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Arms length puppets

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by fishbone, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. HandySam

    HandySam New Member

    You can really mess up a puppet with one of those ;)
  2. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Member

    HAHAHA!! Genius :crazy:
  3. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    If you are still waiting for your kit.....
    had an email from David Pannabecker apparantly he has had problems with his foam suppliers which has now been sorted and he has promised that my kit will be sent out next week....I'll keep you informed as to when it appears! :)
  4. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Member

    Thanks. I have been trying to get in touch with him for 4 weeks now to find out the statis of my order and I can not get him to return a single phone call. THe phone number on his website has been disconnected so I had to find his home phone number on the internet. I do not have an email address for him. Could you email me privately and give me his email address? I really would like to hear from him.
  5. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    well this really makes me a little concerned about ordering the video from him then. I hope he is still in business.
  6. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Member

    me too man. My payment went through immediately and he told me once about 4 weeks ago that it would be sent that monday. But I never heard anything and still havent received it. Everyone that has dealt with him says he is a really nice and honest guy. Im not really worried about being screwed out of 250 dollars but I would like to know SOMETHING.
  7. Jinx

    Jinx Member

    Let's Be Accurate!

    I don't enjoy waiting for my kit/video to arrive any more than anyone else, (gad, we ARE an impatient lot, aren't we?) but let's also be careful to be accurate with our posts. Reading this made me wonder how long its been since I placed my order...it seems like ages ago! But then I checked my records, and discover that it hasn't quite been three weeks yet!

    Trent mentioned that he's been waiting about 4 weeks, but I remember a post in another thread about when David was going to "be back monday and my order will ship out the first half of next weekd 2 day airmail."

    Well, the date of that post is Jan 15, which is exactly 3 weeks ago today. I realize that this may seem like splitting hairs, but 3 is 3, not 4. It makes it seem like a 33% loner wait.

    The only reason I bring it up at all, is that in an open forum such as this we can unintentionally (or intentionally!) do damage to a man's reputation.

    I do not know Mr. Pannabecker, but from other peoples' posts and the like, I am most confident that he is a man of unimpeachable integrity. I think we can all agree that speed is perhaps not his forté, but the quality of his products speak for themselves.

    Also in the other thread Iron-Fan posted this message day before yesterday (2-3-04)

    "Got an email from David Pannabecker, apparantly he has had a problem with his foam supplier which has now been sorted and he will be dispatching my kit next week....I'll let you know when it lands..."

    And lastly, I can't wait for my kit and video to arrive!
  8. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    Yeah, waiting is pain.....
    I called and left a message on his answer phone then backed it up with an email...Trent, I'm pretty sure it was just the contact email addy off the site (but I'll check) but he got back to me in a pretty short time. I suppose you have to understand that somethings take time but I think that a little information and communication with your customers can go a long way even if it was just a mail to all of us on the "waiting" list letting us know about such problems. I'm a big ebayer and I allways keep in contact with my customers at all times, letting them know when things are being dispatched, cheques being banked (thats CHECKS for all you guys, how come you spell everything phonetically? :)) etc, it just helps to stop people worrying and sending "did you get my cheque yet?" emails. I was contemplating calling VISA at one point to dispute the charge yhinking I had been fleeced (antron-fleeced geddit?? UK term for having your money taken from you) but the fact that he has a very good reputation in this puppet community (sounds cute)and is a minister (I dont see a man of God ripping me off for a few hundred bucks) has led me to be patient for a bit longer. I imagine that if he had more time to spend on the business side of his puppets or some help with the armslength sales, things would be fine and move along faster but we are all busy people, It's a shame though as even most of his site dosnt work as I would love to see more of his creations and learn some of his techniques.

    Phew....that was a long message....Anyway stop your moaning you guys dont know how lucky you have it..Sun, good food, cool stuff to do, while I'm stuck in cold, cold England having to pay hefty shipping fees for my antron and my craft eyes and stuff!!! It's just not fair!!!! waaaaaaaa :cry:
  9. Jinx

    Jinx Member

    Well, we may have sun, good food, cool stuff to do, but you guys have the cool accents! We're just a bunch of uncultured boors over here. We spell it "check" and we also spell it "color" whereas "colour" is far more elegant!

