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Are Ernie and Bert gay?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Ernie and Bert have been along together in their basement room in the 123 Sesame Street apartment house. They slept together and Bert's trying to read while Ernie jokes around him. Are they GAY?

    Moderator's Note: 12/18/2007

    This was from Hays' post in 2003:
  2. Hays

    Hays New Member



    That being said, it's interesting to note that on today's episode Bert mentions his brother Bart, whom I've never heard of before...and he has only one candle on his birthday cake. Does blow my theory that they're brothers all to heck, though...:p
  3. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    They also had separate beds.

    Oh, and mikealan ... SHAME ON YOU!!:mad: :grouchy: :boo:
  4. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Uh-oh..I'm afraid you're going to fire me! :(
  5. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar New Member

    Apparently there's no such thing as a stupid question, but there is a such thing as a shameful question. Honestly, mikealan was just asking, what's wrong with that? It's better than doing something like actually accusing them of being gay. (Which I wouldn't see a problem with anyway if they were.) I'm sorry, but that's the way I feel.

    *Something dawns on her*

    Wait... Boober_Gorg, why shame on mikealan exactly?

    Shiznit, now I'm all cornfused. Bah. Forget I said anything.


    :attitude: :halo: :flirt: :sing: :crazy:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm crazyyyyyy, crazy for feelin' so... crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'd like to be under the sea... *Creeps away muttering to self*

    What? Stop looking at me.
  6. Hays

    Hays New Member

    Hey, just teasing...

    I think Ol' Boober was not reacting to the content of the question, but the number of times it's come up - look through past posts.

    Right about there not being any stupid questions, tho...
  7. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar New Member

    Ah. Thanks fer clearin' that up! :zany: Yesh... it has come up mucho times, hasn't it?
  8. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

  9. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Hays, in a way you're right. I think it's a tragedy that society has given homosexuality a bad name, and when the Muppets are associated with traits that are given a bad name in society (but are not necessarily bad traits in my opinion), it means the Muppets are being dissed in the most demeaning way possible ... and if you do such a thing on this board, then that can't be good. I mean, it was okay when Family Guy did it, but that staff was full of Muppet haters, which was okay, 'cause that's their sense of humor, which I don't have to agree with. Plus none of them are on this board.

    One time during this meaningless high school electoral debate which I was forced to sit through (unfortunately), it upset me when one of the announcers said something like "the most (adjective) gay couple since Ernie and Bert." It also upset me when I overheard some 8th graders talking about SS, and someone said "Big Bird's so gay ... " Throughout my immaturity-populated high school years, I still secretly watched SS in my room ... until our PBS reception got worse, which was when I stopped.
  10. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    I think another side of the issue (that some of you have touched on) is that the Muppet characters on Sesame Street are supposed to represent children and their predicaments....if B & E were an established gay couple, living together, it would be as disturbing as if...say...Grover and Prairie Dawn were living together.

    They're Muppets, and they're children on top of that. I think issues of their sexuality should be non-existent or non-applicable to what SS is teaching children.

    But that's just my opinion.

    :( :p

    And I LOVE Bert and Ernie. Especially Bert.


  11. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Well put, Quinn. Another reason I snapped.
  12. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    You snapped a LONG time ago, Boober!!!!





  13. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Theres a transcript of the skit with Bart on the Sesame Street Lyrics Archive (dont remember the url by try searching for it on google). Apparantly he looks like Bert but he wears a loud shirt.
  14. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Re: AGAIN?

    They can talk normal, drive cars, sing, etc. They must pretty d**n smart toddlers
  15. Yeah, but it's their psychological ages---it's all kinda tricky. lol
  16. Thijs

    Thijs Member

    Mikealan, now you really fall in my estimation. This is the 100th time this question has been asked. You always pretend to know so much about Sesame Street, sending us nasty mails with POST MY BIO'S!!, and now this!

    Bert and Ernie are certainly NOT gay, and in fact they are ageless. Check Unpaved.
  17. Hays

    Hays New Member

    OK, folks to finally put this to rest

    Hey, questions are legitimate. Here are some articles I found in a search engine:

    This one talks about how these ideas got started, and SS's response: http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/gaymupp.htm

    This is another interesting article that mentions how nobody gets upset about the possible union of a pig and a frog, but the suggestion of homosexuality gets everybody uptight. Good point: http://www.umanitoba.ca/manitoban/20010926/arts_6.shtml

    And this is the standard: http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~csilvers/muppet-faq.html

    And here's another article on ABC news: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/WolfFiles/wolffiles215.html

    I swear somewhere there was an FAQ that listed Ernie's age at 6 or so, and maybe it's come up somewhere else, but I can't find it. I mean, we know Zoe is a preschooler and she drives, too.

    The overriding point here is that Sesame Street may hire gay people and gay puppeteers, but they're not out discussing any kind of sexuality, as the show is for preschoolers.

    You know, not all men who live together as roommates and are friends are gay...most college dorms require men to live together. And if they are - it's nobody's business but their own. I think culturally right now we have this issue on the brain, and it's just not that important.

    What's important is the message of Ernie and Bert: you can be completely different kinds of people and have different values, and still be friends.

    Done with the sermon. Didn't mean to make anybody feel small...just wanted to make sure the info was out there.

    Oh - and Clean Gulch, thanks for the info on Bart. Wonder if he'll make an appearance this season?
  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Bart was mentioned in the party episode...

    Anyway this is one of the most rediculous questions I have had the misfortune to hear a million times. That and the famous:

    whut r the nimes of th too ole guys in th blacony??? are the6y joe and steve?

    ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!:mad: :grouchy: :boo:

    They are NOT!!! They don't have a sexuality because they are puppets. Why do people over think this kind of bull crap? Did you ever see Ernie and Bert Kiss? NO!!! There is no way to prove their gay by making random assumptions. They're room mates. I'm sure people have had a same gender Roomate before, and not rushed to bed with them.

    Sorry for blowing up, but NEVER POST THIS SORT OF QUESTION AGAIN!!!!!!
    FraggleFrick likes this.
  19. Well, I disagree with that. I mean, it's obvious that puppets have sexuality---I mean c'mon, Kermit, Piggy, Floyd, Janice, Gonzo, Camilla, Rizzo, even subtle signs in the fraggles.

    But the difference wif Ernie and Bert is they're SS characters, which are too young for sexuality.

  20. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Who cares if theyre gay or not? Apparently alot of people. The idea of them being roommates is fine, but if someone suggests theyre gay, its like "What gay?! Uh uh. Never heard of the word!" Even if they are gay, they are great muppets and that wouldnt stop me from liking them. Maybe they are, maybe they arent. And you know theyre gonna be people saying theyre bi if they find evidence of them liking girls. Please put this kind of bu**crap to rest. A characters s*xual preference should not make you think differently about him or her. I myslef am not gay, but if you are, you are who you are. So if Bert and Ernie ever turn out to actually be gay, so what? No one here hated Richard Hunt cause he was gay.
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