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Are they coming back?

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by electricmayhem, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. electricmayhem

    electricmayhem New Member

    I read that many Henson/Muppet shows are being aired in other countries. Some of my favorites are included such as Dinosaurs, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and of course, The Muppet Show. Does anyone know if their are plans for their return to the US? I miss watching these shows!:(
  2. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    When we hear about plans, everyone knows :)
  3. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 New Member

    I would love to see any back on but I think the muppets really should be on!! I mean it is their anniversary.well at least I have fraggle and Dinosaurs tapes.
  4. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock New Member

    I agree...they need to bring back some of these classic shows for the youngins of now-a-days. And yes...we've always got our tapes :D

  5. radio boy

    radio boy Member

    Well the disney channel and ABC here in Australia regularly air episodes of both the muppet show and fraggle rock on Tv.
  6. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Thats great! Lucky you are!
  7. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    You are very Lucky. radio boy

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