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Announcing the MuppetCast

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by stephenjlizard, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    So I just barely came across the Muppetcast last night and oh boy! THANK YOU STEPHEN! I have a really boring job that allows me to listen to my iPod and listening to the most recent podcast sure made at least an hour of it go by like it was nothing! I'm currently downloading the rest and I'm so excited to listen to them and catch up!

    It's all wonderfully done and like the inclusion of familiar Muppet background music in the background and clips from Sesame Street.

    Keep it up! I just love it!:insatiable: :super:
  2. stephenjlizard

    stephenjlizard Well-Known Member

    Hi Dr. Bombay!

    Certainly will do. Glad to have you aboard! Don't ever hesitate to write or call in if you have any questions or comments.
  3. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    dR. Bombay! It's great to see you here again! And so glad you found the podcast. It is wonderful isn't it?
  4. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I know my posting seriously dropped off in the past couple years but I'm sure now that I have these podcasts to entertain me at work I'll be on here more often:D :super:
  5. DearNephewMike

    DearNephewMike New Member

    Steve, I'm still catching up on the archived episodes of the Muppetcast, and just listened to #15. "Let Me Be Your Song" is one of my favorite Muppet songs, and I have to say you nailed it! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the unplugged covers.
  6. stephenjlizard

    stephenjlizard Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I'm working on a new batch right now.
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I thought of a good idea for a podcast episode, or at least for a Muppet Montage. My idea is a show/montage of Muppet promos. I'm not talking about ones that had newly-recorded footage, but promos for television shows, movies, specials, and videos. TV and video promos. What do you think of this, Steve?
  8. stephenjlizard

    stephenjlizard Well-Known Member

    I like this a lot! I'll try to find some interesting material like that and use it in the future.
  9. The Muppetcast

    I discovered the Muppetcast several months ago, and have only just now caught up to the most recent one.

    They are great, but it's okay to take a break once in a while. You still do the show when you're away in Disneyworld, and even when your computer dies! How can you expect people to ever get caught up if you never take a break?

    I'm just kidding. Good job, I've learned a lot from your muppetcast, and am amazed at the guests you've been able to get.
  10. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    There was a Fisher Price talking Muppet Show book that was voiced by the Muppeteers. That would be a great MuppetCast!

    Also, there was a couple of Fraggle Rock audio stories, performed by the cast too! Would be awesome to hear on the cast!

    Would love to hear some dedicated to certain performers songs. i.e a Jerry Nelson special cast. Full of songs by him, I know some of his 'outside of work' performances are floating around too!

    Loving them so far!
  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Pokes at the ghost of BlueFrackle...um is that really you? :coy:
  12. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    For all you Fans who enjoy the Muppetcast, why not go over to itunes, become a member, and write a review, so not only is it reviewed here, but on itunes so outsiders know how good it is as well.
  13. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    Jamie, It is me! I regularly lurk and read, just never post that much!
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *stumbles into thread upon noticing who posted in it last* BlueFrackle? I guess that IS really you as it's the same blue frackle I always picture you as!

    Bea:zany:{How've you been, man?}regard
  15. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    So it's been about a month and a half and I'm finally caught up on Muppetcasts! Yaaaaay! It was awesome to hear the progression and formation of the show which I don't think listeners who began at the beginning would catch straight off...it's a great show and I hope it lasts forever!
  16. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    If anyone wants any of the older episodes i do have them still saved on my computer. I just would enjoy having these to listen to when i go somewhere or with someone to listen too. I'm thinking (if their CD player isn't broke in their car) i'll take some along for us and a couple of my friends to listen too.
  17. KermmieBaby

    KermmieBaby Member


    Hey there!

    Steve from the Muppetcast suggested that I drop a post in this section to introduce myself. I'm new to the boards, but have been a semi-regular contributor to the 'cast. I'm usually e-mailing with product finds or talking about my Muppet-loving daughter. I won't be able to do it as much as I'd like, but I look forward to joining in the fun here. Thanks & have fun!

  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Steve. Thought I'd post this here, the main MuppetCast thread since you'll probably start the individual thread for Episode 82. Thing is, I'm having trouble accessing the show. When I go to the MuppetCast's home site, I usually find the Graphic Icon for Podpress, the link just above the line that says which numbered episode is currently featured and how long it lasts. Well, after clicking on that my Windows Media Player program doesn't seem to want to cooperate. The episode keeps cutting out on me after a few seconds, I have to keep pressing Ctrl+P to play, heck, I haven't even made it past the Electric Mayhem intro to the show proper. Hope this helps you fix the sitch and I hope to listen to the newest episode soon.

    Thanks :sing: :flirt: :sympathy:

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