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"Ardy" on ebay

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by trooper_trent, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent New Member

    I posted a similar thread in the for sale section but I thought I'd post it here also because I thought many of you (like myself) probably only visit the puppetry forum.
    check it out

    click here
  2. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent New Member

    Well, I got a non-paying high bidder so he's back up on ebay. He sold for 200 but the lady had to back out at the last minute due to some "emergency" Im such a nice guy. I didnt even hassle her about it.
    So anyway, here he is. Click for Auction Theres no reserve and a buy it now of $150. A very well assembled complete arms length puppet for 25 dollars LESS than the unassembled kit!
  3. Jinx

    Jinx Member

    A plug for Trent

    Folks, if you're even remotely interested in this item, trust me $150 is a fantastic price! Having built the same kit as Trent, I can vouch for the quality of materials, as well as the incredibly fine puppet that they create! As mentioned, to get the UNASSEMBLED kit costs $175, and for me, I spent about 17 hours assembling mine. This is a great deal.
    Bid now!
  4. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent New Member

    LOL, sold!
    Mods can delete this thread

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