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Anyone ever buy a Terry Angus puppet on eBay?

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by Rugby, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Rugby

    Rugby Well-Known Member

    I see one guy has bought two of them. Seems to always get them for 200 bucks even. How are his puppets? Do they feel very muppety? That's got to be the closest thing to the real deal you can buy. I always want to go deep into the world of making my own muppet style puppets, but just don't have time anymore or the skill and knowledge needed to cut, fit, and hand sew fleece and how to make the joints, mouths, head and jaw and how to get the material in the mouth so it is folded under without the frayed end sticking out. (You can't turn certain puppets inside out, so sometimes you can't sew the mouth together and flip it inside out.)

    Anyway, just thinking I will for sure be winning his next puppet. I would guess it will have a Christmas theme like last year. Money is no object. If I want it, it's mine. :D
  2. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    Terry's work is incredible... if I had the spare money lying around I'd pick myself up one. His vampire that he had up recently was just incredible -- the next best thing to the Count.
  3. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    I highly recommend Terry's puppets. They are spectacular! Pictures just don't do them justice. Although, Terry is very clever with the picture taking and story line. That's one of my favorite things about Terry. He doesn't just build a puppet, he builds a character.

    I wonder if everyone who has bought one of Terry's puppets has kept the name and characteristics that he originally gave them? Just curious.
  4. fragglerockr

    fragglerockr Well-Known Member

    Angus Puppets


    I can also vouch for Terry's work. While I've never bought one of his puppets on Ebay, I commissioned him to make a puppet to my specifications. He was totally cool to work with. I gave him the colors I wanted, type of character, and an approximate description and he came back with an awesome design. Kept me updated on progress and sent me photos of the building progress.

    Matter of fact, he later built a similar copy of the puppet he built for me, and auctioned it off on Ebay. It sold pretty well I think.

    As far as construction goes he does a good job. Loads of personality goes into each puppet and the mouths are designed for really good control and lip synch!

    (Terry, now you can pay me that bribe money! Just kidding...just make me a copy of Gobo and we'll call it even...hahahahahaha!)

    Anyway, if you're thinking about buying one of his puppets, do it! It's probably the closest you will come to an actual Muppet!


  5. Tztz

    Tztz Well-Known Member

    :) :)
    i once almost bought a puppet of him on ebay, but i didnt had the budget :(
  6. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    How much did it cost for him to make u a puppet? I've been willing to ask him if he could make a couple of puppets for a show but didn't know how much he ask for. Could u help me out here?
  7. Tztz

    Tztz Well-Known Member

    i guess that at least around 200.. but i guess it woth it :halo:
  8. scarylarrywolf

    scarylarrywolf Well-Known Member

    I know that Ryan (aka: Scooter) has bought one or two. Check with him.

    --"Scary" LArry Wolf
  9. fragglerockr

    fragglerockr Well-Known Member

    Angus Puppet...

    Well it seriously depends on what you want him to make. Some of his puppets have gone on Ebay for upwards of $400.00 which is very low for what most professional puppet designers charge. The $200.00 puppets are a real steal if you can get one on Ebay for that much. My particular puppet could go for a lot more. He put in a good deal of effort on him!

    For example, I was talking with a puppet builder recently (used to work in the Muppet workshop) who told me he would charge about $1,000- 2,000 for puppets similar in style to Bert and Ernie (hand and rod style puppet). Another builder I had conversations with told me one of his latest creations went for about 8 grand!!! That just gives you an idea.

    As far as Terry's pricing goes, you really need to contact him and discuss what you want with him personally. He's a great guy and does great work. Just know, professionally built puppets aren't cheap. I wouldn't contact him if you only have, say...$50.00 bucks to spend on both puppets. Materials are expensive and the poor guy barely charges anything for his labor time involved!


  10. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I figured it wouldn't cost 50 it would cost more then that. I just wanted to know. I email him a while back and I asked if he could be a certian character but I should know he either would think about it or couldn't do it. I understand but since I'm trying to get my own kind of puppets I wanted to see how much he would build it. I work so I get paid every other week. I just didn't want to ask him to build something then him have to wait for mos to the money. I know I had his email but I seem to find it. Does anyone here know Terry's Email?

    FISH'N'WOLFE Well-Known Member

    Go here to get a whole bunch of info on Terry such as his bio, puppets he's built, and his email address: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Stage/5617/

  12. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member

    The above is correct, or you can just type in Terry Angus, hit search, and everything will come right up. If you're googling. His company is Butch G. Cat Productions and he's in Canada.
    email - butchg@hfx,eastlink.ca. :cool:
  13. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone.

