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Any one find Gonzo and Rizzo's friendship adorable?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by GonzoRizo, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. GonzoRizo

    GonzoRizo Member

    I've been enjoying it all movies ^^
  2. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    I think it's kind of weird that their friendship started with the fourth muppet movie, even though both were in featured in Muppets Take Manhatten and also on The Muppet Show.

    But sometimes ideas come up later for characters.
  3. janicegroupie

    janicegroupie Well-Known Member

    I love their friendship. It seems so genuine. They really play well off each other. Them singing It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year on the new Muppet Christmas cd has become on of my favorite Muppet song performances ever it always brings a smile to my face. It has been quite interesting to watch their friendship develop over the years and I hope to see it grow more in coming years.

    RKUNKLER Well-Known Member

    I always liked :concern: friendship with Rizzo. Its genuine, funny and they get along great. They are 2 guys who understand each other like only they can.
  5. PhsychoChimp

    PhsychoChimp Well-Known Member

    In the Senor Wences episode of the Muppet Show, Rizzo pops up infront of Gonzo, and Gonzo pulls the rat to his body. This was because Rizzo was accidently on Stage.
  6. GonzoRizo

    GonzoRizo Member

    Now that's funny, I'll have to watch the episode. LOL At Rizzo being on at the wrong time. Anyways I think there friendship started at Muppets Take Manhatten if you notice Rizzo is helping Gonzo during one scene when he's practicing his dance moves.
  7. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    While Rizzo is one of my top favorite Muppets and I DO love his friendship he's got going with Gonzo, I do miss Gonzo's relationship with Camilla. I wonder what went wrong? Oh well! Rizzo's considered one of the main Muppets now! Yay!
  8. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    Rizzo and Gonzo--very much ideal friendship. :3
  9. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    I don't think anything "went wrong" with Gonzo and Camilla's relationship, they've just been doing a lot of adaptations lately and maybe there just hasn't really been much of a role for Camilla right now. Their relationship was featured in the Muppets Wizard of Oz though! So I believe they are still going strong.

    As for Rizzo and Gonzo. I think it could have just happened that when Gonzo was assigned the narrator in MCC, they needed to give him a sidekick for comedic purposes. Gonzo often needs someone to play off of to really enhance his personality. And Rizzo seemed like the perfect fit. Their chemistry worked so well they continued it to MTI as well. I also believe it has a lot to do with how well Dave Goelz and Steve Whitmire work off each other. They've had great chemistry since early on with Fraggle Rock also.
  10. PhsychoChimp

    PhsychoChimp Well-Known Member

    Rizzo's first friendship will have to belong to good old Beau. But, in the later season and the JHH, Rizzo and Gonzo devoloped.
  11. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Yeah! It's partly because Dave a Steve work so well together. Just like Frank and Jim work so well or Jerry and Richard.
  12. muppetsforlife

    muppetsforlife Well-Known Member

    Yeah the two of them seem to work really well together. Seeing the two of them together is my favorite part of MCC and MTI cause it just works.

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