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Anyone interested in trading for Unpaved episodes?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by gbrobeck, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    *Sigh* I deserve the silent treatment. :(
  2. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Sesame Street Unpaved update

    Guess what! I got:

    #162-Oscar's Stop Signs, taped by me in December 2002
    #355-Rainy Day on Sesame Street, taped by me in December 2002
    #406-Sam the Robot, sourced by gbrobeck in August 2003
    #514-Stevie Wonder Visits, sourced by Ssetta in September 2003
    #1364-Star Wars Droids Visit, sourced by GMan in September 2003
    #1396-Star Wars Droids Return, sourced by GMan in September 2003
    #1706-Big Bird At Camp Day 1, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #1708-Big Bird At Camp Day 3, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #1709-Big Bird At Camp Day 4, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #1710-Big Bird At Camp Day 5, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #2558-Maria Goes to the Pregnancy Doctor, sourced by gbrobeck in August 2003
    #2574-Maria's Mother Visits, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #3140-Telly and Baby Bear's Best Friend Information, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003
    #3146-Davey & Joey Monkey Search For A Banana, taped by me in December 2002
    #3152-Oscar Can't Get The Theme Out Of His Head, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003
    #3164-Slimey Does Errands, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003
    #3175-Floyd Tutter-Tutter Finds His Home, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003
    #3195-Cindertelly, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003

    #2312-Forgetful Jones and Sheep Cross the Street (beginning and end missing), sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #2313-Forgetful Jones and Oscar Remember Being Babies (beginning and end missing), sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #2795-Grand Re-opening Hooper's Store, sourced by GMan in September 2003
    #2874-Birdland Jazz Club, sourced by GMan in September 2003
    #2969-Telly and Lillian's Lecturing Day, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #2970-The Great Nineteeni, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    6-Hour Clip Tape from the late 1991-92 season, ???
    #3109-Telly's Arm Still Is Broken, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #3126-Telly and Big Bird Play Hide-and-Seek, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #3238-Linda Lost Barkley, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #3239-Zoe Stays Over At Mayla's, sourced by Ssetta in December 2003
    #3374-Soap Opera Parodies, sourced by Ssetta in October 2003

    BTW, anyone of you got all of the other Unpaved shows besides the ones I currently got in better quality?
  3. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    What year were the PBS episodes and what muppet sketches are on there mikealan and ssetta? :sympathy:
  4. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Shows 2312 and 2313 were from Season 18.

    2795 and 2874 were from Season 22.

    2969 and 2970 were from Season 23.

    The 6-hour clip tape consists of shows:
    #2986-Elmo Asks Questions
    #2987-Herry and Monsters Win Football Game
    #2988-Cowbell's Bell Makes Wrong Sound
    #2997-Gordon is Coming, but he's Going to be Late
    #2998-Interruption Show
    Unknown from season 19 (I think)-Uncle Wally reads Little Miss Muffet
    #2429-Luis Counts Nails in Spanish

    3109 and 3126 were from Season 24.

    3238 and 3239 were from Season 25.

    3374 was from Season 26.
  5. sixdollarman

    sixdollarman Member

    I am so jealous!! Where can one get these classic episodes? I can assume Noggin is only available in the US. Is there anywhere else where you can purchase episodes or download them? I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks.
  6. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, Noggin doesn't show them anymore, so that doesn't matter anymore.
  7. sixdollarman

    sixdollarman Member

    So in other words, I'm out of luck huh? I wish it was possible to just compile my favorite sketches onto one video. Oh well. I guess all I can do is visit the forum and hear about everyone else's memories. All I get in Canada is the new episodes and Sesame Park (Canadian Sesame Street). I would settle for just a compilation of all the Kermit the Frog news flashes. Very funny and inventive stuff.
  8. Here's what I'd want

    I'd settle for a tape or DVD of all the Kermit the Frog news flashes, or Sesame Street game shows(especially with Guy Smiley), or Monsterpiece Theater episodes.
  9. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    Mikealan, I've GOT to trade with you!
  10. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    I'm really sorry, but here are the SSU's I certainly have:

    #1-Series Premiere (original, not Noggin), from Gbrobeck
    #8-Letter 'B' Hunt, from Gbrobeck
    #162-Oscar's Stop Signs, from me
    #355-Rainy Day, from me
    #406-Debut of Second Gordon, from Gbrobeck
    #514-Stevie Wonder, from Ssetta
    #1364-Star Wars Droids Visit, from GMan (Boober Gorg)
    #1396-Star Wars Droids Return, from GMan (Boober Gorg)
    #1706-Big Bird Goes To Echo Rock Camp, from Ssetta
    #1707-Big Bird Learns To Play Sports at Echo Rock Camp, from Gbrobeck
    #1708-Big Bird Learns To Swim at Echo Rock Camp, from Ssetta
    #1709-Big Bird Hikes Up the Mountain at Echo Rock Camp, from Ssetta
    #1710-Big Bird Leaves Echo Rock Camp, from Ssetta
    #2558-Maria Goes to the Pregnancy Doctor, from Gbrobeck
    #2574-Maria's Mother Visits, from Ssetta

    BTW, I'd love to trade or buy more SSU's from any of you from MC soon! Actually, the total was only 67.
  11. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    That's okay. :) If you want to trade, I prefer that everything taped to be in SP (in other words, two episodes per tape) and I will do the same for you. I'd like to trade my:


    For your:

    If you can, I'd also like to possibly send a blank tape for the "extras" (2558 and 2574). Thank you very much!!!!!! :)

