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Arms Length Video and Pattern for sale

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by trooper_trent, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Well-Known Member

    Some things have happened and I am forced to put puppet building on the back burner. I will not be doing any puppetry nor building them. Therefore, I thought I'd post here to see if I could give my videos, pattern C, and instruction booklet a good home. As you probably know, the kit is $175 plus shipping and the videos are $65 plus shipping. The only way to get a pattern is to get the kit. After assembling my puppet I realized that if I had had only the pattern and videos, I could have easily bought and precut the materials myself for much cheaper. I figured I was mostly paying for the great pattern which is what makes these puppets look so good.
    So, first come first serve. I will sell my video set (2 parts), the complete full sized pattern C, and the complete instruction booklet with step by step guides as a companion to the video (very helpful) for the same price as the videos alone. $65 plus shipping.
    So, if you have been thinking about buying the videos, here is your chance to get a free pattern an instruction booklet!
    I will only sell these together. Dont ask for just the pattern. I feel that they compiment each other and one is not worth much without the other (i.e. what good is the videos if you dont have a pattern, and what good is the pattern if you dont know what to do with it).

    NOTE: Copyright laws prohibit the duplication of these products. That means the buyer will receive my original pattern and videos, not copies. I am not duplicating this wonderful pattern and videos. I am selling my only original set. I respect David's work too much (and I dont want to go to jail heehee). I only have one so once I sell it, its gone.
    If interested, email me at trooper_trent@yahoo.com and remember first come first serve.
    If anyone feels that this thread should be removed, please tell me as I do not wish to offend anyone or violate any rules.
  2. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Well-Known Member

    I already ordered mine!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: I would have saved SO much money if I'd have known you were selling out. Besides that ... your too good at this to just stop building puppets anymore. Very sad day indeed. :cry:
  3. trooper_trent

    trooper_trent Well-Known Member

    Well, we got a winner folks, I guess the mods can delete this thread.
    Thanks guys
  4. video567

    video567 Well-Known Member

    DArn I really want the pattern too.. im glad you where able to sell it. hope everything works out

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