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Baby Gonzo

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Amanda Taylor, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    Who loves this guy besides me? He's so adorable.
  2. gonzosgirl1987

    gonzosgirl1987 Well-Known Member

    how can you not love him?!!?!? he is to die for :flirt:
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  3. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    When I was a toddler, I had a crush on Baby Gonzo LOL
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  4. gonzosgirl1987

    gonzosgirl1987 Well-Known Member

    me too and now all grown up gonzo its a crush for life
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  5. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    Really? Wow
  6. catherine

    catherine Well-Known Member

    that's where i go to strt liking him from and it went on from there, he was always number 1 for me.
    CowbellaPiggy and gonzosgirl1987 like this.
  7. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    Gonzo is #1 and he's cute :)
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Baby Gonzo's one of the better characters on the show, if not the best. It seems the writers had way too much fun with him, and while the other characters were funny and had some great scenes, Gonzo's demented child self had some of the most avant garde moments of the show. The episode where everyone's so weird that his own brand of weirdness seems plain by comparison is a very deep episode for what it needs to be.

    Seems that, while not entirely different from his Muppet counterpart, he was designed to have a lot of childishness in him... moral problems (Great Cookie Robbery for example) and he has a weird relationship with Animal that never ever got explored again. Has there ever been a scene in a movie or TV show where they were even next to each other in the same scene, let alone having a moment by themselves?
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  9. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    MFC (sleeping on coat hangers)
  10. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    I always thought Skeeter had a secret crush on Gonzo.
  11. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    I loved Baby Gonzo at first. However, I really disliked what he became in the last season after Jim died. Before where he was weird and off the wall, he became much more spiteful and downright mean to other characters like Fozzie.
  12. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor Well-Known Member

    I KNOWS! They ruined his character in the final season. He even dumped his crush on Piggy and started crushing on Skeeter in one episode! :eek:
  13. VP Weirdo

    VP Weirdo Active Member

    Gonzo was my inspiration growing up. As a little kid when ever anyone said to me "You're weird," I always followed his example and said "Thank You." I still think we all have a little weirdness inside and would be more accepting of ourselves and others if learned to embrace it.
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  14. VP Weirdo

    VP Weirdo Active Member

    OMG Amanda Taylor. I've only join this week. This is the first message I've responsed to outside of introduction and I just noticed something. Your birthday is just one day later than mine: October 24th, 1982!
    Now that is WEIRD!:excited:
  15. VP Weirdo

    VP Weirdo Active Member

    Honestly thou, I really don't remember his character changing that much.:confused:
    Granted while I did rewatch nearly everyone MB episode ever made on youtube a few years back, I did skip a few in the last season as a found it didn't hold up as well. However most of the season 7 episodes I did see and as recall he seemed like basicly the same wacky little misfit and in one of them "A Punch Line to the Tommy" he was really trying to help Fozzie with his act.:concern: I did notice he seemed to give up on Piggy in favor of Skeeter in the one called "Remore Control Cornballs" and in"Kermit Pan" he was playing the villian throughout, but it felt played for laughs.
    I don't know maybe you can point out something I missed.
  16. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    I never noticed Gonzo's character changing in the last season...maybe because I can't make myself watch it. I have them all, but 'round about season 7 or 8 it was like they forgot what gave the show its charm, and instead started sticking in more characters. I didn't like Bean, Janice, or Statler & Waldorf. I liked the kids having team adventures, making up the stories as they went along.

    As for Baby Gonzo, I liked him most of all. Gonzo's my fave Muppet because he's so intensely himself. He's different and he flies his freak flag high and proud. Gotta love that!
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  17. catherine

    catherine Well-Known Member

    I can understand that, myself as I can identify myself with him as I love to be different from everyone else.
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  18. MollyArriba

    MollyArriba Well-Known Member

    Now I don't think I'll watch the final season.

    For me, Gonzo totally made the show: Piggy I found vaguely annoying, Fozzie was a bunching bag, Kermit was classic unsure Kermit, Animal bugged me, Scooter was irritable and interesting but not great, Skeeter was a beeznitch, and Rowlf was awesome but WAY too underused.

    See, Gonzo's baby self connected to me. He reminds me very deeply of myself when I was a kid; doing his own thing, not quite in sync with the others, and more-or-less proud of it.

    Also, Gonzo got the best emotional moments: the complexities of Camilla the baby chicken, his unrequited love for Piggy, his confusion about himself at times were all brilliant.

    Also, that little blue weirdo had the GREATEST songs the show ever came up with; "Blue For You," "Camilla," and "Semi-Weirdo," are fantastic tunes!

    N0t t0 mention he was freakin' adorable, with that dangerous imagination of his.
    CowbellaPiggy likes this.
  19. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I think baby gonzo could bring out the inner child and creativity in someone.
    CowbellaPiggy and VP Weirdo like this.
  20. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I never even saw this thread until now. Anyways, Baby Gonzo has always been one of my favourite cartoon characters. His weird personality is something unique about him that I really enjoy, and it stands out from the other characters. Heck, I even mention my fandom of him in my YT bio!

    Probably what I like about Gonzo the most is his sense of humour. In nearly every episode, he mentions zany things such as baloney, martians, etc. And he frequently uses dialogue that has others thinking, "HUH?" Maybe it's for educational entertainment as well, I don't know, but it's the type of humour that amuses me so much. :)

    To me, his weirdness will shine on for many, many years. Too bad the kids of the current generation don't get to have the experience of watching him on TV. :concern: Oh, well...but he's still the best weirdo I've seen on screen.
    VP Weirdo likes this.

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