    BTW, those other episodes you have sound tempting as well. :D
  12. nikoleaw

    nikoleaw New Member


    I'm searching desperately for episodes of SS that aired in the 1970s and 80s. I don't care which ones they are, or what skits they have (ok, admitedly I'm partial to the one with Stevie Wonder, the one with Jose Feliciano, and the ones with Ray Charles, because those were favorites of mine when I was little, but honestly, it doesn't matter!) I'm pregnant, and I just want my child to be able to share in something that meant so much to me when I was little. I don't have any episodes to trade but I do have the original cast album of Sesame Street, the album of "Grover Sings The Blues" and the album of "Ernie's Greatest Hits" all of which I can burn to cd (I also have "Alien Nation", "The X Files" and "The Lone Gunmen" if anyone wanted that) and because this is an endeavor I'm undertaking for my child, I'm really not looking to become a tape trader--I just want a few tapes that show something other than Elmo and that were filmed in a way and with a storytelling style that's different than the current series is done. If anyone can help, please email me.

    Thank you!!!!

  13. prickle747

    prickle747 Member

    mikealan I can't email you,wanna trade ?? email me.
  14. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Well, prickle747,

    What Unpaved shows do you have?
  15. prickle747

    prickle747 Member


    Like I said,email me and I will send you my entire list,including unpaved shows.
  16. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Anybody have these whole and BQ Unpaved shows which Ssetta doesn't have them:

    #198-Big Bird Opens Hooper's (1970)
    Features: Ernie Writes the Alphabet Story (early version), Little Bird plays the Imagination Game, Grover & Herbert Birdsfoot on Over & Under, Jazzy Spies#3, Orange Ball Roller-Coaster#3 (Powder), classic animated 'O' song about the goat, the toad, and the bulldozer, Leopard/lion 'L' story, L-lunchbox, L-lips

    #666-The Count Counts Lights (1974)
    Features: It's A Long Hard Climb, The Fox & the Crow, Exit by Little Chrissy & the Alphabeats, King Minus, Ernie & Bert-Two noses, E-erase, Sand-E/e, Jazzy Alphabet Animation, Dialing Movie Prizes Game Show

    #796-No One Sees Snuffy Yet (1975)
    Features: Baker#2, Harvey Kneeslapper '2', I'm A Hard Workin' Dog, My Favorite Letter (P), Fisherman Song, Numerical Corresponse, The Typewriter Guy-P, pencil

    #1093-Hawaii Day 4 (1978)
    Features: Snow White Counts Six Drawfs, Cookie Disco, Lower-case N, Ernie Decorates the Apartment, Small k kisses

    #1094-Hawaii Day 5 (1978)
    Features: Funny Farm, Two G Sounds, Great Letter G, G Is For Giggle, K-karate, Newsflash: Aladdin, Harvey Kneeslapper '5'

    #1736-Music Lessons (1983)
    Features: My Martian Cutie (Number 9), The Count's First Day Of School, Ernie & Bert Explore the Jungle, 'R' Lecture film

    #1740-Water Shortage (1983)
    Features: Herry's Alphabet Secret, V Is For Vitamins, Muppet boy finds V's

    #1800-Snuffy's Toaster (1983)
    Features: Alphabet Chat-R, Newsflash: The Count Counts Pigs and Drawfs, Upside-down 11, Eleven Dancing Squares Animation, Kermit talks about firemen, Grover volunteers

    #1836-NYC Marathon (1983)
    Features: Newsflash-Old Woman In A Shoe, Say the Word game show, Number '2' Train, Full Body of Rhythm

    #2059-Big Bird Pretends To Be His Mailbox (1985)
    Features: I Was Going To St. Lives, The Count's Bats Go On Strike, Grover's R Lecture, neon letter 'R' being raised to the top of the building, letter E being cut off the wall by saw

    #2125-Miles's Grandparents Visit (1985)
    Features: My Martian Cutie (Number 9), Dinner For 9

    #2226-Miles's First Birthday Celebration (1986)
    Features: Strange toys/robots film, A-Acrobats, Eight Beautiful Notes, Baker#8 (Not on Noggin, but on Boober's Noggin/PBS combo)

    The whole PBS version of #2615 (I have it, but first seconds of the opening theme and the last part of the closing theme is missing)

    Also, I have planned to get copies of #1446, #1563, #2208, #2257, #2358, and #2485 (uncut version) from Gbrobeck in March 2004, and I DO want the whole versions of #2356 and #2404 as well...from Boober.
  17. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    I've got #1093 and #1094, if he's interested.
    I also have #1740, but part of the ending credits are missing.
  18. I am interested in trading Unpaved episodes, I have:

    I will soon have: #1091
  19. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    MuppetDude, I feel like getting copies of #43, #54, #83, #1093, #1094, and #1575 soon, but I don't need #1740 with the missing ending credits. BTW, I've planned to get #131 from Ssetta soon, and was there anything wrong with #1092?

    Oh, and I hope Boober or Gbrobeck has the whole copy of #1740.

    And, how 'bout this:
    I will get

    After I send you copies of

    Also, I'd love to send you four extra shows in one tape just like I did for Wanda on Christmas 2003:

    How's that?
  20. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    Sounds okay, but on ONE CONDITION: I prefer that all episodes anybody plans to trade with me be copied in SP. In other words, two episodes per tape. I'll do the same for you, unless otherwise noted. I'd also appreciate it if you sent #1709 and #1710 as "extras", and #1364 and #1396 as "trades". I'll start copying as soon as I receive the go-ahead from Mikealan. Is it a deal?

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