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Another "My Collection" Post :)

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Hartley, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Hartley

    Hartley Member

    Hi everyone, I've finally got all my figures properly displayed so I thought I'd show them off :)

    The whole collection, in two Ikea Detolf cabinets (it's like they were designed for these figures!)
    First shelf, Jim has a nice jam with some of the band, while Fozzie provides the laughs. But what's Grover doing by that phone box??
    That explains it, Harry's causing trouble, but Patrol Fozzie, Adventure Kermit and SU-per Grover are on the case. Waldorf and Statler oblivious of course.
    Business as usual backstage.
    Ladies and gentlemen, The Electric Mayhem!
    Kitchen katastrophes!
    Lots of Gonzos in here!
    Spooky goings on in the Lab... At least Marvin Suggs is providing some light relief (although the Muppaphones probably disagree)
    And finally, Gonzo is giving Camilla a tour of the Swinetrek.
    Thanks for looking!
    Dearth likes this.
  2. los

    los Active Member

    Nice collection. Can't wait to get a detolf to display my collection too
    Hartley likes this.

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