal; that didn't help. And, I guess, the movement of the killer whale to and from the little crew is too smooth (and pure 70's Disney!)

    My favourite part of the clip is at 1:36. How can you top that, effects-wise?

    The film's miniature work is also, at key points, unexcelled anywhere:


    and of course there is now a full-scale reproduction of the Hyperion airship at Disneyland France (the balloon pilot character in the film is French)

    Could have gone to that park and didn't! Hahaha! Preferred to see more of the Louvre.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017

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