    It's been a long while but I am back. I have been very, very busy within the last few months trying to finish two projects. One was for the City Of Halifax's Tree Lighting festival and the other was to finish the puppets I had started for this school in New Brunswick which ended up being very, very late because of the hard time I had back in the last couple of months. The New Brunswick people where a little upset with me and I can't blame them. Anyway the whole thing is all over and I am now a little bit freer.

    A few weeks ago Phil sent me a link to this post and because I was so very busy I could not even take the time to respond to the post. Well I am now going to try and fix that. I apologize for not getting back to you guys sooner. The day that I viewed the post I was very tired but it very much made my day and I am so very glad that everyone thought so very highly of my work. By the way Fragglerockr, you checks in the mail. Just kidding.

    Here are the answers for some of the questions that where asked. My puppets to be honest are worth $700 to $1000.00 but I knew that the general public could not afford such high prices so I ended up cutting my labor cost and had most of the reserves at 200 and up depending on what the puppet was. Around here in Canada TV puppetry is at an all time Low and there are bigger companies that get most of the building jobs so I had to go the ebay angle and it did indeed help with my bring in the bread and butter. It also Helps that my wife works at two part time jobs too. Thanks to eBay I have had a few commission jobs too.

    So in a nut shell that's the ebay story. One of the things that I thought that would make my ebay puppets stand out a bit was to give them a story and that seems to work a bit too. At the very least I have given people something to enjoy with the pictures of the puppets doing things. It helped that being a puppeteer. I knew how to set up all of the puppet shots to make them look as alive as possible.

    The web site address that was posted is indeed my web page and still there. One of these days i do plan on making a page that will show all of the ebay puppets that I have ever made. The only problem is getting the time to do it. Now it's also been asked what my e-mail is and it's butchg@hfx.eastink.ca .

    Right now I am trying to build a puppet to go up on ebay and yes it has a Christmas theme to it. It may take a wee bit of time as my mother is visiting us right now. Once I have it up I'll let you guys know. After I am done with that I may take some time off for Christmas and then after that i will be back to building for people. There are a couple of people that have wrote to me and I'll return your e-mails soon.

    Thank you guys very much and I'll see you all later

    Terry Angus
  14. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Hi Terry, long time, no type ;)

    I just saw Argon Quest for the first time (just purchased it on Ebay) and I love it! Sydney is terrific!

    Did you happen to get my email about a possible Candy rebuild after Xmas?
  15. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Proud owner

    Oh! oh! I have a Terry Angus Puppet!!! I got Sabastain P Frog, he's a blue old frog puppet that looks like he came right from the Muppets, i have made him to be Kermits older cousin, i kept his name but i made his personalty more younger, i feel i gave him the Steve's Turkey voice and additued from MFC. That's how I made his personality. He's so much fun and he makes a lot of head's turn!

    I'm doing a show with him and my Kermit puppet at a church next Sunday in front of the whole mass! :) i'm happy and scared at the same time! :eek: :excited: :concern: :)
  16. Tztz

    Tztz Well-Known Member

    can you put a photo? :)
  17. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    No I'm sorry, I used to have the picture's saved from when it was on ebay but my computer blew up (really it blew up) in the end of last Aug. There was nothing real important on my comp so i just had the fix it guy delete everything, basicaly it was a junk filled comp, mostlikey the reason on why it blew up! :) ;) :zany:

    There are now a few things i wished i did save, but nothing that important. I used to have a scanner, or well i still do but it's basicaly a paper weight, i never could figure out how to put pic's on-line but now the thing doesn't even work at all. Like Terry said, he has pic's of all the puppets he's and may make a web site someday.
  18. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Hi Ryan. by now you know that I have written a letter and sent it off to you. Thanks for the comment about Sydney the Witch as I really enjoyed performing her. I have two favorite scenes with her. One is the Fools bridge crossing. Where I get to play both her and Python fighting with each other. The other is where Sidney is running down a set of stairs to Argon's sleeping chambers and I have her do a trip then I turn her around and I have her growl at the stair. Anyway we'll touch base after New years day.

    Hi Zack. I hope your Church show went well. I bet everyone loved it. I now know about your computer going Poof!!!!!!!!!! If you would like I could Send you my set of Sabastain pictures and then you can send them to Tztz or if Tztz wants to give me his e-Mail I could send him a picture too. I have all of my puppet pictures now burned onto a CD.

    That's it for now guys take care all
    Terry Angus
    Check out Debbie the Doe on eBay
  19. Phantom

    Phantom Well-Known Member

    You rock.

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