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Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by furryfella, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. furryfella New Member

  2. furryfella New Member

    If you see this please e-mail me ;)
  3. Jeffrey Gray Member

    Why would they have made a version with three monsters, then changed it to four monsters after one airing? I believe that the 4-monsters one was used from the first time "Fur" was ever on the show, until the newer version replaced it. I think there is no 3-monsters one.
  4. furryfella New Member

    OH No there is a three monster one!! what surprises me isd that they didn't keep the same version of "Fur" like they did the first time they aired it:)
  5. Jeffrey Gray Member

    Well, then, it only aired once. Do you know the episode number this version was on? Maybe someone has the episode (however unlikely it may be)...
  6. furryfella New Member

    I know it was season7 when Fur first aired 75!! as for the show i don't know!!
  7. sstVideo New Member


    There was only one version, with 4 monsters, although at one point in the song the lead monster dances off stage leaving his 3 backups singing a chorus in a 3-shot. Hence the confused memory.
    It appears on an old home video (long since out of print) called "monster hits"
  8. furryfella New Member

    was it a red curtain shot with the 4 monsters?
  9. sstVideo New Member

    Purple cyclorama with silver curtains and a disco ball hanging in the middle.
  10. furryfella New Member

    Really!! I always thought it was red curtain backdrop Not the silver discoball!! do the four monsters have canes or no?
  11. sstVideo New Member

    The main monster (red one) has a cane...the rest do not.
  12. furryfella New Member

    Thanks for the pictures!! you don't have pics from the first time it was shown in 75 do you?:cool:
  13. Jeffrey Gray Member

    He already said the first time it aired, it was the same as all other times. Your memory is failing you, furryfella. You have memories of various skits that have somehow combined with your memories of "Fur" to create a version of "Fur" that had 3 monsters behind a red curtain. It doesn't exist.
  14. furryfella New Member

    I have A GOOD Memory thank you very Much!! I Was Just asking a simple question!!! AGAIN MY Memory Is Just Fine!!!:mad:
  15. Jeffrey Gray Member

    OK, OK...I'm sorry. I wasn't even alive in 1975, so maybe you are correct...but (not to be mean) how can you prove it?
  16. sstVideo New Member

    To repeat, and put the topic to bed:
    There is only one version of the song FUR. The one with the purple cyc. It was never done in front of a red curtain. Not even in 1975 (when I was not only alive, but an adult.) Trust me. My sources are unimpeachable.
  17. furryfella New Member

    Thanks buddy!! wow i thought it was a red curtian after all these years!!

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