    I do agree with you about keeping in touch with customers. I am a frequent ebayer myself (as a buyer, not a seller) and I always appreciate udated information. As with so many things in life, communication is everything!

    The other day I ordered some dome-eyes from McGinnnis Puppets, and Vicky has been *extremely* efficient in keeping me updated on all billing/tracking information. From a standpoint of customer service, this truly is excellence in action.

    But as we all know, a one-man operation where that man has MANY things on his plate, makes for spreading one's self quite thin!
  10. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    I seem to recall it saying on my order form that there is a six-eight week wait for puppet orders which is usually the norm with mail order delivery products so hang on in there guys...Michelle of Puppet Planet told me that she felt the same then low and behold it turned up and she was very, very pleased with her purchase. In the mean time just go make a sock puppet or something :D

    hey, this thread just keeps on going like the energizer bunny!
  11. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    OK Great! I wasn't apposed to having to wait like the rest of you. I just was a bit nervous that maybe he wasn't in business any longer and I didn't wish to get my hopes up if he wasn't still making kits. Thanks for the update I should be ordering at least the video in about a week. I'm wondering if I would really need the kits if I have the video. I mean I plan to make my own style of puppets. I just want to learn how he makes them so I can learn to make quality. It's the way you all have made these puppets with virtually no visible seams at all. No darts. Nothing! And I've got to believe you all came up with most of your information from many different sources all piled together, took that and made your own creations. Thats what I'm after. I could see spending $250 on a kit if I wanted an Armslength puppet but.....
    Foam Book video series and book should be on order next week as well. Someone make a puppet builder out of me!
  12. Jinx

    Jinx Member

    I Got My Kit Today!

    I just got home (9:45 pm) and on my doorstep was the Arm's Length kit. Of course I immediately opened it and gave a quick look-over to everything in it. This is definitely WOW caliber stuff!

    A complete set of patterns for the kit I chose, a detailed set of instructions, photo illustrated (albeit photocopied), all of the fleece pieces, precut, all of the foam pieces, precut, and a bag of other items ie. mouthplates, chamois for hand grips, eyes, doll-joints, etc.etc.etc and two videos, which I will probably watch tonight in lieu of sleeping!

    I can tell that this is going to be a long, difficult process to build this kit, but that's what I was looking for. A real challenge to build a GREAT puppet!
  13. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    jinx, you lucky dog!!!! I can only hope this means one is flying on it's way to me right now.......WHY MUST I WAIT....WHY???!?!?!?!!? :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    Hey Trent!!!!

    It wont let me email you privately from the forum as you have that option turned off, so If you want the email address I have for David Pannabecker then email me privately and I'll send it you...

    alternatively why not try putting up a message at dpuppets forum
    http://www.dpuppets.com/Puppet Talk/_disc17/0000002b.htm
    this is a link to a message David posted on this Saturday 7th Feb.
  15. Puppetplanet

    Puppetplanet Member

    lol, you guys crack me up! :excited:

    Congrats on getting your kit Jinx! Have fun! :zany:
  16. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Member

    I got my kit yesterday too!! I have already begun construction on it. I have assembled the foam body and head and made the mouth plate!
    My kit was missing a couple of pieces but they are easily substituted.
    Ill take some pics of the progress and post them later.
  17. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    HOOORAAYYY!!!!!! Ya'll got em! ordering mine this week then since I can tell this is great stuff! Thanks for the updates
  18. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

  19. Iron-Fan

    Iron-Fan New Member

    Pirate puppet

    just found an image of this puppet I think, heres the link

    http://www.bethelcollege.edu/alumnib/bethelmag/fa2001/camp happenings.pdf

    arrrrr jim lad!

    p.s if it doesnt work, search for pannabecker+pirate on google and it should be the top answer...a PDF file of this colleges magazine/newsletter thing
  20. DPuppets

    DPuppets Member

    That is a picture of it. It is not a good. I will post you some of it and the raven and rocks he did for a dessert theatre he did at his church. Give me a few days to go through my pictures.

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